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Section of Site: Creatures D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: CreaturesEra: Rise of the EmpireCanon: Yes

Name: Pikobi
Type: flightless reptavian

Dexterity: 2D
Perception: 3D
Strength: 2D

Special Abilities
         Beak: Str+1D Damage
         Pack Hunter: Pikobi are generally found in packs of 5 or 6, and will fight together

Move: 12 (10 swimming)
Size: 0.94m tall
Orneriness: 3D

Description: Pikobi were fast-moving, flightless reptavians which were native to the Gungan swamps of Naboo and the jungles of Onderon.

Pikobis specialized in fishing and probing through the mud for small prey such as gullipuds, nyorks, common nuna chicks, mees, and small crustaceans. Being waders and runners, they could cover long distances quickly both in and out of the water. Pikobis also had long, pointed beaks lined with sharp teeth that were used to spear and hold onto slippery prey which it usually swallowed in one gulp.

These creatures possessed large, webbed feet which they used to create shadowy areas to attract fish, keen eyesight, external ears which were different from those of most reptavians, and a long tail for balance while it ran. Pikobis could shed their tail when attacked. The tail would grow back quickly, even sometimes forked. Scientists have also studied the Pikobis for medical purposes.

The Pikobi traveled in pairs or groups of five to six. The mother would lay its eggs in the sand and upon birth, the young could already walk and swim.

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Stats by FreddyB, Descriptive Text from WookieePedia
Image copyright LucasArts.
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