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Section of Site: Races D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: Player Character RacesEra: ImperialCanon: No


One of the races created by the ancient and mysterious Alpha Race.
It is believed that, The Alpha Race existed somewhere around 8,000
years before Emporer Palpatine's rise to power. They were masters of
genetic engineering and biological sciences. Rather than using droids
to perform tasks, they designed organisms and even sentient beings
to perform the tasks needed. The Alpha Race engineered several known
races then bred them together to get new races and seeded them across
the galaxy to spawn hybrids and new races in an exponential propogation.
The Alpha Race dissapeared without a trace from the galaxy.

The Hablandito were evolved from other members of the Alpha Race's
creations. Jacrona and other races were bred together and their
offspring given various genetic therapies and chemical infusions
until portions of their brains were turned basicly into language
analyzing computers. They can break down any language with relative
ease and become fluent in it. The brains were then tanken and grafted
into a more appealing frame than the original Hablandito body, instead
human subjects, primatives from the planet Lorrd, and their nervous
system was altered to match with the brain. These new Hablanditos
were allowed to propgate within a clsoed enviroment for a while to
stabilize they're new form and were then seeded throughout the galaxy.

Homeworld: None        
Attrubute Dice: 12D        
DEXTERITY 2D/3D+2        
MECHANICAL 1D+2/4D        
PERCEPTION 2D/5D        
STRENGTH 1D/3D+1        
TECHNICAL 1D+2/4D        

Special Abilities:

Language: Hablanditos are masters of lanugages. At charchter creation
they get 2D for every 1D put into Languages, and the skill is at half
cost to improve. They also only need 5 Difficult difficulty checks on
a specific language is considered fluent in that language and no longer
has to make languages rolls to see if s/he understands the language.

Story Factors:

Highly Sought After: The Hablandito are highly sought after as
translators for people from buisness owners, to government leaders,
to criminals. They almost always have well paying jobs.

Move: 10/11
Size: 1.4-1.6 meters tall

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