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Section of Site: Characters D6Belongs to Faction: Rebel AllianceSubtype: Non-Player CharacterEra: ImperialCanon: EU

Name: Shira Elan Colla Brie
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Height: 1.6 meters
Hair color: Red,
Eye color: Green
Skin color: Fair
MOVE - 10

         Blaster: 6D
         Brawling Parry: 5D+1
         Dodge: 7D
         Melee Combat: 6D
         Melee Parry: 5D

         Bargain: 5D
         Command: 5D
         Con: 8D
         Hide: 6D
         Persuasion: 6D+1
         Search: 6D+1
         Sneak: 5D+2

         Intimidation: 5D
         Languages: 4D+2
         Planetary Systems: 5D+1
         Streetwise: 5D+2
         Survival: 3D+2
         Tactics: 5D+2
         Willpower: 7D

         Brawling: 6D+1
         Climbing/Jumping: 5D

         Space Transports: 5D
         Starfighter PIloting: 6D
         Starship Gunnery: 5D+2
         Starshield Shields: 5D+1
         Repulsorlift Operation: 4D+1

         Communications: 5D
         First Aid: 4D
         Medicine: 4D
         Security: 4D+1
         Sensors: 4D+2

         Control: 1D+1
         Sense: 1D+2
         Alter: 1D+1

         Force Powers:- Accelerate Healing, Reduce Injury, Remain Conscious, Life Detection, .Hibernation Trance

         Heavy Blaster Pistol (5), Rebel Flight Suit, Commlink


Description: Shira Elan Colla Brie was a Human female born on the planet Coruscant, then known as Imperial Center, at the height of the Galactic Empire. A Force-sensitive, Brie's childhood was spent in the Imperial Palace of Emperor Palpatine. Brie was chosen for adolescent indoctrination via the Commission for the Preservation of the New Order, where she quickly became COMPNOR's premier inductee, and her success there saw her fast-tracked into another similar Imperial program by her superiors. Brie's impressive achievements were noticed by the Emperor's foremost servant, Darth Vader, who recommended Brie for training in the Empire's Imperial Intelligence division. The young woman soon excelled in all aspects of her training and became proficient in nearly all exotic martial arts, from Echani to Noghri Stava. Brie's body was also biologically enhanced with accelerated healing and a maximum increase in her pain threshold; furthermore, her mental faculties were improved by means of mnemonic drug training.

As part of her training in Imperial Intelligence, Shira Brie was enrolled in the Coruscanti Pilot Institute in 2.5 BBY. As a cadet, the young woman underwent training under Commandant Mogurk. Brie struck up a friendship with her fellow trainee and bunk-mate Cadet Myrette Davani, and she soon rose to the top of the class. Throughout her three years of training, Brie also received instruction under Darth Vader during the night and in utmost secrecy. Although the Sith Lord's tutelage wearied Brie, she was able to maintain her position as the Institute's best cadet. Her time in Imperial training became one of the few instances in the young Force-sensitive's life that she felt that others truly cared for her well-being. She swore an oath of loyalty to the Emperor, to which she attached great importance.

Circa 0.5 ABY, Brie's flight school class transferred from Coruscant to Carida for one last year of study at the Imperial Military Academy. There, Brie and her classmates participated in one term of stormtrooper boot camp, followed by a further two terms of strategy, survival, and tactics. As the school's finest pilot, the role of flying the personnel shuttle from Coruscant to the academy fell to Brie. The cadet refused, however, and her superiors instead selected Davani. The class arrived safely at Carida, a high-gravity world, and settled in to prepare for boot camp. The training began with two days of arduous physical conditioning in the barracks, before the cadets were dispatched on a 200-kilometer hike across one of Carida's deserts on the third day. Brie and her classmates were told by the instructors that they could pack however many supplies they wished, but the young woman perceived the exercise's true purpose. She explained to Davani that the instructors were waiting to see if the cadets would foolishly weigh themselves down with extra water and other supplies; any cadet who did would perish on the hike due to the world's high gravity. Equipped with standard supplies only, Brie and Davani completed the hike together—two of only twenty trainees to survive out of two hundred.

The hikes proved to be a staple of the boot camp training, along with war games and long hours of hypothetical space combat in the flight simulator. Together with Davani, Brie also used simulators to put in extra practice, especially for one upcoming war game against Bantha TIE/LN starfighter training squadron, in which the two cadets would be operating the new "bug walker" Mountain Terrain Scout Transports, or MT-STs—the war games at the academy often served as field tests for new technology. Brie's training under Darth Vader, however, continued to take a toll on the young woman's mental state. In 1 ABY, six months into the final year of the military training, the MT-ST war game was carried out. Brie and her fellow cadets were dropped into a mountainous area known as Tarkin's Teeth, some 300 kilometers outside the academy proper. There, they boarded their MT-STs and began the exercise. While the rest of the squad formed a perimeter, Brie and Davani undertook separate reconnaissance missions in their individual walkers. Brie soon encountered the Bantha Squad walkers and opened fire—her vehicle, however, had been fitted with live weapons rather than the training lasers employed by the other cadets.

In moments, Brie had destroyed twelve MT-STs and killed six cadets, and was in the midst of laughter when Davani arrived. Due to pressure from above, the live weapons were blamed on "instructor error" and the deaths passed off as training casualties. Although Davani pressured her to discuss the incident, Brie refused to do so. She trained at the academy during the day and with Vader at night, earning consistent high marks from her military superiors and developing new powers under the Sith Lord's tutelage, which continued to affect her psyche. A short time before 1.5 ABY, to celebrate their upcoming graduation ceremony, Brie and Davani headed out into the local Caridan district on their two-day leave passes. The two cadets began a cantina crawl, heading through several establishments in short order and drinking at each one. At the first bar, Brie used the Force to exert influence over the Caridan bartender so that she and Davani could enjoy certain perks unavailable to regular customers, such as discounted drinks. Four bars later, when a group of Caridans offered to buy the two women a drink, Brie once again made use of her abilities to immobilize one of the Caridans by telekinetically flattening him to the floor.

Soon after, Shira Brie graduated from the Imperial Academy with top honors, an accolade that had been achieved by no other student as of 3 ABY. Lord Vader granted Brie the rank of a major in Imperial Intelligence. Darth Vader and Director Ysanne Isard of Imperial Intelligence arranged for the young Force-sensitive to be dispatched on a solo mission. Brie proved herself able, and Vader was further encouraged to personally field her as an operative in his attempts to rid himself of the threat of the Rebel Alliance.

Following the Empire's devastating loss to the Alliance during the Battle of Yavin, which saw the destruction of the Imperials' first Death Star battlestation, Shira Brie was given a new assignment by Darth Vader: to install herself as a counterspy within the Rebel Alliance with instructions to either cause the death of the individual directly responsible for the Death Star's destruction—Rebel hero Luke Skywalker—or to so severely tarnish his reputation that he would be discredited in the eyes of his fellow rebels. To that end, a plausible backstory was fabricated for Brie, which stated that she was from the city of Chinshassa on the planet Shalyvane. Although the world was home to the Em'liy species, Brie's cover story falsely identified Humans as the native race. The Em'liy were instead cast as oppressors to the Humans who warred with them and destroyed the society to which Brie supposedly belonged, killing her family in the process. According to the cover story, the supposed war between the Humans and the Em'liy lasted for years until the two species cast their differences aside to make peace with one another. All of Shalyvane's natives then gathered together at a shrine called the Circle of Kavaan to solidify their new conciliation under the guidance of alien ambassadors contracted by the Em'liy; they were instead attacked by the offworlders, who massacred all those present. Brie, purportedly a little girl at the time, was able to escape the slaughter and was left to survive into adulthood by her own faculties. Many years passed before she learned the "truth" of Shalyvane's sterilization from an intoxicated ex-fighter pilot; the Em'liy had allied with the Empire and also lied to them, claiming that Brie's people were members of the Rebel Alliance. Enraged by the revelation, as the fabrication went, Brie sought out the Alliance and decided to enlist. The verisimilitude of her cover story was bolstered when Darth Vader ordered the razing of Chinshassa, which had previously displayed resistance to Imperial rule. Shalyvane also became the secret location by which Brie reported her progress through a biological process that was activated when her unique blood chemistry came into contact with a transmitter embedded within the Circle of Kavaan.

Brie posed as a Shalyvane refugee and successfully infiltrated the Alliance, due in part to their immediate need for fighter pilots in the wake of the disastrous Battle of Hoth. Brie eventually earned the rank of lieutenant and engaged in several rebellion sorties, including work alongside fellow Force-sensitive Rebels Kyle Katarn, Corwin Shelvay, and Erling Tredway on a mission to D'rinba IV to disable the superlaser of the second Death Star.

Brie was next assigned to Rogue starfighter squadron and was stationed at Haven Base on the planet Arbra, during which time she met and befriended her superior, flight commander Luke Skywalker. When Brie volunteered to accompany Skywalker on a mission to Bespin's Cloud City in search of his friend Lando Calrissian, her congenial demeanor and obvious affection for him spurred contemptuous feelings from Princess Leia Organa, who had been denied Skywalker's companionship on a reconnaissance drill around Haven Base. Oblivious to Organa's scorn, Brie left with Skywalker for Bespin in an X-wing starfighter as his wingmate. Upon their arrival, Brie noted that Cloud City seemed deserted, and an investigation by Skywalker's astromech droid R2-D2 determined that the installation of a series of bombs within Cloud City's infrastructure had led to the populace's evacuation. However, the bombs had soon thereafter been neutralized by a cyborg and a Human, which Skywalker surmised had probably been Lando Calrissian. Before their investigation could take them any further they were attacked by Hugo Treece, an Imperial governor stationed on Bespin by Darth Vader. They remained pinned under fire from Treece and his squad of stormtroopers until Calrissian's arrival served to distract the Imperial's attention away from Brie and Skywalker. The commander reactivated the bombs through the Force, and the resulting explosion was enough to scare the Imperials into swiftly evacuating Cloud City.

Upon their return to Arbra, Brie stayed planetside for a time while Skywalker ventured to the Bazarre space station in the Cademimu sector with Calrissian and another Rebel Alliance hero, the Wookiee Chewbacca, to negotiate the sale of four disabled TIE Fighters with weapons dealer Orion Ferret. Brie instead took part in an experiment of Organa's that involved hiding a portion of the Rebel fleet within the primary star of the Arbran system. The expressed reservations of Organa's protocol droid C-3PO about carrying out such a hazardous plan without the presence of Luke Skywalker led Brie to volunteer to act in his stead—a request that was reluctantly granted by the princess.

The deal with Orion Ferret was successful, and Brie was selected alongside as part of Skywalker and two others to test the reconditioned TIE Fighters in actual combat during an assault on the Imperial Spindrift Station on the planet of the same name. Brie's team were mistakes for friendlies by the stationed Imperial forces, who were then captured while in possession of the specific location coordinates of a secret armada under construction by the Empire. With the mission accomplished, Brie and her companions traveled back to Haven Base.

While Rebel forces deciphered the codes retrieved during the Spindrift mission, Brie requested personal leave to her pseudo-homeworld of Shalyvane, where she planned to secretly submit her annual progress report to Darth Vader. Brie was initially denied the specific spatial coordinates of Arbra, Organa's reason being that such knowledge was privy only to the principle and most trusted members of the Rebel Alliance leadership. However, when Commander Skywalker, who knew the map specs of Arbra, offered to accompany Brie on her pilgrimage, Organa grudgingly granted them permission. They arrived in Brie's false hometown of Chinshassa, and the lieutenant led Skywalker and fellow Rogue pilots Wald and Hanc Thorben to the Circle of Kavaan, a place of great importance to the Shalyvane natives, but also the means by which Brie was to secretly communicate with Vader. Feigning a need to perform a private ritual, Brie approached the monument and discreetly activated the embedded communications transmitter. Her message to Vader was interrupted, however, when Shalyvane's Em'liy natives ambushed the Rebels and forced them into cover. During the ensuing combat, Brie revealed several elements of her false past; that it had been the acts committed against her family and childhood home of Chinshassa by the same natives in allegiance to the Empire that led to her membership with the Rebel Alliance, and that she returned annually to Chinshassa in remembrance of her people's massacre.

The Rebels were forced to give ground until Skywalker's astromech, R2-D2, discovered a series of underground tunnels previously mentioned by Brie that could potentially serve as an adequate means of escape. Skywalker volunteered to enter the subterranean labyrinth first but lost the opportunity to do so when Brie, who was already familiar with their existence, jumped in before him. The tunnel was then sealed by an explosion caused by the Em'liy, and the rebels, believing that Brie was lost to them, prepared to make a final stand. As the natives closed in, however, they were routed by Brie, who had successfully found and returned with her X-wing to save her comrades. She decimated the Em'liy attackers in a strafing run and afterward met up with her teammates who—especially Skywalker—expressed much relief in knowing that Brie was alive and well. A ceremony was held following their return to Haven Base in the presence of many Rebel Alliance members wherein Brie was recognized for her gallantry during the peril she and her fellow Rogues faced on Shalyvane. The prestigious Burdine Cluster award was presented to the lieutenant along with a promotion to the rank of captain by Organa, who displayed considerable gratitude for the pilot's selfless valor.

Shortly after Brie's commendation, the Rebel Alliance finally discovered the location in space of the Empire's secret armada. They also learned that following the Battle of Hoth, the Empire had captured a teezl, a non-sentient creature with a natural ability to act as a hyperspace communications amplifier. Believed to be extinct, the teezl was under escort of the Imperial armada to Coruscant where it was to be installed and made to serve the Empire as a limitless source of communications energy. The Rebel Alliance was aware of that fact and was determined to thwart the Imperials at all costs. An infiltration mission was developed wherein Brie, as a member of Flying Bantha Squadron alongside Skywalker and pilots Alph and Hanc Thorben, would disguise herself and sabotage the Imperial armada by means of the TIE fighters that had been previously obtained on Bazarre station. Just prior to their departure, Brie related to Skywalker her apprehension about the task set before her, and also made obvious her deep affection for him with a passionate kiss—much to Skywalker's surprise.

The preliminary phase of the Rebel mission involved the Flying Banthas' interception of a pair of TIE fighters on patrol of the route by which the Imperial armada was to travel. After the two TIEs were shot down and the armada's recognition codes confiscated, the Rebels donned their own recently acquired TIEs and prepared to infiltrate the amassed enemy ships. The successful transmission of the recognition codes allowed for a seamless and unsuspected insertion of Brie's team into the ranks of the Imperial fleet, and once each of the Flying Banthas had assumed an adequate vantage point, the attacks commenced. The Imperials were confused by what seemed to be friendly fighters engaging in wanton destruction and quickly deduced that Rebel forces had penetrated their ranks with fraudulent fighters. In response, Admiral Mils Giel ordered for the teezl to cause interference on all communication frequencies except the Imperial war band with a psychic shriek in an attempt to expose the enemy forces. With no other means of communication between herself and her team, Brie seized an opportunity to complete the assignment she was originally given by Vader. Capitalizing on the forced comm silence, Brie maneuvered her TIE fighter directly into Skywalker's line of fire; with only the Force to guide him in the determination of friend from foe, Skywalker landed a direct hit that seemingly destroyed Brie's fighter. His assault also resulted in the death of the teezl and the effective end of the battle. Skywalker's return to Haven Base was met with somber greetings; he was immediately debriefed by Organa and a holocam recording from Thorben's TIE revealed that the fighter which Skywalker had shot down was not one of an enemy, but that of Captain Shira Brie. Though she had been unable to kill him, Brie's Imperial mission was a total success; Skywalker had been absolutely disgraced in the eyes of his fellow Rebels for her apparent death, and he was riddled with guilt over an error in judgment that resulted in the evident demise of both an Alliance champion and the woman for whom he had developed strong feelings. He was initially stripped of his Alliance commission, but he was later exonerated after he infiltrated the Empire-operated Krake Data Vault on Krake's Planet and discovered records that detailed the nature of Brie's true Imperial allegiance.


Males in the presence of the petite Shira Brie were often captivated by her physical beauty; her fair complexion, high cheekbones, full lips, thin nose, and remarkably expressive almond-shaped green eyes were considered attractive by members of other species as well. Shoulder-length red hair fit neatly within the pilot's helmet that completed the traditional Rebel Alliance flightsuit Brie was often seen wearing. Aesthetically-pleasing physical qualities combined with a vivacious personality made Lieutenant Brie quite popular among her Rebel cohorts, but none so much as Luke Skywalker, in front of whom Brie often flaunted herself with bashful innocence.


A streetwise girl who was trained to never let her guard down, Shira Brie was a young woman with an absolute loyalty to the Galactic Empire. Despite her brilliance—having outclassed her peers in all areas of study—dedication, and scholastic excellence, Brie had a great sense of humor and a love for practical jokes. A great motivator and dependable friend, she was thought and spoken of highly by those who knew her personally, while considered a snob by those who did not. Still, Brie's closest friend was able to sense a hidden darkness within her, though she never spoke to it. Brie remained jovial and witty, but also determined throughout her infiltration of the Rebel Alliance, traits which, along with her feminine wiles, earned the respect, adoration, and friendship of many. On the other hand, women with whom Brie socialized were less than taken by her exuberance. Brie was conditioned for a life of solitude, a disposition she maintained throughout her existence as Lumiya. In her later years, she could remember none of the things she enjoyed doing prior to entering Imperial service.


rom their first meeting, there was chemistry between Shira Brie and Luke Skywalker, and what began as a flirtatious friendship rapidly developed over the course of several dangerous missions performed together, until it blossomed into a full-blown romance. Despite the expressed mutual affirmation of their feelings, the relationship was purely emotional, and never consummated physically, aside from a passionate kiss shared between them just before Skywalker departed for a mission.

Powers and abilities

A woman with a natural talent for astrogation, Shira Brie spent countless hours in combat simulation to sharpen her piloting skills. Perseverance paid off, and Brie graduated as the top student of the Coruscanti Pilots Institute. Afterward, she maintained a consistently high record of success throughout her time at the Carida Academy. As the school's premier pilot, Brie was selected to fly an Imperial personnel shuttle to Carida, an honor she ultimately turned down and one her friend Myrette Davani could benefit from the recognition. Brie was able to fly space-bound vehicles of all kinds, and she operated their counter and defensive measures with a practiced hand. Her reputation as a crack starfighter pilot was extended to her service with the Rebel Alliance, where she flew T-65 X-wing starfighters and TIE/LN starfighters in several key engagements.

Shira Brie was naturally strong in the Force, but her initial dark side training consisted of rudimentary Force applications, as her primary focus was Imperial intelligence.

Shira Brie was trained as an espionage agent of the highest caliber at the Intelligence Academy of Carida. She was hand-selected by Darth Vader to serve as his personal Rebel Alliance infiltrator, a job which she performed impeccably. She gave no hint of her true allegiance, and members of the highest tiers of the Alliance hierarchy had not the slightest clue of Major Brie's duplicity, even as she dwelt regularly amongst them. Brie went as far as to bring several members of the Alliance to Shalyvane, a world on which she was required to report her progress through secret means, much to their ignorance. Her spy training granted her the ability to adapt to all environments and any situation, and allowed her to hide anywhere, and indefinitely.

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Stats by FreddyB, Descriptive Text from WookieePedia
Image copyright LucasArts.
Any complaints, writs for copyright abuse, etc should be addressed to the Webmaster FreddyB.