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Section of Site: Planets D6Belongs to Faction: IndependentSubtype: PlacesEra: ImperialCanon: EU

Name: Ugnaught Surface
Location: Bespin

Description: The Ugnaught Surface was the name of the artificial Ugnaught colony built in the atmosphere of the planet Bespin, just one kilometer below the main colony of Cloud City.

The Ugnaught Surface measured a square kilometer in surface area and contained artificial swamps, marshes, and jungles that were reminiscent of Gentes.

Located in the middle of the largest of the four sections that made up the Surface, the city of Ugnorgrad dominated the landscape. This main section was connected to the other three by tunnel-like transport tubes.

The Surface remained stable and floating thanks to a big set of tibanna gas-filled bladders, and its bowl-shaped structure allowed condensing moisture to be collected from Bespin's atmosphere, which could then be used to feed the artificial landscapes.

The city was originally the vision of Boss Ugnor, a popular Ugnaught leader that had helped Ecclessis Figg build Cloud City. Using donated left-over materials from the construction of Ecclessis Figg's city, the Surface was used as a base, where Ugnaughts could mine the ores and minerals used to construct the Cloud City facility. Later on, it became somewhat of a refuge for Ugnaughts that did not wish to live on Cloud City nor return to their homeworld of Gentes.

When Lando Calrissian took over as Baron-Administrator of Cloud City, he promised to double the wages of Ugnaught miners, provided that any tibanna gas-mining on the Surface ended.


Pleasant Meadow
Pleasant Meadow was a marshland region of liquefied gases located at the core of the planet, Bespin near the Ugnorgrad Swampway. The only inhabitants of this region were the colonies of Ugnaughts that fled from Cloud City during the Imperial occupation and Ugnaught rebellion.

Three years after the Battle of Yavin, Pleasant Meadow became the location of a minor skirmish between Imperial stormtroopers and Rebel Alliance forces. Lando Calrissian boarded one of the floatboat ships operated by the holojournalist news crew for Action Tidings and utilized the craft's belt drive as a makeshift weapon with which to repel the Imperial forces. After defeating the Imperials, the Ugnaughts brought Lando to the city of Ugnorgrad for an audience with King Ozz.

Ugnorgrad, otherwise known as the City of the Ugnaughts, was the de facto capital of the Ugnaught Surface facility, a floating colony built by the Ugnaughts in orbit around the planet Bespin.

Significant locations in Ugnorgrad included the Ugnorgrad Performance Hall and the start of the Ugnorgrad Swampway skimmer race course.

The city was named after the legendary Boss Ugnor, and was the retirement location of many Ugnaughts hailing from the Cloud City workforce. They preferred Ugnorgrad and the Ugnaught Surface to staying in Cloud City, and also felt no need to travel back to their home planet of Gentes, due to all the time and work spent on the Bespin colonies.

In the early years of the New Republic, the Ugnaught King Ozz was the ruler of Ugnorgrad.

Ugnorgrad Swampway
The Ugnorgrad Swampway was a skimmer race course created on the artificial Ugnaught Surface in the atmosphere of the planet Bespin.

Based out of the city of Ugnorgrad, the Ugnaught King Ozz would host an annual race along the Swampway, known as the Swampway 200, during the early years of the New Republic.

Action Tidings
Action Tidings was the name of a media news outlet broadcast from the Ugnaught city of Ugnorgrad, one kilometer below Cloud City on the planet, Bespin. Ugnaught reporters would broadcast live feeds of daily events from within the confines of their floatboat caravans, held aloft by large bladders filled with tibanna gas. Three years after the Battle of Yavin, an Action Tidings news anchor named Ars Fivvle and his cameraman, Pordy, recorded the Rebel coup against the Imperial administrator of Cloud City, Captain Hugo Treece.

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Stats by FreddyB, Descriptive Text from WookieePedia
Image copyright LucasArts
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