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Section of Site: Races D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: Player Character RacesEra: ImperialCanon: No


The Crucem were originaly thoguht to be evil Daemons of the Darkside
that prayed on helpless spacefarers as far back as the time of the Old
Republic. They are actualy a race of marauding pirates, a sort of
intergalactic horde. They come from just otuside the galaxy, in the
area known as the expanse and are natural enemies of the Saiya-Jin
race. Crucem partialy gained their reputation from their apperance.

They stand up to just over eight feet tall with a skeletal frame
accented by a bone white carpace. their skin is a maroon colour that
makes it almost look like msucle, especialy scince it's so taught that
their powerful muscles buldge. The bone whtie carpace covers along the
fronts and backs of the elgs and arms, then like a strange ribcage over
the front and back of the torso and over the ehad. Their eyes are white
corneas and silver dollar sized black puipls, inset into their head,
accented even more heavily by the carpace around them. They have long
spikes coming off their elbows up along the backs of their arms, and
from their knees up the front of their legs. Their hands have fives
long fingers which the carpace comes out over and extends in long
powerful claws capable of rending flesh with ease.

The Crucem are icnredibly strong and fast, capable of tearing an
armoured soldier apart as if he were a soft bellied animal. They are
also actualy very smart despite their brute apperance. they are
technologicaly advanced, though this is partialy because they've
cosnstantly stolen technologies from others.

They are excellent pilots and technicians. The Crucem feed off Chaos,
they thrive on it. They have an insaitable bloodlust which compels
them to savage violence. Even the ruthless Saiya-Jin are wary of the
Crucem and only battle them when they have the upper hand.

Homeworld: Uknown
Attribute dice: 14D

Special Abilities:
Claws: STR+2D Damage

Carapace: Adds +1D to resist physical, and =2 to resist energy attacks.

Invisibility: Crucem recieve a +4D bonus when using the sneak skill;
when invisible they cannot be picked up by covnetional sensors. Their
life signs do not register.

Senses: Crucem 'sense' various forms of radiation including electromagnetic
radiation(light) and Infared(heat) and detect vibrations below and above
human range, however they don't actualy see or hear they have no eyes or
ears. They have unknown organs that detect these things and report them
in a different manner. Things such as bright flashes from flashbangs do
not affect them at all.

Story Factors:
Horde: Crucem are galactic marauders. they Terrorize the Space Lanes
looting and pillaging, stealing ships and capturing cargo. They live for
the joy of inspiring terror and causing strife.

Blood Lust: Crucem feed off Chaos itself and have an unsaitable bloodlust
which compels them to violence. They tend to get frenzied in battle and
will even drink the blood of those they kill as part of a zealous ritual.

Move 13/15
Size: 2-2.6 meters tall

Note: It is highly recommended GMs not allow Crucem Player Characters.

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