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Takeel (Snivvian Mercenary)

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Section of Site: Characters D20Belongs to Faction: Subtype: Player Character RacesEra: ImperialCanon: No


    The K'tharians are the descendents of a slave race created by a now extinct species thousands of years ago on the planet K'tar.  Their genetic origins can be found within several species across the galaxy, including humans.

    Due to their genetic nature, K'tharians are incapable of procreation (a throwback to the genetic engineering that first created them), therefore to maintain their population, K'tharians still practice the art of genetics.  Due to the limits of population and the need for individuals with various skills, K'tarians also still practice slavery, but in more practical terms.

    Usually, a K'tharian citizen will put in a request to have a "child" created, using some of their genetic material as a base and then modified for a various need.  The resulting "child" is not always the same gender as the "parent" K'tharian, this is usually at the genetic donors request.  The resulting "child' K'tarian is created and then given various educational and physical training for the purpose they are created for.  Once this stage is completed, the "child" K'tharian is then delivered to the genetic "parent" as a mandated servant and is obligated to remain in their servitude for ten years.

    When a K'tharian fulfills their service to their owner, They are declared a full-fledged member of K'tharian society.  Many K'tharians remain on K'thar, but some will leave to explore other worlds once their obligation has been fulfilled.  If a K'tharians' master dies before their mandated service is fulfilled however, the K'tharian is released from their servitude early and is made the legal owner of their masters property and funds.

    When the K'tharians petitioned the Old Republic for membership, concern arose regarding what was considered by many member planets as slavery.  A Jedi Master named Edo-Ven Toal traveled to K'thar at the Senates request, to observe K'tharian culture and determine if their societal practices would conflict with the Republic's anti-slavery laws.

    After spending several months among the K'tharians, Edo-Ven determined that, a K'tharian's mandated service is not unlike military or community service practiced on other worlds.  K'tharians see their service as a way of repaying their "parent" for creating them in the first place, and so feel obligated to serve.  Also, laws against abuses by their masters protect K'tharian servants so brutalities such as those witnessed in Hutt Space do not occur.  Thus, the K'tharians were granted membership in the Republic.

    Under Palpatine's rule, K'tharian society suffered greatly however.  Rumor has it that he used their genetic engineering techniques to make a K'tharian off-shoot that was totally subservient and obedient to him alone and kept a harem of K'tharian women for himself.  After the Empire's defeat, K'tharian scientists decided that the best way to protect their race was to create safeguards in the K'harian's genetic code, to prevent the abuses perpetrated by the Empire from happening again.

    Personality: K'tharians are usually upbeat and curious.  They are also gregarious and friendly, with a desire to learn more about their surroundings.

    Physical Description: K'tharians are humanoid with skin color ranging from light to dark blue. All K'tharians have white hair and yellow eyes with no visible pupils or irises.   K'tharians are grown to adulthood, so an adult-looking K'tharian will chronologically be younger.  All K'tharians encountered off world are at least 10 years old.

    K'tharian Homeworld: The technological world K'thar.

    Language: K'tharians speak K'Th (pronounced Keth) and Basic.  They are also literate in both languages.

    Example Names: R'yn, T'eh, S'yln, C'hur and A'bn

    Adventurers: K'tharians become adventures for various reasons.  Some do so out of a desire to explore and experience other worlds after leading a restricted and sheltered existence as a servant.  Others to seek their fortune and utilize their skills for personal gain.  Most are Fringers, but almost any character class can be found among K'tharian adventurers.  Force sensitivity is rare among K'tharians, but those who do feel the Force are usually Force Adepts.

+2 Intelligence, -2 Constitution.  K'tharians are possessed of high intelligence, but have weaker constitutions than other races.
Medium size: K'tharians gain no special bonuses or penalties due to their size.
K'tharian base speed is 10 meters.

K'tharians receive the feat Skill Emphasis at character creation.  This represents the individual training that each K'tharian receives upon being created.

Automatic Languages: K'tharians can Speak and Read/Write K'Th and Basic.
Move: 10/12

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