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Section of Site: Races D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: Player Character RacesEra: ImperialCanon: No


Attribute Dice: 14D

Move: 15/18 (walking) 30/45 (flying, if they have wings)
Length: 2-25 meters
If the dragon is less than 3 meters in length, it can choose to be character
scale. If the dragon is more than 15 meters in length, it can choose to be
walker scale.

Skill Bonuses:
When using DEXTERITY skills that require humanoid appendages, such as
Blaster and Melee Combat, subtract 2D from the die code.
Due to their enormous size, dragons can inspire fear easily. Character
Scale Dragons add +2 to their Intimidation rolls, 1D+1 for Speeder Scale,
and 2D for Walker Scale.

Special Abilities:
For each special ability assigned, remove 1D of attribute dice.

Armor: Scales protect from harm. Add +1D+1 physical and +2 energy. Also, a
plate of thick armor on top of the head allows dragons to ram things while
taking no damage. If the dragon is injured, it will take damage according
to how much damage the plate has sustained. Use the table below:
Injury                        Damage Recieved
Wounded                        1D
Wounded Twice                2D
Incapacitated                3D
Mortally Wounded        4D
Dead(Battering Ram)        5D

If the dragon being used as a battering ram is 'wounded' again, the plate
falls apart and the dragon becomes useless for that purpose.

Firebreathing: Fires a ball of fire with these stats:
Fire Rate: 1
Range: 1-10/30/75
Blast Radius: 0-3/5/8/10
Damage: 5D/4D/3D/2D

This ability can be 'trained' to be more effective with the following rules:

Fire Rate: To improve requires a number of Character Points equal to 10
times the current fire rate and takes one day for each Character Point used.
The amount of time can be reduced by one day per extra Character Point, with
a minimum of days equaling the current Fire Rate.
Range/Blast Radius: The range can be increase by 10% of the current range
by spending 10 Character Points and 10 days. The time cannot be reduced.
Damage: Consider each damage range a 'skill', and improve it similarly.
Please note that a range damage cannot be greater than or equal to the
range damage in front of it.

Spiked Tail and Claws:
Difficulty: Easy(Claws), Moderate(Tail)
Damage: STR+1D(Claws), STR+2D(Tail)

Wings: Allows aerial movement. Speed increases as normal, except using 1/2
the number of character points, rounded up. Dragons can 'glide' indefinately
at cautious speed.

Chameleon: Allows dragon to blend in with his environment, adding +2D to
sneak rolls when active and applicable.

Voice Box: They have a natural voice box, allowing them to be able to speak
other languages. ALL other languages.

Special Skills:
Aerobatics: The two-in-one dodge and running skill, except for the air.
Firebreathing: The skill for breathing fire.
(S) Sneak; Chameleon: The specialty for blending in.
Ramming: The skill for ramming. Roll this when using your head to ram
something. For determining damage, add +1D damage for every 10 move you're
going in relation to your target. Also, for every 2D you have in Ramming
over your base of STRENGTH, add +1D to the total.

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