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Section of Site: Characters D6Belongs to Faction: Rebel AllianceSubtype: Non-Player CharacterEra: ImperialCanon: Yes

NAME - Mon Mothma
Homeworld: Chandrila
Species: Human (Chandrilan)
Gender: Female
Height: 1.73 meters
Hair color: Auburn
Eye color: Pale blue-green
Skin color: Light
MOVE - 10

        Blaster: 4D+1
        Dodge: 5D+2
        Bargain: 7D+2
        Command: 7D+2
        Con: 4D+2
        Hide: 4D+1
        Persuasion: 8D+2
        Sneak: 4D+2
        Value: 7D+1
        Bureaucracy: 8D+1
        Cultures: 6D
        Intimidation: 4D+2
        Languages: 5D+2
        Planetary Systems: 6D+2
        Streetwise: 4D+2
        Survival: 5D+1
        Willpower: 7D
        Brawling: 2D+2
        Communications: 5D
        Space Transports: 4D+2
        Starfighter Piloting: 5D+1
        Starship Weapons: 4D+2
        Starship Shields: 4D+1
        Repulsorlift Operation: 4D+2
        Computer Programming/Repair: 5D+2
        Droid Repair: 4D
        First Aid: 4D+1

         CREDITS - Vast personal wealth
                 Holdout Blaster Pistol (3D Damage), Comlink, Senatorial Wardrobe


Description: Mon Mothma was a human female politician and revolutionary leader who served in the Galactic Senate and Imperial Senate as the representative of Chandrila, the leader of the Alliance to Restore the Republic, and the first Chancellor of the New Republic. Mothma came to political prominence during the Separatist Crisis and the Clone Wars when, along with such allies as Senators Bail Organa and Padmé Amidala, she became an outspoken proponent of peace between the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems. She also spoke out against the increase in executive power given to Supreme Chancellor Palpatine, who transformed the Republic into the Empire at the war's end.

Mothma worked with Organa and other allies to plant the seeds of rebellion against the Imperial regime. Mothma left the Senate after publicly denouncing Emperor Palpatine, which was soon followed by the establishment of the Rebel Alliance. Mothma sanctioned the recruitment of Jyn Erso, who led the Rogue One squadron in stealing the Death Star plans during the Battle of Scarif. After the Battle of Yavin saw the destruction of the Death Star, Mothma led the Alliance through the Galactic Civil War. The Battle of Endor, which Mothma helped plan with the Alliance High Command, saw the death of Emperor Palpatine and left the Empire in chaos.

In Endor's aftermath, the Rebellion formed the New Republic and headquartered the new Galactic Senate on Chandrila. Mothma was elected as the first chancellor of the New Republic Senate and intended to do away with Palpatine's emergency powers, which the Senate gave to the office of the New Republic chancellery. She also intended to demilitarize the Republic, hoping to cut the New Republic Defense Fleet by ninety percent while leaving the defense of member worlds to the worlds themselves. When the war with the Empire finally came to end, the Republic and the Imperial remnants signed the Galactic Concordance and the Republic passed the Military Disarmament Act. The end of Mothma's chancellery brought a close to a period of unity in the Republic, with several political factions, such as the Centrists and the Populists, breaking out in disagreement over the best future for the new government.

Mon Mothma was born in 46 BBY into a political family; her father was an arbiter-general in the Galactic Republic, and her mother was a governor on their homeworld of Chandrila.

In the Chandrilan winter of 31 BBY, at the age of fifteen, Mothma fell in love, discovered smashball and her parents' imperfections. Because of that, she decided to turn her back on her family's political dynasty to become a historian. By the next summer, however, her moment of rebellion had been forgotten. She ended up returning to politics, both because of family pressures and a genuine love of governance. In 27 BBY, she joined the Republic's Galactic Senate, becoming one of the youngest senators to date.

Personality and traits

Mon Mothma was a human female with auburn hair, pale blue-green eyes, and light skin. She was a firm believer in democracy and opposed Chancellor Palpatine's amassing of executive power during the Clone Wars. She contrasted her beliefs with those of Separatists who wanted to leave the Republic, believing instead in loyalty to the Republic and the preservation of its democracy. It was this opposition to authoritarianism that led Mothma to help form the Rebel Alliance. She pursued peace during the Clone Wars, but she was willing to fight to restore democracy to the galaxy. Her ideals led her to become the first chancellor of the New Republic, where she pushed to avoid the mistakes that the Galactic Republic had made during the Clone Wars. Though strong executive powers were granted to her, she wanted nothing of the sort and believed them to be destructive to the democratic process.

Mothma was a courageous and outspoken Senator in the Imperial Senate who criticized the Empire's increasingly authoritarian and repressive policies. The final straw that broke the bantha's back came when Mothma denounced the Emperor in a live HoloNet speech for his role in the Ghorman Massacre. Despite becoming a fugitive, Mothma refused to hide herself but was determined to take dangerous risks in order to fulfill her goal of creating the Rebel Alliance. As a leader, Mothma preferred to lead by example in order to gain the respect of her underlings. Mothma also took the time to build friendships with other rebel fighters like Hera Syndulla and Garazeb Orrelios.

Mothma's devotion to her ideals did prove difficult at times. After the Empire's massacre on Kashyyyk, she thought diplomacy was dead and considered becoming a fighter pilot in the war against the Empire, but she learned that she provided more value to the Rebellion as its leader than as a soldier. Later, when she learned that the Emperor intended to destroy Chandrila with the Death Star II as a means of silencing her, Mon Mothma struggled with the fear that her actions would endanger her people. However, she refused to allow herself to be ruled by fear and regarded giving into her fear as tantamount to surrendering to the Empire.

Despite her position as Chancellor of the New Republic, Mothma was wary of abusing her powers due to Palpatine's legacy. She was prepared to reduce the powers of her own office and the New Republic military once the threat of the Empire had been ended. As the head of government, Mothma developed a sense of pragmatism since she had to manage a state that was also embroiled in a galactic war. Mothma was aware of the strains on the New Republic's resources and was reluctant to deploy military forces to Kashyyyk. Mothma's pragmatism contrasted with the idealism of Princess Leia, who was unwilling to let obstacles block her goal to liberate the Wookiee species. Believing that the Empire was facing defeat, Mothma agreed to peace talks with Rae Sloane. As a politician, Mothma sought to capitalize on the liberation of the Ashmead's Lock prisoners as an opportunity to win more worlds to the New Republic.

As Chancellor, Mon Mothma was skillful and savvy but strove to keep in touch with her constituents. Despite her powers and privileges, Mothma saw herself as serving the galaxy. She consciously struggled not to become an autocratic dictator like the late Palpatine. Mothma walked a fine balance between keeping the New Republic strong without turning it into a force for oppression. While Chancellor Mothma was sympathetic to the plight of Temmin and Sinjir who had loved ones and friends on Jakku, she was still determined to abide by the rules and norms of the New Republic. As a politician, Mothma preferred to use the system to achieve her goals.

Despite facing low popular ratings (39%) and having to contend with the hawkish Senator Tolwar Wartol, Mothma resolved to continue leading the New Republic. Mothma used her friendly connections and political savvy to outwit Wartol's plot to discredit her leadership. Chancellor Mothma was also a good talent spotter. She recruited the former Imperial loyalty officer Sinjir as one of her new advisers. She admired Sinjir's ingenious plan to convince five dissident senators to change their votes in favor of her resolution to intervene on Jakku. Though Mothma grieved the death of her friend Auxi during Senator Wartol's failed assassination attempt on her life, she remained resolute and led the New Republic's peace negotiations with Grand Vizier Mas Amedda. While presiding over the Empire's surrender, Mothma took care to co-opt non-combatant Imperial functionaries in order to ensure a smooth political transition.

Skills and abilities

In addition to being a keen diplomat, Mon Mothma trained as a fighter pilot, although she never actually saw battle. Mon Mothma was also a skilled speaker who appealed to her listener's hopes, dreams, and values. While Mothma was a politician, she also knew how to detach two docked starships. As a politician, Chancellor Mothma was able to switch from formal talk to plain speaking based on the situation. Despite being wounded in her left arm, Mothma insisted on keeping her arm and took exercises to strengthen it.

Comments made about this Article!

16/May/2023 08:50:37 Posted by Xav

Hello, thanks for the great job, it's a daily routine to check what you post !
Just a little point, I think she could only have 5 Force Points not 8 if you could change it please ?
Best regards

16/May/2023 09:42:09 Posted by Freddy


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Stats by FreddyB, descriptive text from WookieePedia
Image copyright LucasArts.
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