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Section of Site: Races D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: Player Character RacesEra: ImperialCanon: No


Description: Gelfin are short humanoids that at first glance could pass
as humans. However, a closer examination reveals the Gelfin's pointed
ears and deer-like face--if you can imagine a human with a deer-like
face, that is. Their hands have only three fingers and a thumb, but they
can be quite dextrous. Gelfin are not a particularly strong species, but
they can be fierce if they or their loved ones are threatened. They have
fairly normal skin tones, though they usually are tan in color. Their
hair is also fairly normal in color, though in Gelfin males, no matter
what age, often have streaks of grey through their hair. Gelfin are
renowned as dancers and singers, as well as fairly skilled technicians.

Background: Gelfin, like the Caamasi, are an orphaned species--rumors say
that they were nearly exterminated in the long past. There are several
large colonies of Gelfin, including one on Corellia and two on Garqi. For
some reason, the Empire has studiously overlooked any harassment to
Gelfin--all slave laws and murder penalties to not apply if the victim is
a Gelfin. As a matter of fact, the Empire seems to go out of its way to
trouble the Gelfin--supply shipments to the colonies have been siezed for
"smuggling" or simply disappeared.

Because they are not under the "protection" of Imperial law, Gelfin have
been seriously exploited. Like Twi'leks, Ewoks, and Wookiees, Gelfin have
been sold into slavery, forced to work as cheap labor in Imperial mines,
and sold as pets to wealthy buyers. As a result, Gelfin can be extremely
distrustful of outsiders. However, once a Gelfin makes a friend, they are
completely loyal. Many Gelfin have found their way to the Rebellion, and
have proven to be able and efficient freedom fighters.  

Name: Gelfin
Attribute Dice: 12D
Height: 4'10--5'6 feet
Move: 8/11

Special Abilities:
Sensitive Ears:
   Gelfin have better hearing than humans, & gain +1D to all hearing-related
   Perception rolls.

   Gelfin have an ability similar to Caamasi in that they can share memories
   and a brief telepathic link, called dream-fasting. This ability is brought
   on by any sort of physical contact between two Gelfin, or possibly a Gelfin
   & a Force-Sensitive. The memories shared are random, coming from both
   participants & in no particular order, though the participants can explain
   memories via telepathy. Under normal circumstances, a Gelfin can only
   dream-fast with a close friend--however, if a Gelfin has been away from
   its own kind for a long time, and comes in contact with another Gelfin or
   a Force-Sensitive, a dream-fast may occur spontaneously. The dream-fast
   lasts until physical contact is broken, or until five minutes have passed.

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