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Section of Site: Races D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: Player Character RacesEra: ImperialCanon: No


The Kakctar are a humanoid species with varied ranges of size. They have
several human characteristics, such as a 'standard' face, two arms and two
legs, etc. However, they are also quite different. Unlike many species,
there is no set range of skin, hair, or eye colors. They come in all hues
and brightnesses, and a small few have multiple hues. Most of them stand
out well in a crowd, so many have taken to wearing full-cover robes to
'camouflage' themselves.

The Kakctar social structure is very family-oriented. It is illegal for
someone to marry out of their own family, and should this occur, the two
'criminals' and all their offspring are terminated. This law was integrated
to keep Kakctar blood pure, and to keep the species from 'weakness.' Kakctar
who are born of two different families, as well as their parents, are
referred to as 'hybrids.' If the character decides to have a Kakctar
character without the primary-secondary attribute structure, they are to
use this chart:

However, the player should keep in mind that the Kakctar police will be
searching for him/her, and he/she is considered a criminal. There will
probably be a bounty posted, and the gamemaster will probably use this to
complicate the adventure. Other Kakctar, if they realize what the player is,
will attempt to kill him/her.

Attributes: When a Kakctar character is created, the player decides upon a
'primary' attribute and a 'secondary' attribute. The primary has a value of
6D, the secondary a value of 4D and all other attributes are at 2D. The
'maximum' attribute value that the gm rolls to determine whether the
attribute advances is 1D greater than the original attribute value. Skills
under the primary attribute require half the character points to improve
(rounded down), and secondary skills require two less character points to
improve. All other skills require three extra character points. You may add
5D to primary skills, 3D to secondary skills, and NO dice to other skills.
Skills that are not primary or secondary cannot exceed 5D. Secondary skills
cannot exceed 12D. There is no limit for primary skills.

Attribute Dice: 13D

Size:1-2.3 meters

Special Abilities:
Dark Side: The Kakctar, due to their sensitive nature, are extremely
susceptible to the temptations of the Dark Side. However, they are more
capable of resisting it and returning to the Light Side. Whenever a Kakctar
would recieve a Dark Side point, give him/her two. They do not roll a die
to see if they resist, however. When the Dark Side points reach 6 or above,
they become a Dark Side character as usual.
Force Skills: The Kakctar evolved with many 'force skills' naturally born
in them. Do not consider these skill force skills. No Kakctar are force
Claws: The Kakctar have small, shievable claws good for a quick stab or
slice. Their color is usually very dark and transparent, and in the way
that they are usually used, very few people know about them. Extracting
claws is very quick and doesn't count as an action. STR+1D+2

Perception Skills:
        Life Detection
        Life Sense
        Magnify Senses
Strength Skills:
        Accelerate Healing
        Control Pain
        Resist Stun

Special Abilities:
        Skill: Dexterity: Acid
        Range: 1/2/3 meters
        Damage: See note
This acid 'grows'. Unless the antidote to the acid is use quickly, the target could die a slow, painful death. When first hit, the target suffers -1D to all actions that round(or the next). Every 3 rounds, roll a Very Difficult Strength check to determine whether is spreads or gets worse. If the target fails, their condition worsens by one. If they fail by more than 30, they have been effectively eaten, and they, and all their possessions have vanished. Anything to touch the area around them for 1D rounds is also infected. If they succeed, they remain constant. If they succeed by 30 or more, the acid has 'died' and they are no longer in danger, although they still retain the damage they took. Kakctar are immune to this acid. It is considered extremely dishonorable to use this acid in any but the most extreme circumstances. Any Kakctar who uses it liberally gets two Dark Side points immediately. Certain armors can repel this acid totally.
Points: Kakctar characters begin with no force or character points.

Story Factors:
Families: There are few family names in existance. When deciding what primary and secondary attributes, use this chart to determine your family name.


This may not look right if your viewer doesn't use a fixed-width font

                DEX         KNOW          MECH           PER            STR             TECH

        DEX        ----        Porgar         Portez          Porsin   Porkat   Pordop
        KNOW        Retfon        ----         Rettez   Retsin   Retkat   Retdop
        MECH        Semfon        Semgar   ----          Semsin   Semkat   Semdop
        PER        Golfon        Golgar   Goltez   ----           Golkat   Goldop
        STR        Horfon        Horgar   Hortez   Horsin   ----     Hordop
        TECH        Fagfon        Faggar   Fagtez          Fagsin   Fagkat   ----

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