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Section of Site: EarthdawnBelongs to Faction: Subtype: Player Character RacesEra: Canon: No

Str +3
Tou +3

Large Size Quadraped: (Move as Dex +5, +1 to knockdown, Phys Def -2)
Karma as Elves
Centaur hooves do Str+2 damage
Inconveniet size/shape
Centaurs cannot be: Cavalrymen, Air Sailors, Sky Raiders.  Centaur thieves are also extremely rare.  Centaur archers, scouts and elementalists are common.

In appearance centaurs resemble a cross between a horse and an elf, having an elven upper body and equine lower body.
There are two possible explanations for centaurs, one is the result of a whacky Theran experiment to deepen the bond between Cavalryman and Mount with unintended results, and the other is that centaurs are a perfectly normal Namegiver race.
Centaurs as a rule favor the latter view, though some replace perfectly normal with 'the best' in their view.
There are roughly two categories of centaurs, the urban and the pastoral ones.  Urban centaurs tend to live in towns and villages and adopt the garb and culture of the surrounding populace, generally living in small families.  Pastoral centaurs tend to live in larger herds, and try to live as far from other namegivers as feasible.  Pastoral centaurs prefer the mininum needed (often none at all) clothes, and only what tools and weapons they can easily carry and cannot do without.
Most stories are about pastoral centaurs, but most people more commonly encounter the urban variety.

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