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Section of Site: Characters D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: Non-Player CharacterEra: ImperialCanon: Yes

SPECIES - Jablogian
HEIGHT - 1.75m
MOVE - 9

         Blaster: 5D
         Brawling Parry: 4D
         Dodge: 5D

         Bargain: 5D
         Command: 4D
         Con: 5D+1
         Gambling: 5D+2
         Persuasion: 4D+1

         Streetwise: 5D
         Willpower: 4D

         Brawling: 4D

         Repulsorlift Operation: 4D
         Space Transports: 4D

         Security: 5D

         CREDITS - 10,000
                 Rk-3 Blaster Pistol: 4D
                 C-ROC Gozanti-class cruiser called Merchant One


Eye color : Green, with brown irises
Skin color: Red

Description: Azmorigan was a male Jablogian who was a crime lord operating in the Outer Rim Territories about four years before the Battle of Yavin. On one occasion, the "galactic entrepreneur" Lando Calrissian tricked him into selling a puffer pig in return for the Twi'lek captain Hera Syndulla. However, Hera escaped and rejoined Lando and her rebel crew aboard the Ghost. An enraged Azmorigan pursued Calrissian and his rebel associates to Lothal and attempted to exact revenge on Calrissian. However, the rebels fought off Azmorigan and his henchmen; forcing him to retreat.

Later, Azmorigan purchased five power generators from the Devaronian crime lord Cikatro Vizago and arranged to rendezvous with him on Nixus Hub 218. However, the Weequay pirate Hondo Ohnaka took over Vizago's ship Broken Horn. Together with the rebels Ezra Bridger and Chopper, Hondo traveled to Nixus only to be captured by Azmorigan and his henchmen. Seeking to settle scores with both Hondo and Ezra, Azmorigan decided to use a loading dolly to fire them into space. However, his plans were foiled by Chopper who attacked his henchmen, creating a commotion that allowed Ezra and Hondo to free themselves and turn the table on him. Azmorigan and his surviving henchmen were forced to flee, with the crime lord also losing his credits.

Despite his adversarial encounters with Hondo and the Spectres, he joined forces with these two parties in order to loot treasure from an Imperial Class four container transport. Azmorigan and Hondo were solely motivated by pecuniary gain but managed to convince the rebels to help them after pointing out the presence of proton bombs aboard the ship. Following a harrowing mission, Azmorigan, Hondo, and the Spectres were able to obtain their goals.

A Jablogian born on Nar Shaddaa, Azmorigan was a crime lord who operated in the Outer Rim Territories near the planet Lothal. He owned a C-ROC Gozanti-class cruiser called Merchant One and had several masked minions. He was a known associate of the Devaronian crime lord Cikatro Vizago. In 4 BBY, Azmorigan did business with the galactic entrepreneur Lando Calrissian, trading him a puffer pig in return for the Twi'lek pilot Hera Syndulla. Syndulla, however, outsmarted Azmorigan and knocked him and his men out. She then escaped the crime lord's ship in an escape pod and returned to her own ship, the Ghost, where she rejoined Calrissian and her rebel crew.

Seeking vengeance, Azmorigan then tracked Syndulla and Calrissian down to a plot of land that Calrissian had purchased from Vizago, and demanded the return of the Twi'lek and the pig as well as the Ghost and its crew. When the rebel crew refused, Azmorigan and his men attacked them, sparking a gun battle. During the battle, Azmorigan's henchmen were overwhelmed by the the crew of the Ghost with several being killed. At the height of the fighting, Azmorigan took the Lasat rebel Garazeb Orrelios hostage and offered to spare him if the rebels surrendered Calrissian. However, the astromech droid Chopper fired on him with the Ghost's turret cannon; knocking him to the ground. Now at the mercy of the rebels, Azmorigan accepted an ultimatum from Syndulla to leave Calrissian's compound. He and his two remaining henchmen then fled into the night.

Later that year, Azmorigan ordered a shipment of five power generators from Cikatro Vizago. The two gangsters arranged to rendezvous on the icy planet of Nixus. However, on the way, Vizago was incapacitated and imprisoned in his own ship the Broken Horn by the Weequay pirate Hondo Ohnaka. Later, Ohnaka was joined by the rebels Ezra Bridger and Chopper, who had encountered Azmorigan during an earlier adventure with Calrissian. Upon arriving at Nixus, Azmorigan took Ohnaka and Ezra captive since he distrusted them showing up without Vizago; possibly intending to double cross Vizago originally if the opportunity presented itself. Azmorigan knew that the Rang Clan had placed a bounty on Ohnaka's head and recognized Ezra as part of the rebel group that had aided Calrissian.

Azmorigan ordered his men to load Ezra and Ohnaka into a loading dolly, where they would deposited into space. He was delighted because he had a chance to settle the score with Ezra and eliminate Ohnaka and also to seize their generators. However, Chopper attacked him with the fifth crate, knocking his men over. During the ensuing blaster battle, Azmorigan opened fire on Chopper. Taking advantage of the confusion, Ezra broke free and used his lightsaber to shoot stun shots at the henchmen. Chopper also entered the fray by firing two blasters at Azmorigan and stealing his credits. After rescuing Ohnaka, Ezra, Chopper and the pirate escaped into space on the Broken Horn.

In 2 BBY, Azmorigan obtained the flight plan and manifest for an Imperial Class four container transport transiting near the planet Wynkahthu. He learned that the transport was ferrying proton bombs and treasure from worlds plundered by the Empire. Azmorigan struck a deal with Hondo to raid the cargo ship. Hondo and his Ugnaught crew managed to disable the ship with ion mines. However, the ship drifted into the stormy upper atmosphere of Wynkahthu. After losing most of his Ugnaught crew with the exception of Melch, Hondo solicited the services of the Lothal rebel cell.

Upon boarding the rebels' ship Ghost, Azmorigan received a cold reception from the Spectres particularly Hera, who remembered him as the bag of "bantha fodder" who bought her from Lando. Azmorigan responded that she was the feisty one who had hit him with a tray and claimed that he still technically "owned" her. The Spectres, at the urging of Ezra, agreed to support Hondo's plan after learning about the presence of proton bombs on the container transport; something that the rebellion needed desperately. The rebels agreed to take the bombs while Hondo and Azmorigan agreed to divide the spoils from the treasures among themselves.

Due to his overweight physique, Azmorigan struggled to climb down the stairs which led to the Ghost's cargo bay. Hondo tried to dissuade his partner by claiming that he was frail. However, Azmorigan threatened not to let the recovery mission go ahead if he was not part of the recovery team. The rebels managed to leap onto the hull of the cargo ship and board it through a manhole. Inside, Azmorigan, Hondo, and the rebels encountered a furious Melch, who attacked Hondo for abandoning him. At the insistence of the rebel team's leader Zeb, Hondo revealed that he had made an unsuccessful attempt to board the cargo ship.

Later, Azmorigan, Hondo, and the rebels managed to find their way to the cargo bay. While Azmorigan and Hondo helped themselves to the loot, the rebels used the ship's grappling guns to fire tow cables onto the Ghost. They then began loading the proton bombs aboard their ship. While the rebels were loading, Azmorigan was accosted by an Imperial sentry droid, which had been reactivated when the rebels' astromech droid Chopper reactivated the ship's power plant. He was locked in the ship's brig. When Zeb went to find him, he too was taken captive and stunned by the droid.

Ezra and Chopper managed to free Azmorigan and Zeb from the brig. Together, the four made their way back to the cargo bay only to encounter the sentry droid. Despite Zeb's orders to keep low, Azmorigan disabled the droid with his blaster pistol and loudly exclaimed that he was a "hero". However, his actions activated the four remaining sentry droids, which pursued the rebels, Hondo, and Azmorigan. While the rebels fought the sentry droids, Azmorigan and Hondo raced on their treasure chests back to the Ghost. The rebels and their confederates managed to escape the droids before the cargo ship crashed into the vortex and exploded.

Once aboard the Ghost, Azmorigan and Hondo fought over their treasure chests only to discover that Melch had smuggled himself aboard one of them. At Hera's insistence, Azmorigan, Hondo, and Melch returned to Hondo's stolen Imperial landing craft with their loot.

Personality and traits

Azmorigan was extremely lazy, only walking when necessary. He loved to eat, this being one of his favorite pastimes, and he had a large number of men to do things for him. He was also impatient, hot tempered, and rather gullible. Azmorigan had a weakness for the opposite gender, a trait that was exploited by Lando Calrissian during his scam to obtain a puffer pig. As a crime lord, Azmorigan was vindictive and unforgiving towards those who had wronged him. On one occasion, he and his henchmen invaded Calrissian's compound on Lothal and attempted to kill him after Calrissian swindled him. On another occasion, Azmorigan ordered the attempted killing of the Weequay pirate Hondo Ohnaka and the rebel Ezra Bridger since the two had wronged him in the past.

While Azmorigan had limited combat skills, he was able to take Garazeb Orrelios hostage on one occasion with a blaster. However, he often let his henchmen do most of the fighting. Due to his weight, Azmorigan had trouble walking and exercising for long distances. However, he was willing to endure hardship in order to reap pecuniary gain. Azmorigan also had a high-pitched singing voice. While Azmorigan was known to be cowardly, he once single-handed took on an Imperial sentry droid out of fear. Destroying the droid gave Azmorigan the sense of accomplishment that he was a "hero."

Azmorigan was motivated by profit and fought with Hondo for his share of stolen treasure from an Imperial cargo ship. Despite his antagonistic earlier encounter with the Spectres, he was willing to work with them in order to obtain treasure for himself.

Despite his lazy nature, Azmorigan was nonetheless able to manage an RK-3 blaster pistol.

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Stats by FreddyB, descriptive text from WookieePedia
Image copyright LucasArts.
Any complaints, writs for copyright abuse, etc should be addressed to the Webmaster FreddyB.