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Section of Site: Planets D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: PlanetsEra: Post EmpireCanon: Yes

Name: Najra-Va
Region: Unknown Regions
System: Dassal system
Suns: 0, formerly 1
Moons: Unidentified moon
Class: Terrestrial
Primary terrain: Rocky

Description: Najra-Va was a planet in the Dassal system of the Unknown Regions, orbited by an inhabited moon. Along with the other planets in the system, Najra-Va was cored out by the First Order as a test for their Starkiller Base superweapon, but otherwise remained intact.

Located in the Dassal system of the galaxy's Unknown Regions, Najra-Va was a rocky terrestrial planet, orbited by an inhabited moon that was home to a village. After the First Order cored out the planets in the system, Najra-Va was left with a circular tunnel that covered its entire diameter. Despite having no matter in its core, a gravity well still existed in the center of the planet. Najra-Va orbited a single sun, which disappeared due to the First Order's experiments.

During the cold war, the planets of the Dassal system were cored out by the First Order as a test for the construction of their superweapon, Starkiller Base, also causing the disappearance of the system's sun. Unlike the other planets in the system, which cracked and broke apart, Najra-Va remained mostly undamaged, aside from the massive hole that had been mined through its core, where a gravity well remained.

After retrieving intel from the First Order, the Resistance spy Kazuda Xiono learnt of their activity in the Dassal system. Informing Poe Dameron, the two Resistance pilots investigated the system. Discovering the cored and broken planets, they came across Najra-Va, flying through its core. The pilots almost crashed their starships due to the gravity well, but managed to escape through the other side of the planet, landing on its moon. Once the First Order were alerted to their presence by a probe droid, Dameron and Xiono were chased into Najra-Va's core by several TIE fighters led by Elrik Vonreg. The Resistance pilots used the gravity well to their advantage, causing the fighters to crash and forcing Vonreg to retreat, allowing them to escape.

Unidentified moon

A moon was located in the Dassal system in the Unknown Regions, orbiting the planet Najra-Va, which had been cored out by the First Order. Due to the disappearance of the system's sun, the moon's surface was rocky and cold. A village was located on the moon, but its inhabitants had been massacred. When investigating the system, Poe Dameron and Kazuda Xiono landed on the moon, encountering a First Order probe droid.

Unidentified village

This village was located on a moon of the planet Najra-Va in the Dassal system in the Unknown Regions. Its major focal point was a large temple. At some point, its population was massacred, prior to the system's sun vanishing. In 34 ABY, Resistance members Commander Poe Dameron and Kazuda Xiono investigated the star system and discovered the ruins of the village, deducing that a massacre had occurred. Xiono retrieved a child's doll from the ruins of the temple before the two encountered a First Order probe droid that had been left at the village.

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Stats by FreddyB, Descriptive Text from WookieePedia
Image copyright LucasArts.
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