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Section of Site: Weapons D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: WEAPONSEra: Rise of the EmpireCanon: No


   Another sell from Take-A-Stand Munitions through third party vendors across the galaxy in select cities and spaceports, the Bron-Z mg294 heavy blaster pistol (HBP) fits what TASM is known for....weapons that are anything but standard, yet surprise the observer, lacking in some ways, but make up for it in others, and can be very powerful in the right hands!  The Bron-Z is labeled as a heavy blaster pistol, yet has the range similar to a hold-out blaster.  It only has four shots per cell, but each of those shots packs more punch than any blaster equal to or twice it's size!

   The Bron-Z HBP uses a plasma power cell, though truth be told these are less about generating power and more about generating a controlled and directed plasma explosion.  The cell contains four plasma charges, similar to plasma-based explosive charges found in some designs of immolative and heat-based demolitions equipment.  When the weapon is loaded and fired, the selected plasma charge is ignited, and the plasma energy is directed in the aimed direction in a tight, focused blast of intense heat and energy, almost in the shape of a beam (though perhaps a cone would be more appropriate).  The plasma cell itself has a curved component in the back that is responsible for shaping and directing the blast, as well as greatly reducing the amount of heat felt by the user.  This is also directed in the opposite direction, and anyone standing nearby but not directly shot will feel this heat, and perhaps even have their body hairs singed.

   The Bron-Z is relatively cheap by comparison to other heavy blaster pistols, mostly due to the weapon's shortcomings in the HBP category.  This cost is made up for in the higher price of the plasma cells needed to reload the Bron-Z.  While expensive, very few other weapons in the galaxy of comparable size can deliver the damage the Bron-Z can within its range, which is why it has a loyal fanbase that consistently return for more plasma cells to keep their Bron-Z's working.

   When reloading the weapon, the spent plasma cell can be ejected by pressing the release mechanism on the side.  It is recommended that the user does not allow the spent plasma cell to contact their skin, as it will be extremely hot and can cause severe injury.  If said injuries occur, remember that Take-A-Stand Munitions and its third party vendors are not responsible for said injuries, though we can recommend several outlaw medtechs who "may or may not" live and work in a place called the "Refuge" who also deal in various medical equipment, also sold through said third party vendors, and that "may or may not" be able to take care of any heat-based injuries using methods that no sane mind would ever use in a legal medical facility or bacta tank....[product advertising segue ends here]

   The Bron-Z's name has many rumors as to why and how it is named so, but since none of the galaxy's gun-toting citizens can locate members of TASM to ask them, the assumed answer is that the metal bronze is a natural good conductor of heat and electricity, and the Bron-Z's components seem to be made from a unique alloy of bronze and other materials that aid in directing the heat and energy of the plasma charges in the direction the ejection port.  While some have tried to identify the components of this alloy and the way the plasma blaster works, few have made any headway.  The bronze alloy used in its construction currently defies identification methods used thus far, and ejected plasma cells are no more than burned out husks.  Acquisition of this weapon and its plasma cells is not a high priority to Imperial agencies or other organizations because most people in the galaxy prefer more common and reliable blasters that conform to galactic technology standards.  Never the less, it's hard to resist a weapon of compact and easily hideable size that can put a hole through an experienced soldier wearing powered armor.

   While some claim that the Bron-Z is more powerful than even the mighty Thunderer HBP sold by the infamous Gundark, most experts claim this is not true for various reasons.  While the damage output up close to the Bron-Z is powerful and highly lethal, the heat of the plasma dissipates as soon as it leaves the discharge port, with damage falloff happening within what other standard blasters would call short range.  Despite this, many people prefer the Bron- as their personal sidearm when dealing with the fringes of the galaxy, as when up close this plasma blaster is devastating and surprises the enemy with a non-traditional weapon that most of them do not know how to respond to.  Often, those being fired at by a Bron-Z HBP assume the weapon has greater range than it really does and, if they're still alive, tend to retreat while they still can.

   It should also be noted that some previous owners of the Bron-Z HBP "may" have had malfunctions with their weapons and indirectly immolated themselves.  As no evidence or reports of said incidents have so far come forth, piles burnt dust notwithstanding, nor has the supposed "Take-A-Stand Munitions" offered to comment, many third party vendors across the galaxy urge blaster lovers to buy with confidence and remind them not to roll a "1" on that Wild Die....

Model: Take-A-Stand Munitions Bron-Z mg294 HBP
Type: Plasma heavy blaster pistol
Scale: Character
Skill: Blasters: heavy blaster pistols
Ammo: 4
Cost: 600 (plasma cell: 40)
Availability: 2, X
Fire Rate: 1/2
Range: 3-5/10/15
Damage: 7D/6D/5D


RANGE: The Bron-Z shows three Damages above, separated by "/".  These are the weapon's Damage codes at short, medium, and long ranges.  The weapon's heat and energy dissipates when fired, reducing damage within very short ranges, but deals maximum damage at short range.  Even at long range, the damage dealt by the plasma is comparable to most blasters, but this is still short range when compared to mst other blasters, and after this point the weapon's heat dissipates so much that it has little effect.

RELOAD: When reloading the Bron-Z immediately after firing the last shot (within 1 round), physical contact with the spent plasma cell will hurt the user (4D Damage).  The Bron-Z has a eject button that can eject the spent plasma cell and ready it to receive another cell.  With a quick hand motion and practice, this action can be very quick, and would look similar to a person flicking out the cylinder of a revolver to reload it.

PLASMA CELLS: Since the ammo for the Bron-Z is essentilly small plasma charges, it should be noted that several of these combined could make one heck of a bomb.  One cell alone could make a +1D bomb for 8D damage (+1 pip per extra charge, with 4 plasma charges per cell) (also, if using the rules for combined actions/fire-linking from Star Wars RPG Revised And Expanded, though older versions of the rules have fire-linking at +1D instead of +1 pip), and combining several plasma cells together would keep increasing this damage.  Explosives skill roll; Easy Difficulty to link the Cells together; Moderate Difficulty to det up a detonator.

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