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Section of Site: Races D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: Player Character RacesEra: ImperialCanon: No


Attribute dice: 12D
Dexterity: 2D+2/5D
Knowledge: 1D+1/3D
Mechanical: 2D/3D+2
Perception: 2D+1/5D
Strength: 2D/3D+1
Technical: 2D/4D
Move: 10/13
Size: 1.8 meters

Average Griim: Dexterity 3D, Knowledge 1D+2, Mechanical 2D+1, Perception
3D, Strength 1D+2, Technical 2D+2.

Special Abilities:
Prehensile Tail: +1D to Climbing/Jumping and other related skills.
Skin: Their skin is dark blue, almost navy blue, and they recieve +1D to
sneak and hide in shadows or dark rooms.

Griim battle armor:
Gives +1D+2 to physical attacks.

Griim double-bladed rapier:

Griim throwing stars:
Strength+2 when thrown, Strength+1D when used as a melee weapon.


Character Name:
Type: Griim Jedi-in-training
Gender/ species:         / Griim
Age:       Height:      Weight:
Physical description:

Dexterity 4D       Perception 3D
Dodge              Bargain
Lightsaber         Con
Melee Combat       Hide
Melee Parry        Investigation
Running            Search

Knowledge 2D       Strength 2D
Alien species      Brawling
Intimidation       Climbing/ jumping

Mechanical 2D      Technical 2D
Beast Riding       Armor repair
Communications     First aid
Space Transports   Melee weapon repair
Starship gunnery
Walker Operation

Special abilities:
Control 1D
Sense 1D
Alter 1D
May select three force powers.
Prehensile Tail: +1D to climbing/ jumping, and related skills.
Skin: Dark skin adds +1D to sneak in darkness.

Equipment: Lightsaber(5D), Griim double-bladed rapier(Str.+2D), Griim
battle-vest(+1D+2 to physical, torso only).

Quote: "Well, looks like we'll have to fight our way out...again!"

Move: 10
Force Sensitive? Yes
Force points: 2
Dark Side points:0
Character points: 5

Character Name:
Type: Griim bounty hunter
Gender/ species:       / Griim
Age:      Height:     Weight:  
Physical description:

Dexterity 4D        Perception 4D
Blaster             Bargain
Brawling Parry      Con
Dodge               Hide
Melee Combat        Investigation
Melee Parry         Search
Thrown Weapons      Sneak

Knowledge 2D        Strength 3D
Alien species       Brawling
Languages           Climbing/ jumping
Planetary systems   Swimming

Mechanical 3D       Technical 2D
Astrogation         Armor repair
Beast Riding        Blaster repair
Space Transports    Computer Programming/ repair
Starship shields    First aid
Swoop Operation     Space Transports Repair

Special abilities:
Prehensile Tail: +1D to climing/ jumping and related skills.
Skin: Dark skin adds +1D to sneak in darkness.

Equipment: Griim double-bladed rapier (Str.+2D), Griim battle-vest
(+1D+2 to physical, torso only), blaster rifle (5D), 2 Griim throwing
stars(Str.+2 when thrown, Str.+1D when used as a melee weapon), 500
credits standard, binders, 2 medpacks

Quote: "Resistance is futile."

Move: 10
Force Sensitive? no
Force points: 1
Dark side points: 0
Character points: 5

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