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Section of Site: Races D6Belongs to Faction: IndependentSubtype: Player Character RacesEra: ImperialCanon: EU

Name: Iskalonian
Attribute Dice: 12D

Dex: 2D/4D
Know: 2D/4D
Mech: 1D/4D
Perc: 2D/4D
Str: 2D/4D
Tech: 2D/4D

Special Abilities:
        Aquatic: Iskalonians are naturally aquatic, allowing them to breath underwater, but requiring water tanks to survive for more than a few minutes out of water. They are fast swimmer, gaining a bonus +1D to all swimming rolls.

Story Factors:
        Truthful: Due to their native environment, where speech can be heard over kilometers distance, deception is far harder to maintain, so the Iskalonians have a civilisation where lies are near impossible and it is natural for the species to speak the truth. While it is possible for Iskalonians to lie, it generally makes them feel uncomfortable and they receive a -2D on all Con checks.

Move: 10/12
Size: Varies, around human size

Description: Iskalonian was the general term for the different aquatic sentient species who lived in the oceans of the planet Iskalon. All seventeen of these species were relocated from their own homeworlds to Iskalon circa 5000 BBY.

The six main species in the School were the Inleshat, Chuhkyvi, Stribers, Graygl, Nejma, and the Frid.

Among the other species represented in the School was that of a female Iskalonian named Dania Francis. Dania Francis's species had a humanoid torso, a horse-like face, a fish-like lower body featuring a finless tail carried curled forward, wing-like fins attached to her shoulders, and additional fins running the length of her lower body. Francis also had purple skin, white hair, and white eyes.

Another Iskalonian of unidentified species had a fish-like appearance (distinct from that of a Frid), green skin, large white eyes with thick eyelids, and a fin on his or her head which formed a spiny crest. This Iskalonian had a face resembling a dog's muzzle.

C. 529 BBY, a number of needy Iskalonian locals were approached by recruiters sent by Hugo Bartyn. Bartyn wanted amphibian fishermen to settle a new city in Lamaredd and tempted these poverty-stricken individuals with promises of untouched seas in a new frontier. Once they arrived, however, they became slave laborers. Most of the Iskalonians refused, and they were banished to an almost-sure death in the open seas.

Though they built the underwater city of Pavillion to interact with water-breathing visitors to Iskalon, it was destroyed in 3 ABY after an Imperial attack set off an enormous tidal wave. Afterwards, the Iskalonians withdrew from the galaxy's affairs. Kiro was an exception to this, as he briefly left his homeworld for several adventures alongside Luke Skywalker.

The Iskalonians continued their isolationist ways, even after a brief invasion by the Nagai was driven off (thanks to Kiro and Skywalker). The Iskalonians did not join the New Republic.


Skin color: Green to tan
Hair color: Green, white or blond
Eye color: Yellow, red, blue, green
Distinctions: Water breathers, three fingers, pointed ears
Homeworld: Drexel II (relocated to Iskalon)
Habitat: Seawater
Language: Iskalonian language

The Inleshat were a water-breathing race indigenous to Drexel II. Due to a natural disaster, a group of mysterious spacefaring benefactors relocated them to Iskalon, within the Trans-Nebular sector. On this planet, the Inleshat became part of the Iskalonian School, a community of unrelated aquatic species who shared a unique cultural identity.

With time, the Inleshat became the dominant species within the School. By the time of the Galactic Civil War, an eldery Inleshat named Primor had become the spiritual leader of the Iskalonians.

A water-breathing species, the Inleshat were sentient fishes, and they hatched from eggs. They were humanoid in shape. They a torso with a head, two arms and two legs. They usually had three digits on each of their webbed hands, though some individuals were known to have four or even five fingers. Most Inleshat were tall and muscular. The species had two sexes: male and female. Male individuals sometimes sported tendrils that descended from the cheekbones and chin in the manner of fleshy "beards". Females were physically distinguished by their breasts and thinner build.

The top of the Inleshat's heads were covered with long, silky hair, ranging in tone from white to green, and a marked V-shaped growth of hair descended towards the center of their foreheads. Their noseless faces featured wide, pupilless eyes of the color yellow, red, blue, or green. They had poor eyesight out of the water, but their long and pointed ears could hear underwater sounds from kilometers away. The Inleshat also possessed a set of white, properly lined-up teeth that made up a brilliant smile.

The Inleshat were water-breathers, which means they had the natural ability to extract dissolved oxygen from water. When taken out of the water for too long, they could not breath air and would die from an abnormally low amount of oxygen in their body. In the event of prolonged exposure to open air, Inleshat wore tanks filled with water.

The Inleshat comprised the majority of the School, the interracial Iskalonian society. They were a spiritual and principled people, ready to defend a cause they knew to be upright. Highly political beings, they were concerned with the common good. Even the young Inleshat named Mone, who was considered an "irresponsible pleasure-skeer", spent much of his time trying to content others.

Member of this species were easy-going and friendly to strangers, although in a way that could seem awkward to other races. When Mone greeted the heroes of the Rebellion, he splashed Chewbacca with seawater, thinking the Wookiee must have been hot and miserable with all that fur. Chewbacca first saw this behavior as an outrage, and both his friends Leia Organa and Luke Skywalker had to hold him down before he fell upon the poor water-breather. Much to the amazement of Humans like Leia Organa, the Inleshat did not have the concepts of shyness or physical privacy. The lovers Mone and Kendel would hug and exchange sweet words in public, with no shame or embarrassment whatsoever. Similarly, the concept of spying was a foreign idea on Iskalon.

Despite possessing their own Iskalonian language, which they shared with other races within the School, most Inleshat commoners could speak Galactic Standard fluently.

The Inleshat evolved in the seas of Drexel II, located in the Outer Rim Territories. Thousands of years before the Galactic Civil War, a series of cataclysms on Drexel II put its inhabitants, the Inleshat, in jeopardy. When all seemed lost, an unidentified species of space travelers reached out to the Inleshat and helped them relocate to another planet. Now established on the world of Iskalon, the Inleshat united with other aquatic species and contributed to building the Iskalonian School, the cultural fusion of seventeen distinct races that made up the Iskalonian civilization.


Skin color: Tan
Eye color: Yellow
Distinctions: Water-breathing humanoids, Four-fingered hands
Homeworld: Aquaris

The Chuhkyvi were a water-breathing species indigenous to Aquaris. Due to a natural disaster, a benevolent species relocated them to Iskalon, where they became part of the Iskalonian school. Although they adopted the common Iskalonian tongue, they also kept their own language.

In physical appearance, they were similar to the Inleshat, but more Human-like, being the most humanoid Iskalonian species. They had tan skin and four fingers rather than the Inleshat's three. Their eyes were yellow and their noses more pronounced than those of the Inleshat, giving them a keen sense of smell. Like the Inleshat, their vision out of water was poor, but they had excellent hearing due to long, pointed ears. They could not survive out of water for over an hour without a water tank. Their bodies were short but thickly muscled. Of the members of the School, only the Chuhkyvi had the desire to leave their world and explore. They were a spiritual and principled people, ready to defend a cause they knew to be upright.

A prominent Chuhkyvi was Kiro, the hero of Iskalon and the early Alliance of Free Planets. He also studied to be a Jedi at one point.


Skin color: Green
Distinctions: Red eyes, sharp teeth
Homeworld: Danalbeth

The Graygl were a water-breathing species believed by some scientists to be indigenous to Danalbeth. Due to a natural disaster, a benevolent species relocated them to Iskalon where they became part of the Iskalonian school.

In physical appearance, the Graygl had round fleshy heads, distinguished by red eyes, flaring nostrils, and a wide mouth filled with sharp teeth.

Although appearing fierce, the Graygl were among the gentlest, most hospitable of the Iskalonians, going out of their way to help others. Nonetheless, their appearance allowed them to intimidate Iskalon's predators, the chiaki.


The Nejma were a water-breathing species indigenous to Eriscot. Due to a natural disaster, a benevolent species relocated them to Iskalon, where they became part of the Iskalonian school.

In physical appearance, the Nejma were very tall, with brown skin, wild shocks of orange hair, and red eyes. They had a long dorsal fin running down their backs.

Although they tended to isolate themselves from the School, they were given a place of honor and known as the Honored Ones. The Nejma were well known for their organic sculptures, turning living coral reefs into works of art. Sadly, the artwork drew thieves as much as tourists.


Skin color: Green
Eye color: Violet
Homeworld: Mackar, Iskalon

The Frid were a water-breathing species indigenous to Mackar. Due to a natural disaster, a benevolent species relocated them to Iskalon where they became part of the Iskalonian school.

In physical appearance, the Frid were the least humanoid Iskalonian species. They had a fishlike shape, with green scales and bulbous, violet eyes. They had skin flaps on both sides of their mouths, and long, scaly tails. Males had fins atop their heads, but females lacked such fins.

The Frid communicated via telepathy; they were incapable of speech. They were pacifistic by nature; they would not even retaliate when attacked.

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Stats by FreddyB, Descriptive Text from WookieePedia.
Image copyright LucasArts.
Any complaints, writs for copyright abuse, etc should be addressed to the Webmaster FreddyB.