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Section of Site: EarthdawnBelongs to Faction: Subtype: CreaturesEra: Canon: No

350 LP

Str 8
Dex 5
Tou 10
Per 8
Wil 8
Cha 5

Init 5

Phys Def 7
Spel Def 10
Soci Def 7

Phys Armor 0
Myst Armor 3

Death 81
Wound 15

Move 50/25 (Flying)

Attack (Bite) 8
Damage 16

Attack (Energy Blast) 14
Damage 16

Cacodemons are large round hungry demons which float without a visible means of propulsion, are red and spiky, and possess a giant maw and a single large eye.  Cacodemons have soft squishy bodies which poorly armor the creature, but there giant squishy bodies can take quite a beating before going down.  Cacodemons fly silently and occasionally ambush from above, but tend to be noisy when fighting.  Cacodemons prefer to fight alongside their fellow cacodemons, but will work with other demons if needed.  They however most dislike hell knights

Cacodemons prefer to attack with their bite against weak foes, but in a serious battle prefer to hang back and fling energy blasts.  Cacodemons are immune to knockdown and as such enjoy aerial battle

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