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Section of Site: Equipment D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: EQUIPMENTEra: Post EmpireCanon: Yes

Model: Flexpoly bacta suit
Type: Bacta Tank
Scale: Character
Cost: 3,500
Availability: 2
Game Notes: The Flexpoly Bacta Suit uses considerably less Bacta than a traditional tank, and requires much less space. This combined with the ability to use Artificial Bacta, makes them an economical choice to replace more traditional tanks. However, treatment times are doubled (Wounded: 2D hours, Incapacitated: 8D hours, Mortally Wounded: 2D days) as the healing is not as intensive.

Description: Flexpoly bacta suits were a type of emergency medical suit filled with artificial bacta. They consisted of transparent bacta circulation and filtration tubing and a retaining collar lined by status sensors with wireless telemetry. When the Resistance had to evacuate their base on the planet D'Qar in the year 34 ABY, the injured First Order deserter Finn was put into an expired flexpoly bacta suit while in a medical coma and transferred to a storage room-turned temporary medical suite onboard the MC85 Star Cruiser Raddus. He remained unconscious in the suit until after the Resistance fleet had successfully exited hyperspace after jumping to lightspeed, but then awoke and left his bed in search of the scavenger Rey. As he moved through the corridors of the Raddus the expired bacta suit began leaking as it had become fragile. Eventually, the Resistance pilot Poe Dameron spotted the confused and mostly naked Finn and found him a change of clothes.

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16/Jan/2018 03:29:48 Posted by hellstormer1

Nice addition to the general gear found in any good sourcebook!

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