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Section of Site: The Force D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: Jedi PowersEra: Rise of the EmpireCanon: Yes

Dark illusion
         "We shall, however, use the strong bond that once existed between you and your master to allow us to see things that we otherwise could not."
         "How can this be done, Master?"
         "It is an old art of the dark side."

         Control Difficulty: Difficult
                DARK SIDE POWER
         Effect: Projecting Force visions through an ancient Sith ritual using a Force-bond
        The user must have a sample of the blood of either the target, or someone force bonded to the target, such as their Jedi Master or Student.
        They channel force lightning into the blood, and can send visions to the target to tempt them into turning to the Dark Side, or to give them visions they may base future decisions and actions on which would be harmful to the target. Because of the force bond, the target has no defence, and no way of telling the difference between this and a true force vision.
        Use of this power automatically grants 1 Dark Side Point.

Description: The Force power of dark illusion gave its user the ability to manipulate Force visions to directly attack a selected target. Dark illusion was summoned through an ancient Sith ritual using both the connection of a Force-bond, one coming from someone with a link to the target, and reciting a Sith incantation in the old Balc language. Compounded with the blood of the bonded and Force lightning, as well as the dark side of the Force, dark illusion could reach its intended victim from across the galaxy. A different, but possibly related light-side ability was Force projection.

During the galactic conflict known as the Clone Wars, the Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Sidious used dark illusion to attack Grand Master Yoda of the Jedi Order, exploiting his Sith apprentice Darth Tyranus' bond to Yoda for the ritual. Also using the power of the long-deceased Sith Lord Darth Bane's tomb, Sidious was able to, while on Coruscant, reach Yoda on Moraband, the ancient homeworld of the Sith.

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