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Section of Site: Characters D6Belongs to Faction: Rebel AllianceSubtype: Non-Player CharacterEra: ImperialCanon: Yes

Charcter name: Garazeb Orrelios
Species: Lasat
Gender: Male
Height: 2.1 meters
Mass: 115 kilograms
Hair color: Purple
Eye color: Green
Skin color: Purple
Move: 10

        Blaster: 6D+2
        Brawling Parry: 6D
        Dodge: 7D+1
        Melee Combat: 6D+2
        Melee Parry: 7D
        Vehicle Blasters: 6D

        Intimidation: 6D+2
        Planetary Systems 5D
        Streetwise: 6D
        Survival: 6D
        Tactics: 5D+1
        Willpower: 5D
        Value: 4D+2

        Communications: 4D+2
        Repulsorlift Operation: 5D+2
        Starship Gunnery: 6D+2

        Bargain 4D+2
        Command: 6D
        Con 5D
        Search 5D+2
        Sneak 6D

        Stamina: 6D+1
        Climbing/Jumping: 7D
        Brawling: 7D+1

        Blaster Repair: 5D
        First Aid: 5D+2
        Demolition: 6D
        Security: 4D+2    

Force Sensitive: No
Force Points: 5
Dark Side Points: 0
Character Points: 12

Equipment: Bo-Rifle (5D), Clothing, 150 Credits

Special Abilities:
         Adhesive Pads: Lasat have adhesive pads on their fingers allowing them to grip with supernatural ability, and climb sheer surfaces. They gain a bonus +1D to all climbing rolls, and all strength related rolls requiring them to grip onto something.
        Digitigrade Legs: Their muscular digitigrade legs enabling them to run faster, jump higher and farther, and move more quietly than humans. This gives them a bonus +1D to running and jumping rolls.
          Enhanced Senses: Their large eyes and ears afforded them superior sight and hearing over humans, lowering target numbers by one stage for these types of rolls.

Description: Garazeb Orrelios, commonly known as Zeb, was a male Lasat rebel who manned the starship Ghost. Prior to joining the Spectres rebel cell, Zeb was a Captain of the Lasan Honor Guard and was trained to fight with a bo-rifle. He was one of the few Lasat to survive the devastation of his homeworld of Lasan and as a result developed a deep hatred towards the Empire. As a member of the Lothal rebel cell led by the Twi'lek Hera Syndulla and the Jedi Kanan Jarrus, Zeb took part in numerous raids and mission against the Empire. While temperamental and volatile, Zeb was compassionate and had a strong moral compass.

Zeb was affected by the trauma of witnessing the destruction of his homeworld Lasan. Despite his skepticism towards spiritual matters, Zeb took a leap of faith when he at the urging of his fellow Lasat compatriots Chava and Gron used his bo-rifle to guide the Ghost through a collapsed star cluster to the original Lasat homeworld of Lira San. Zeb regained his confidence by discovering that he was not the last Lasat. Later, Zeb developed an unlikely friendship with his nominal enemy the Imperial Security Bureau Agent Kallus when the two were forced to work together to survive on the icy moon of Bahryn. Due to Zeb's friendship, Kallus later joined the Rebellion.

After learning they were part of a larger rebel network, Zeb and his fellow rebels would continue fighting against threats such as Darth Vader, the Inquisitors, the former Sith Maul, and Grand Admiral Thrawn. At times, Zeb and his fellow rebels worked with criminal elements such as the pirate Hondo Ohnaka and the crime lord Azmorigan. While Zeb did not get on with the droids Chopper and AP-5, the three gained a better respect for each other when they joined forces to defeat the E-XD infiltrator droid EXD-9.

Zeb remained a member of the Spectres as the rebel groups formed the Rebel Alliance. Following the Battle of Atollon, Zeb contributed to Ezra's Liberation of Lothal. After the Battle of Endor, Zeb and his former adversary Kallus traveled to Lira San together as friends.

hen Zeb was a child, he had a friend that was attacked by a a creature in a underground cave. His friend's brother later saved this friend from the creature, and was never seen again. Later Zeb was recruited as a member of the Honor Guard of Lasan, in which he received combat and military training, as well as his Bo-rifle, the weapon of the Honor Guard. He held the rank of Captain and was charged with protecting the Lasan royal family and his people.. All that came to an end when the Galactic Empire devastated Lasan with T-7 ion disruptor rifles and utterly wiped out nearly all of his people including his family, save for his grandmother. Due to these events, Zeb harbored a deep hatred for the Empire. Zeb had nightmares about the Imperials disintegrating his people. By the age of 39, he had joined the Spectres rebel cell in their fight for freedom against the Empire. This small rebel band, which operated primarily on Lothal by the year 4 BBY, consisted of the Twi'lek ship captain Hera Syndulla, the undercover Jedi Kanan Jarrus, the Mandalorian teenager Sabine Wren, and the astromech droid C1-10P. The Spectres operated from the Ghost, a VCX-100 light freighter which had an auxiliary ship called the Phantom. At some point, Orrelios also befriended Mindiz, a young girl whose parents had been taken away for trying to prevent the Empire from seizing their land.

Personality and traits

Haunted by his people's near extermination, Garazeb Orrelios adopted a gruff and agitated persona, quick to fits of rage and violence. Behind this outward guise Zeb was actually a compassionate being who cared a great deal for his fellow members of the Ghost, and for people affected negatively by the Empire. Zeb had a strong sense of morality, and he implored Kanan not to sell disruptor rifles to Cikatro Vizago in order to make some money. However, he kept his Honor Guard medallion and a tiny bag of Lasan dust in his quarters to remind him of his home. He often vented his disgust for the Empire by beating up stormtroopers, an act he relished. He used his considerable combat skills to defend helpless citizens oppressed by the Empire, and even declined money offered to him for doing so. He often expressed his frustration by exclaiming "Karabast!"

Despite his essentially good heart, Zeb was quick to anger and rash actions which often got him into trouble. Agent Kallus easily goaded him into risking his life needlessly by taunting him about his people's genocide. Zeb tried to appear stoic and serious minded but also had a good dry sense of humor and occasionally showed a more childish side. His skills were an asset to the crew, but his impulsiveness occasionally caused trouble. He once bet Chopper in a game of Sabacc and lost much to his surprise. Ezra and Chopper dragged him into their childish antics on a number of occasions.

Hera had a maternal relationship towards Zeb, as she did with most of the crew, and Zeb had the utmost respect for her and rarely questioned her instructions, referring to her as the "sane one" of the crew. He reluctantly developed a brotherly bond with Ezra after initially reacting very hostile toward him, even physically threatening him on numerous occasions. After being forced to leave Ezra behind after a botched rescue attempt, he felt a great deal of guilt until the boy's return. He particularly despised the crew's droid Chopper, who he saw as useless in all practical situations and little more than a nuisance and liability to the crew. Gradually he came to accept the droid's eccentricity and expressed genuine surprise and gratitude when Chopper saved the crew. Still, this did not stop Zeb from teasing Chopper on one occasion about his mismatched ambulatory strut. Despite their tense relationship, Zeb still respected Chopper sufficiently to come to his aid during a fraught mission to recover medical supplies from an abandoned space station.

Due to his experiences during the Siege of Lasan, Zeb believed that he had failed to protect his people and the Lasan royal family. His guilt and shame led him to hide the fact that he had once been a Captain in the Lasan High Honor Guard from even his fellow rebels. Zeb was also skeptical of the supernatural and initially believed that the Lasat refuge of Lira San was a myth. Zeb was able to overcome his past guilt by fulfilling an ancient Lasat prophecy which involved him fulfilling three different roles: the "Child", the "Fool", and the "Warrior." In the process, Zeb made a leap of faith by letting the Force guide his bo-rifle to Lira San.

Zeb showed ingenuity when he used a stolen Imperial Troop Transport to ferry a stolen hyperdrive back to his rebel comrades. Later, Zeb showed initiative when he convinced his rebel comrades to board a Mining Guild ore crawler.

While a ferocious fighter, Zeb still valued honor and refused to fight a wounded opponent. Despite his antagonistic relationship with the Imperial Security Bureau Agent Kallus, Zeb was still able to develop an unlikely friendship with him during a mission to Geonosis. He realized that Kallus was not the monster that he had grown to hate and that the Imperial agent also valued honor. Zeb's warmth towards Kallus was also helped by the two nominal adversaries teaming up to survive the cold and several bonzami monsters while stranded on the ice moon of Bahryn Zeb's encounter with Kallus made him realize that not all Imperials were evil.

Despite his valor, Zeb hated insects, and had a fear of the large krykna creatures that inhabited Atollon. In missions, Zeb was a team player who accepted his leader's instructions. After Ezra's recon mission on Reklam Station when awry, Zeb offered to shoulder the responsibility until Hera clarified that it was Ezra's responsibility. Zeb regarded the Iron Squadron as a naive bunch of "Ezra"-like wannabees who did not understand what they were fighting against.

Zeb had a low opinion of the pirate Hondo Ohnaka due to his slippery and double-dealing nature. He distrusted the pirate and regarded Hondo as a liar after learning that Hondo had omitted certain facts during a recovery mission on the planet Wynkahthu: that he had lost most of his Ugnaught crew during an earlier recovery attempt. Zeb's contempt for Ohnaka was best reflected when he threatened to rip off the Weequay's arms and insisted that the rebels' cargo of proton bombs precede Hondo and his companion Azmorigan's treasure. Despite his dislike for Azmorigan, Zeb's concern for his team's well-being led him to search for the Jablogian. When Ezra questioned his leadership of the mission, Zeb insisted that it was his turn since Ezra had led previous missions. Despite his leadership role, Zeb still deferred to Captain Syndulla.

As a warrior, Zeb was initially disappointed when he was unable to attend a training exercise because Captain Syndulla needed someone to guard Chopper Base. While Zeb was annoyed by AP-5's jokes about him and the inventory droid's fastidious attention to detail, he still respected AP-5's ingenious plan to reprogram a captured E-XD infiltrator droid as a time bomb against the Empire. By working with Chopper and AP-5 to defeat the Infiltrator Droid EXD-9, Zeb and AP-5 gained a better sense of respect for each. Zeb admired AP-5's wit and ingenuity while AP-5 came to admire his martial prowess and abilities. Zeb was also known for his good sense of humor during difficult times such as the Battle of Atollon. He and Rex joked about hunting joopas.

Zeb was overcome by grief and rage following the death of Kanan during a mission to rescue Hera. Seeking revenge against the Empire, he and Sabine decided to sabotage the Imperial victory parade. Zeb and Sabine subsequently discovered that Kanan's death had not been in vain because the explosion that claimed his life dealt a severe blow to Imperial military production on Lothal. Zeb almost killed the Noghri tracker Rukh but relented at the urging of Sabine, who spared his life but spray-painted the Imperial tracker. While Zeb was initially skeptical about the Spectres' mission to save the Lothal Jedi Temple, he insisted that they continue with their mission despite learning that the Emperor was interested in the excavation site.

Zeb was able to work as a team with his rebel comrades during an operation to trap Governor Pryce and an assault on the "Dome" during the Liberation of Lothal. Zeb's hatred of the Empire and Rukh led him to laugh as Rukh was electrocuted to death after the shields at the Dome were restored. Following the Battle of Endor, Zeb's friendship with his former foe Kallus led them to travel together to Lira San, the original homeworld of the Lasat people where the species still thrived.

Skills and abilities

As a Lasat, Zeb possessed strength, agility, and reflexes superior to any human, being able to ragdoll many stormtroopers, perform astounding jumps and leaps, move the "Ghost"s dorsal turret from outside the ship with his bare hands, and briefly contend with and push back the equally physically strong Fifth Brother, all with little effort, though he was eventually defeated by the Brother.

He was also strong enough to lift and carry other sentient beings like Chava, Ezra Bridger, and Kallus. While stranded on Bahryn, Zeb demonstrated considerable skill in climbing out of an icy cave while carrying Kallus.

Zeb was also strong enough to take on the Imperial Infiltrator Droid EXD-9. He could also take considerable punishment at the hands of the powerful recon droid. Zeb was also strong enough to single-handedly hold a hyperdrive unit in one hand while clinging onto rocks at the same time.  Zeb used his physical strength to subdue the Mining Guild captain Seevor. Later, Zeb acquitted himself well against the Mining Guild overseer Proach, who wielded an electro-whip. Despite being outmaneuvered by his more wily and agile opponent, Zeb used his strength and brute force to defeat his opponent. Zeb felt pain when stung by the electro-whip but managed to shake Proach off and hold on long enough for Kanan to rescue him.

Zeb was fearsome in hand-to-hand combat mostly because of his physiology and would have beat Rukh to death in their first encounter had Sabine not intervened. During the liberation of Lothal, Zeb used his prehensile legs to pry open the blast doors to the Dome's upper level and later to trap Rukh's leg against two metal bars.

As a member of the Lasat Honor Guard, Zeb was a skilled fighter who was trained in the art of the bo-rifle. Due to his large physique and combat skills, Zeb served as the "muscle" of the small Lothalian rebel cell. He enjoyed fighting and beating up stormtroopers. While Zeb was unable to match the Force powers of the two Inquisitors known as the Fifth Brother and the Seventh Sister, he was able to rescue his companions Ezra and Sabine by luring them and their captors to a hangar bay where they made a quick escape in their shuttle, the Phantom. Zeb's combat skills led him to pride himself as a "warrior" and he took offense at being called a "child" or "fool".

Despite not having any formal training, Orrelios turned out to be a skilled pilot, on one occasion stealing an Imperial TIE fighters and teaching himself how to fly it. On this single joyride, Orrelios managed to hover, spin, fire the cannons, fly sideways, and land without causing any damage to the craft. Orrelios and Bridger had to land in order to clean off the canopy, which had been covered in fruit juices. After taking off again, Orrelios attacked an Imperial prisoner transport convoy, and rescued Ezra Bridger by flying inverted with his head and arms dangling out of the open cockpit, and controlling the yoke with his feet.

Despite his combat abilities, Zeb was no match for the Force powers of the former Sith Maul, who easily bested Zeb and his comrades. Zeb was also a competent tactician who worked with the former Imperial inventory droid AP-5 to plan a mission to evacuate cargo from a derelict Imperial cargo ship. He was also familiar with technology such as grappling hooks and magnetic cables.

Though Zeb and Sabine were outmatched by Rukh's cloaking device, the two were able to work together to defeat him. Zeb was also a competent marksman and used his mortar to fire upon Imperial troops and patrol transports during a skirmish at the Lothal cliff dwelling.

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You have to switch this entry from creature to character also again.

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Stats by FreddyB, Descriptive Text from WookieePedia.
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