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Section of Site: Races D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: Player Character RacesEra: ImperialCanon: No


Begin Report:

The history of the Aisharia is long and confused, filled with
holes and half-truths. Many of the stories that tainted the
supposed history of their world incldued so called 'magic.'
The roots of their history began with a world full of magic
and stell, races of all kinds carving out their own territory
in the world. It is said one nation rose up against forces of
evil, wielding mgihty magic and enchanted weapons to aide them.
Others claim that the nation was merely more technologicly
advanced than anyone else. This nation never-the-less prospered.
It admitted all races to live within it's borders equally.
Many elgendary wars took place, and a family line refered to
only as the Saiyad, literaly meaning "children of god". Court
intrigues occured and many stories were told of the various
squabbles between branches of the saiyad. However all stories
agree on one thing, somewhere along the line a plot was formed.
Many of the secrets of how things happened were lost, but somehow
a uniqe breeding plan toom palce over the coruse of generations.
Some say magic and advanced sciences were used to aide this,
others say acts of grotesque pairings were endured. The breeding
program went on secretly for nearly four thousand years, until a
race had been formed and secretly spread out in great numbers
across the nation. They then rose up and pruged everyone not of
the Saiyad. The Saiyad clsoed off their nation, their acheivements
millenia ahead of the rest of their world. They claimed all rights
to space around their planet as well. All the cities of the old
races within the nation were destroyed, save one. The Saiyad
instead built advanced sprawling cities underground with complex,
and controlled ecoysystems. They controled every aspect of their
existance within there underground cities. These cities were built
in two parts. The first part were stalactite like buildings that
extended form the celing sof the giant caverns and were connected
by walkways and transit tubes. The second level was on the floor
and beneath the floor of the caverns. This second level was used
for all the ehavy industry, the pollutants kept away from the rest
of the city and carefully disposed of. Meanwhile the surfaceland
was turned back into a vibrant paradise. Some credit this to magical
trees, whose' sap granted the Saiyad unimaginable powers. Legends
still follishly claim amgic was used to help the nation prosper as
it did and was sued in everything. Eventualy the Saiyad encoutnered
other races, but despite their own great advances the Saiyad were
scoffed at, ebcause they coudln't even control their entire planet.
Embarassed, the Saiyad, set out to purge the planet of the rest of
the inhabitants. A great war was said to have taken place. A
barrier formed of magic and technology protected the nation, however
they were betrayed and soon suffered strikes form inside the wall.
This great wall, said to have been over eight hundred feet tall
and about six hudnred feet wide at the base, definately existed as
remains of it and the fortresses within it have been found. However,
during the war, the wall fell and the Saiyad and the other races all
suffered grievous loses. Centuries after the war was voer the after
effects were still felt. The Saiyad bloodline was quickly dying out,
but weaker strains of it were surviving. In a last depserate act, a
breeding plan was reneacted. Thoguh it could not save the Saiyad, it
is said the last surviving races banded together and became one race,
the Aisharia, or "Nature's Warriors".

They recouped their losess and rebuilt the underground cities. The
surface of the world was once again turned into a lsuh beautiful plsce,
though only after many decades of work. The Aisharia recovered lost
technolgy where they could, and prevented any further loss of knwoledge.
However, the last Great War had destroyed much knowledge. Many
technological advances were lost and this supposed 'magic' dissapeared.
They began contrsutcing great living starships once more and spreading
out into the galaxy. They inhabbitted other worlds, and conquered more
yet. After a few centuries of expansions and colonization, the Aisharia
encoutnered a roadblcok. To their one side sat the growing Republic, to
the other sides of them the insidious Ordronian empire. They were soon
at war with the Ordronian empire, a ar that cost many lives but put their
manufactoring cpabailities at maximum. Despite their smaller size the
Aisharia were able to deal mcuh more damage to the Ordronians than was
done unto them. in the end however, both sides lay badly batetred, and
once again the Aisharia had sliped backwards and were in desperate need
of recovery. in the end, the ordronian empire fell prey to other groups
within the 'unknwon regions' and the Aisharia managed to take what they
could and then fortify themselves to hold off against any intruders.
When Palpatine came to power, the aisharia secluded themsleves mroe than
ever before, putting up a guard on their boarders that prevented any
entry into their space. Any ships sent into their space never came back,
and were never heard from. Shortly after the battle of Endor, the Aisharia
began probing out into 'the known galaxy' to establish conatcts. they
began a slow and delcicate process of securing a place in the roder of
things, starting with nearby sectors.

The Aisharia are a humanoid race standing at a limited rnage of height
keeping them rather average in size for msot humanoids. They have
naturally disordered hair, reflecting a wild feral side to them. They
have slightly more pronounced skeletal structure. Their skeleton is
actual composed of a strange organic crystal-metal substance that is
much stronger than any known humanoid skeletal structure. Their muscles
are taught and are kept well honed. In fact the Aisharia train many of
their people in nerual and msucular control arts that allow them to get
the most out of their bodies. they also work to keep their minds exercised.
they are exceedingly intelligent overall as a race, and have much stronger
mental discpline than many humanoid races. aisharia usualy have vibrant
shades to their eye colour and the tips fo their ears come to elven ponits,
but toehr than that they look human or else close enoguh to pass for it
outside of close examination. Aisharia are naturaly steathly and have
learned to blend in, not only in antural surroundings but within
civilization and crowds as well. They infiltrate a sector's society to
learn more about it before ven thinking of approaching them. Sharp senses
and intuitive reflexesd make them dangerous hunters, and all their fierce
discpline makes them frighrneing opponents. there is much that remains a
mystery about them, but now after all these years some lgiht is finaly
being shed on this strange race.

- Zalvar Ruchek, New Republic Anthropological Studies - Obroa Skai

Home Planet: Aish Obu
Attribute Dice: 13D
Dexterity: 2D/5D+2
Knowledge: 2D/4D
Mechanical: 1D/3D+1
Perception: 3D/5D
Strength: 3D/5D+2
Technical: 1D/3D+1

Special Abilities:
Mental Discpline: because of their high degree of mental discpline,
Aisharia gain +2D to all Willpower rolls.

Stealth: Aisharia learn from an early age how to move without being
detected. they get 2D for every 1D put into Sneak at charachter
creation only.

Connection to nature: Aisharia remain heavily tied to the natural
world, thus they remmeber many things other civilizations have forgotten.
They gain 2d for every 1d put into Survival at charachter creation only.

Claws: STR+1D brawling Damage, +1D to climbing.

Light Sensativity: because of their enhanced eyesight, and great night
vision, the aisharia are very sensative to lgiht. they develoepd a
protection against natural lgiht however for some reason it does not
protect them against false-light. They get 2D taken away from penalties
for darkness however in the presence of alrge ammounts of artificial
light they are at -1D or 2D to all skills, depending on the ammount of
light (GM descretion).

Story Factors:
Paranoia: When in unfamilair enviroments or dealing with stranegrs the
Aisharia become very paranoid and refuse to trust anyone without good
cause. They are constantly 'looking voer their shoulder' to make sure
somebody doesn't double-cross them. Because of this paranoia they suffer
-2D from Bargain,Con,Persusasion, and Command when dealing with strangers.

Food: Aisharia have fast metabolisms, because of the high demands of their
bodies. The greta feats they are capable of still need fuel to sustain
them. An Aisharia msut consume 4-5 times as much food as the average human
to keep up their strength.

It is recommended Aisharia NOT be allowed as player characters.

Move: 14/16
Size: 1.4-1.8 meters

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