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Section of Site: Creatures D6Belongs to Faction: Yuuzhan VongSubtype: CreaturesEra: ImperialCanon: EU

Name: Slivilith
Type: Yuuzhan Vong creation
Skin color: Green

Dexterity: 3D
Perception: 4D
Strength: 5D

Special Abilities
         Tentacles: Slivilith can make 4 attacks without penalty each round, as it has a large cluster of tentacles which is can use to strike targets beneath it.
          Wings: Sliviliths also possessed a set of membranous wings, which could propel it not only through atmospheric environments, but through space as well.

Move: 15 (flying), 5 (space)
Size: 4.5m Wingspan

Description: The Slivilith were a species of large, green, non-sentient creatures that thrived off ambient energy and solar radiation. Only four were encountered in recorded galactic history.

Biology and appearance

A Slivilith possessed a semi-discernible head, which housed two glowing, red eyes, and two antenna-stalks protruding from opposite sides of its brow. The anterior side of a Slivilith's body mass tapered off into a cluster of tentacles of varying length.

Sliviliths also possessed a set of membranous wings, which could propel it not only through atmospheric environments, but through space as well. Although a Slivilith could survive in the rigors of space, they preferred existing in a state of hibernation for long journeys.


Though initially presumed to have been a Sithspawn by some residents of the galaxy, the Slivilith had an even more frightening origin; it was an erstwhile Yuuzhan Vong creation. Apparently a type of early extra-galactic "probe," the creature had been shaped at least 4,000 years prior to the invasion of the galaxy by the Praetorite Vong.

Not long after the Freedon Nadd Uprising, a Slivilith was first encountered by galactic civilization. Over four millennia would pass before another recorded sighting, followed by a second within a relatively short period, both during the Clone Wars. At this time, the Sliviliths captured the imaginations of holo-serial producers. The creatures were featured in both pre-Imperial Jedi dramas, and the later Voyages of the VSD Protector series of the New Order.

In 3 ABY, a hibernating Slivilith found its space-borne self caught within the gravitational pull of the planet, Arbra. It awakened from hibernation and thrived on the new mobility that the planet’s atmosphere offered it. Seeking relative warmth, it forged a nest for itself inside of an immense cavern filled with geothermal energy crystals. This grotto was one of many habitats occupied by an indigenous rodent-like species known as the Hoojibs. The Hoojibs, incapable of defending themselves against the Slivilith, evacuated the cave and the creature made it its new home.

Not long after the Battle of Hoth, Princess Leia led a survey team to Arbra in the hopes of finding a suitable environment for a new Rebel base. The Rebels met the Hoojib known as Plif who told them of their plight concerning the Slivilith. Leia assembled a team to track the creature down to its cave. The Slivilith attacked Leia’s crew and nearly killed an officer named Burtt. Leia and several others, including an officer named Lieutenant Gemmer fought against the creature, but it was Chewbacca the Wookiee that dealt the final blow. Chewbacca grabbed the Slivilith by its anterior tentacles and swung it down into a pile of geothermal crystals. The crystals impaled the Slivilith at various points, ultimately killing it and saving Burtt.

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Stats by FreddyB, Descriptive Text from WookieePedia
Image copyright LucasArts.
Any complaints, writs for copyright abuse, etc should be addressed to the Webmaster FreddyB.