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Thermal annihilator bomb

Hermione Bagwa (Human Waitress)

Hermione Bagwa (Human Waitress)


Section of Site: ExaltedBelongs to Faction: Subtype: Era: Canon: No

We are the Solars

            We channel Essence, the power of the cosmos, through our fingertips, our fists, our feet. Our blades are cast of orichalcum, set with Hearthstones and never dull. We are the Children of the Unconquered Sun.

            The Solar Exalted are the most powerful of the Exalted and during the First Age they were the rulers of the world and the leaders of the Exalted. In the Realm, there are still some powerful items of the First Age.

Artifacts and Wonders of the First Age

Ivy's Snake Sword "Valentine"
Valentine is a short sword with a fine blade, forged from Orichalcum with inlays of Jade. The Snake Sword has two forms, one is a short sword and the other is a long chain weapon with the swords razor edges spread out along its length. Valentine has a setting for two Hearthstones. This weapon can be used in either form with martial arts or melee skills and charms.
Speed: +3, Accuracy: +2, Damage: +7L, Defense: +3, Commitment: 5, Artifact: 3, Minimums: S1

Speed: +5, Accuracy: +0, Damage: +7L, Defense: +4, Commitment: 5, Artifact: 3, Minimums: D4, MA4

The Daiklaive has a setting for a single Hearthstone.
Speed: +3, Accuracy: +2, Damage: +5L, Defense: +2, Commitment: 5, Artifact: 2 Minimums: S2

Orichalcum Armored Gauntlet
Artifact: 3
This Armored Gauntlet is crafted from Orichalcum worn by the Solar, and grants the wearer two additional bashing and lethal soak as long as he wears the gauntlet. All the character's attacks have their damage increased by 2 while wearing the gauntlet and provides a three-die bonus to all dodge attempts made by an attuned character.
This gauntlet has a setting for a single Hearthstone.
Speed: +1, Accuracy: +1, Damage: +1L, Defense: +1, Commitment: 4, Artifact: 3, Minimums: S2

"The Snow Drinking Saber"
The Snow Drinking Saber was forged centuries ago during the First Age by a Twilight Solar Exalted to be carried by her Terrestrial Exalted Dragon-Blooded lover. The exact story and the names of those involved have been lost to history because of the purge against the Anathema.
            This is a Chopping Sword crafted from the purest blue Jade alloy. The sword appears to be translucent, with a blade about three-feet long. The Snow Drinking Saber has settings for four Hearthstones. If it strikes an opponent The Snow Drinking Saber will drain one point of temporary Willpower and a number of motes equal to the wielder's permanent Essence. Half these motes are passed to the wielder, while the rest are passed to Mela the Elemental Dragon of Air. The player also rolls Essence + Melee. For each success the opponent loses one dot of Dexterity from shivering and partial freezing. A victim with zero Dexterity is frozen and incapable of moving. An opponent's Permanent Essence is subtracted from the number of successes rolled.
            A character who faces the wielder in battle, the sight of someone so connected to an Elemental Dragon can be truly terrifying. He must make a Willpower roll or suffer a 4 die penalty to any attacks against the wielder. This is difficulty 3 for Exalted and other magical beings and 4 for mortals.
            The last power of this weapon is perhaps what makes it so valuable and dangerous. As a reflexive action at a cost of the entire wielder's remaining Peripheral Essence (must have a minimum of 10 Essence to activate it), any single attack that would damage the wielder may be ignored. This action will cause the wielder's Anima to flare, which causes a connection to the Elemental Dragon of Air for a fraction of a second. As this action is performed the temperature around the sword drops noticeably and any bashing or lethal damage the wielder has suffered is healed and he will also heal a number of aggravated wounds equal to his Permanent Essence.
Speed: -3, Accuracy: +3, Damage: +11L, Defense: 0, Commitment: 8, Artifact: 5, Minimums: S3
Power: 5, Usefulness: 4, Game Impact: 5, Script Immunity: 5
Drawback: 5 (Component: 2, Notoriety: 3)

The Silver Sword of the Moon
The sword is endowed with lunar power and can cut through any metal. It has a weakness though; it is useless against creatures from the underworld. The sword represents the element of wind.

Grand Daiklaive of the Moon
            This weapon was once the property of an Exalt called Rai not much is known about him except his name. He was a powerful warrior who slew many Primordials, until the last one he fought cursed him and his weapon with it's dying breath. This weakened both Rai and his weapon, so now many things are protected from its supernaturally sharp edge.
            This Moonsilver Grand Daiklaive is a dangerous weapon able to cut clean through all natural materials of Creation. Moonsilver is well known for its mercurial properties, few artificers are skilled enough to reverse the process. This weapon is capable of using Moonsilver's power over its form to affect the form of other things. When striking an object of Creation, that object parts before the blade without effort, melting its form and allowing the blade to pass without any resistance. Most such objects will be damaged so as to be useless afterward. Weapons are cut in half and armor is so compromised as to be only a burden of weight. This effect does not extend to objects of the five magical materials or to objects outside of Creation (such as materials forged in the Underworld or Malfeas or made of Gossamer). Mundane weapons used against this Grand Daiklaive do not gain their Defense bonus, as the wielder tries not to have it cut in two. Mundane armor provides no protection as it parts to allow the Daiklaive through.
Against the dead the swords damage is reduced to 0L.
The Daiklaive has settings for three Hearthstones.
Speed: -3, Accuracy: +4, Damage: +11L, Defense: +0, Commitment: 8, Artifact: 4 Minimums: S3
Power: 5 Usefulness: 4 Game Impact: 4 Script Immunity: 3
Drawback: 5 (Component: 2, Notoriety: 3)

Moonsilver Daiklaive
This blade is of ancient design and is forged from purest Moonsilver, although it will not blunt. It grants an extra level of skill in Melee to anyone attuned to it. Once attuned the wielder of this blade increases his Essence by one. The spirit within the blade will warn the wielder of danger nearby.
The Daiklaive has a setting for a single Hearthstone.
Speed: +3, Accuracy: +4, Damage: +5L, Defense: +2, Commitment: 5, Artifact: 2 Minimums: S2

The Mindsword
The sword is finely crafted with inlays of green Jade alloy.
As a Reflexive action and for 1 Mote of Essence the sword can be summoned to someone attuned to it.
This Moonsilver Daiklaive has a setting for a single Hearthstone.
Speed: +3, Accuracy: +4, Damage: +5L, Defense: +2, Commitment: 5, Artifact: 2 Minimums: S2

Soulsteel Daiklaives of Dual Prowess "Soul Edge"
            Soul Edge is a set of fine blades, forged from Soulsteel.
Combos could allow the character the use of an extra action Charm with each blade.
The character must commit 8 motes of Essence to use these blades 4 for each weapon.
They have a setting for a single Hearthstone in each blade.
Speed: +2, Accuracy: +3, Damage: +5L, Defense: +5, Commitment: 4, Artifact: 4 Minimums: S2, D3, M3
Speed: +2, Accuracy: +3, Damage: +5L, Defense: +5, Commitment: 4

Soulsteel Bracers of Cleansing Fire
Artifact: 3, Commitment: 7
These Soulsteel bracers are highly polished and reflective, unlike typical Soulsteel. Anyone who stares into the bracers will see cloudy images of piles of skulls.
            The bracers keep the Exalted clean at all times, he could spend weeks crossing a noxious swamp and come out looking as fresh as if he had just stepped out of the baths. It negates all penalties  to Social rolls that stem from a character looking unkempt. Once the character spends 7 motes to attune the bracers. The character?s lethal soak increases by 3 and bashing soak by 2. It provides a three-die bonus to all dodge attempts made by an attuned character. Add +2 dice to Resistance rolls against disease or poison, as they will attempt to burn the poison or disease from his body. 
The Bracers have settings for a single Hearthstone.

The Unlearnt
The Unlearnt sword is stark black, long, and flexible, allowing for endless changes, making its movements totally unpredictable. One needs strategy when using it. The sword has its own special aura and it does not kill easily. The user must have wisdom and intension. One can feel its existence very strongly and the wind it raises can injure people, as if it were an air gun. Should there be dust or raindrop in the atmosphere, the Unlearnt Sword would be even more powerful. The Twilight Solar who used this sword was once an Abyssal of the Daybreak Caste.
Speed: +3, Accuracy: +2, Damage: +5L, Defense: +2, Commitment: 5, Artifact: 2 Minimums: S2

The Dragon
Made of gold and copper, The Dragon has a soft and supple tip which can be flexed. The handle is sphere-shaped, capable of changing the direction of the sword at will and thus rendering the weapon?s flexibility. The sword is so sharp and powerful that a strong shock would be generated when it cuts apart other swords. The reacting force is absorbed by a small ball whirling inside the handle. The sound of The Dragon hitting another sword can shatter a third sword in the vicinity. Even if the Dragon Sword is only unsheathed, the frequency of the drawing sound can shake the sword out of the opponent?s hand. While the sound of the sword serves as an alarm to alert people that it is coming, enemies would tremble upon hearing it.
Speed: +3, Accuracy: +2, Damage: +5L, Defense: +2, Commitment: 5, Artifact: 2 Minimums: S2

The Transience
Cast from a stony meteorite, The Transience feels like bronze and the surface is uneven with tiny grains that can reflect light. With the kite-shaped reflective steel beads on the body, a rainbow halo can be seen when the sword is swayed. Although it is an extremely blunt sword, The Transience Sword is able to resist the sharpest weapon in the world. A defensive weapon of the highest grade, it can restrain The Dragon. As long as there is a glimpse of light, The Transience will shine. In the glare, before the enemy can clearly see the whereabouts of its tip, the sword would have already arrived and cannot be evaded.
Speed: +3, Accuracy: +2, Damage: +5L, Defense: +2, Commitment: 5, Artifact: 2 Minimums: S2

The Deity
A huge sword used to open up mountains; it represents a new life, simplicity and perseverance with fierce offensive power. Although the sword embodies the anger of the swordsman, it is full of vibrant vitality. If it is to be compared with The Dragon, the two swords actually represent two extremes. Despite its ultimate sharpness, the Dragon Sword would have to strike three times before it can sever the thickest section of The Deity.
Speed: +3, Accuracy: +2, Damage: +5L, Defense: +2, Commitment: 5, Artifact: 2 Minimums: S2

The Heaven?s Fall
Having lived on Mount Heaven for six years, Master Shadow-glow practices austerity by casting swords. He has cast over a thousand swords with different styles and functions. However, when these swords are compared with The Deity, they are inferior in both shape and spirit. One day, as usual, Master Shadow-glow watches the clouds and mountains from afar. Out of the blue, a stream of clouds plunged down like a waterfall, drawing a frozen line across the sky. Master Shadow-glow is suddenly enlightened with the fact that The Deity is too primitive and is thus restrained in both shape and spirit. In a bid to break the confines of The Deity, Master Shadow-glow melts a hundred swords to cast The Heaven?s Fall.
Speed: +3, Accuracy: +2, Damage: +5L, Defense: +2, Commitment: 5, Artifact: 2 Minimums: S2

The Celestial Beam
Being the brightest one among the seven swords, The Celestial Beam becomes brighter and shinier in the course of fighting. It is an offensive weapon comprising a pair of long and short swords. The user would try to get as close as possible to the enemy and applies the twin swords alternately or simultaneously. The extent of the sword movement is large and, by shifting its center of gravity constantly, the sword?s position can be changed at an incredible speed.
Speed: +3, Accuracy: +2, Damage: +5L, Defense: +2, Commitment: 5, Artifact: 2 Minimums: S2

The Star-Chasers
It is a sword used by both hands. A fringe made of steel wires is attached to the handle. At the end of the steel wires are small meteor-like iron beads. The sword is used to attack and resist, the fringe is also used to attack and resist. The Star-Chasers can be thrown out and retrieved and is normally girded in front of the user?s chest.

Master Shadow-glow tailor-made the Star-Chasers for the Lunar Xin Longzi. As Xin is a man without restraint, the meteors are designed to contain him. When he fights in a normal manner, the meteors can help him. But when he gets crazy, the meteors will hit him and his frenzy can be checked. In the Bowei battle, Xin goes so far that he is constantly hit by the meteors. He soon learns to duck the blows and discovers that the meteors can actually help him. When he withdraws the sword, two meteors can enmesh the arm of an enemy.
Speed: +3, Accuracy: +2, Damage: +5L, Defense: +2, Commitment: 5, Artifact: 2 Minimums: S2

Exalted ?2001 White Wolf Publishing Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Exalted and its trademarks are used without express permission from White Wolf Publishing Inc.

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