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Section of Site: Characters D20Belongs to Faction: Subtype: Player Character RacesEra: ImperialCanon: Crossover


The Aiel are a race of hardened Near Humans in the Palvar Sector. Their name comes from a time in the early days of the Republic when Palvar was a univified sector on it's own. It spoke a language now refered to throguhout the sector as The Old Tongue. In The Old tongue, Aiel means dedicated. They were from the planet Aiel and served the Jedi who ruled the sector, with the greatest honour and lyoalty. Then a great war came, Dark side creatures such as Trollocs and Myrddraal began overrunning the sector and the Jedi and Aiel tried to fight them off. these evil entities were atatcking all across the galaxy, however unbeknownst to the Republic, incredibly powerful Dark Jedi, calling themselves Dread Lords, were showing up in the Palvar Sector. They sued the force in their battles and wreaked massive ammounts of destruction. They struck the beautiful world of aiel, and actualy forced the Aiel to flee their world in a mass exodus.
The Aiel fled to the desert world of Rhui and crash landed there and scattered acros the planet. not wanting to be bothered searching for the Aiel, the Drealords seeded a part of the planet with dark side energy. This area, known to the Aiel as The Blgiht, spawned off more dark side monstrosities out of nothingness over time, such as Trollocs, Draghkar, Myrddraal ect. On their new found world over the centuries the aiel forgot about their past in the glorious Palvar Republic but they remembered that they had failed the Jedi and incurred great debt. They lived with a prophecy that they would one day be clled upon to repay that debt. They lived a constant war with the creatures of the blgiht, and soon they fractured into clans, and the clans formed different sept's or households. The clans ebgan feuidng amongst themselves, sometimes fighting bloody battle for no more than a puddle of water a couple of feet wide.
They called battle "the dance" or dance of spears, and thought life was just a dream from which all must eventualy wake. The Empire came to power and Rhui was discovered but for the most part ignored by the Empire, the Aiel kept their Wise Ones secreted away to protect them. Afterwards they began trading with people in the PDF controled areas of the sector, selling crafts and some metal ores. Some Aiel even began leaving planet to see planets that were Water rich.

PERSONALITY: They are not afraid of death, and are extremely driven by a sense of honor that they must keep up.  They refuse to use weapons that are technologically advanced, and do not trust offworlders.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: They are near-humans that look similar to them.

AIEL HOMEWORLD: The planet Aiel is the homeworld, yet they are exiled from it, so most of them come from Rhui.

LANGUAGE: Some basic, and The Old Tongue.

EXAMPLE NAMES: Fleyla, Rael, Elolon.

ADVENTURERS: Aiel generally stay where they are, and are not very ambitious when it comes to adventures.  Men who can sense the Force generally try to kill any dark side creatures that they can.

-+2 Constitution, -2 Charisma: Aiel are able to survive in the desert, but generally don't like outsiders.
-Medium-size: As Medium-size creatures, Aiel have no special bonuses or penalties due to their size.
-Aiel base speed is 12.
-Primitive: An Aiel receives the bonus feat Weapon Group Proficiency (primitive weapons) at 1st level instead of the usual Weapon Group Proficiency feats available to whatever class the character selects.
-Martial Arts: Aiel revieve the Martial Arts, Defensive Martial Arts, and the Improved Martial Arts automatically at 1st level, regardless of their base attack bonus.
-Refined Senses: Aiel recieve a +4 bonus when they use the Search skill.
-Stamina: Aiel revieve a +2 bonus whenever they use Climb, Jump, or the survival skills.
-Intimidation: When someone threatens an Aiel with death, raise the difficulty by +8.
-Ambidexterity: The Aiel revieve the Ambidexterity feat automatically at 1st level regardless of their Dexterity score.
-Aiel are not able to recieve the Pilot or Ride skills.
-Automatic Languages: The Old Tongue

Note: The material here presented is partialy derived from Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time literary works and all rights to said material belong to him, this material is not to be distributed for any sort of personal gain and is written in deference and respect for his work.

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