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Section of Site: Characters D6Belongs to Faction: Galactic EmpireSubtype: Non-Player CharacterEra: ImperialCanon: EU

Name: Unidentified Alderaanian stormtrooper
Homeworld: Alderaan
Died: 3 ABY, Yinchorr
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Gray

Dexterity: 2D
        Blaster: 4D
        Dodge: 4D
        Brawling Parry: 4D
        Vehicle Blasters: 3D
Knowledge: 2D+2
Perception: 2D
        Bargain: 3D+1
        Intimidation: 4D
Strength: 2D
        Brawling: 3D
Mechanical: 2D
Technical: 2D

Move: 10

Equipment:  E-11 blaster rifle (5D), Imperial Stormtrooper Armour (+1D vs Energy, +2D vs Physical, -1D to Dexterity), Alderaanian Rock on chain

Description: This stormtrooper from Alderaan was a soldier and TIE pilot in the Galactic Empire. Although originally a servant in the household of the Royal family of Alderaan, he left the world to become a trooper in the Imperial Military. The soldier found a sense of belonging in the Empire, something that he had not been able to discover on his home planet. Eventually, the soldier received word of the Destruction of Alderaan, a massacre carried out by the Empire with the use of the Death Star. Although the Imperials had obliterated his home planet, the soldier still stayed loyal to the Empire. He was still working as a stormtrooper a short time before the Battle of Endor when he was assigned to the planet Yinchorr, under the command of Imperial Governor Marcellin Wessel.

While serving under the governor, the soldier became involved in a plot to assassinate the Rebel leader, and fellow Alderaanian, Princess Leia Organa. Wessel lured Organa to Yinchorr on the pretense of a meeting with the native Yinchorri. When Organa arrived, her shuttle was shot down by the soldier, but she survived. The soldier rescued Organa from the wreckage, intent on bringing her back to Wessel for interrogation. During the trek back to Imperial headquarters, the soldier revealed that he was from Alderaan, gaining Organa's contempt due to his continued service to the Empire. During their trip across the Yinchorr desert, Organa eventually swayed the soldier's resolve. After turning Organa over to Wessel, the soldier was shocked when the governor decided to immediately execute the Rebel leader. Changing his stance, the trooper freed Organa, and asked to join the Rebellion. As the two attempted to flee Yinchorr in the Millennium Falcon, however, the soldier was hit by blaster fire as he was about to climb the ship's boarding ramp. Organa tried to hold onto the man as the Falcon departed the planet, but he proved too heavy. The soldier slipped from the princess' fingers and fell to his death.

This man, who would eventually become a stormtrooper, was born on the planet Alderaan. He became a servant to the royal family, gaining familiarity with the Organas, including the young Princess Leia Organa. Eventually, the man left Alderaan to join the Galactic Empire. He had not found acceptance on his homeworld, and the Imperial service became more of a home to him than Alderaan had been. The man underwent training to become a stormtrooper as well as a TIE pilot, developing into a trained soldier for the Imperial war machine.

In 0 BBY, the Empire destroyed Alderaan as a demonstration of the power of their new superweapon, the Death Star. The Alderaanian stormtrooper eventually received word of his home planet's destruction. However, his emotional detachment from the world kept him from taking any drastic measures, and he remained with the Imperial Military. Looking to justify the destruction and loss of life, the man blamed the event on the Viceroy of Alderaan, Bail Prestor Organa. He claimed that Organa knew what would happen if he stood against the Empire, and the viceroy's refusal to accept the Empire's authority was the sole cause of Alderaan's destruction. Sometime afterward, the Alderaanian trooper found himself on the planet Tatooine. A trader there had scavenged a chunk of rock from Alderaan's destruction. Wanting to own a reminder of his destroyed homeworld, the man bought the rock from the trader. The rock was attached to a chain and worn around the stormtrooper's neck, kept inside his armor for safekeeping.

Sometime around 3 ABY, the Alderaanian trooper was assigned to the planet Yinchorr under the command of Imperial Governor Marcellin Wessel. Wessel was oppressing the native Yinchorri, and he eventually kidnapped the Yinchorri's Council of Elders. The Yinchorri were scheduled to meet with now Rebel leader Princess Organa about joining the Rebellion. Wessel blackmailed the Yinchorri, threatening to murder the Elder Council unless they delivered Leia Organa to him. Forced into a corner, the Yinchorri agreed, sending a Yinchorri commander to pick up the Rebel leader in a shuttle and turn her over to Wessel. The Alderaanian stormtrooper was sent to escort the shuttle into the atmosphere of the world. Flying TIE Fighters, he and his wingmate flanked the Yinchorri shuttle as the craft prepared to land in the Yinchorr desert.

Wessel had decided to take no chances, however, and rather than capturing Organa, the governor ordered his men to simply destroy the shuttle and kill the Rebel leader. The trooper and his wingmate opened fire on the shuttle, catching the Yinchorri craft off guard. The shuttle began to take evasive maneuvers, flying close to the ground in an attempt to lose its attackers. In the midst of the chase, the ship began to return fire on the TIEs, eventually destroying the Alderaanian's wingmate. Even without his wingmate, the trooper was able shoot down the shuttle, causing it to plummet to the desert below. At the same time, the shuttle got off a parting shot, destroying his TIE's left solar array wing. The Alderaanian crash-landed in a rocky area of the desert, managing to avoid major injuries. Although battered and bruised by the crash, the stormtrooper extricated himself from the destroyed TIE and set off across the desert to complete his mission of killing all the passengers of the shuttle.

When the Alderaanian trooper arrived at the wreckage of the shuttle, he discovered all the Yinchorri crew members killed in the crash. Upon checking the ship's laser cannon turret, the trooper recognized Leia Organa from his days on Alderaan. The Princess had been knocked unconscious and had a cut across her forehead, but she was not seriously injured. Deciding to ignore his orders to kill the Rebel leader, the trooper began to work to free Organa from the shuttle's wreckage. Organa awoke to see the trooper attacking the wreckage with a metal pipe, and she immediately began to struggle to escape her enemy. To put Organa at ease, the trooper removed his helmet, asking her if she recognized him from his days as a servant on Alderaan. Organa had no recollection of the man, but was shocked to learn that he was from Alderaan yet still served the Empire. The two argued, with the trooper claiming that Organa, a member of the royal family, could not possibly sympathize with his scenario, and she had no idea what he had gone through. As they argued, the two were unaware of the approaching native predators, the Rolk-mangir.

The trooper freed Organa from the wreckage, but she refused to let the issue of the destruction of Alderaan rest. Hoping to silence the princess, the trooper showed her his small pendant, his tiny piece of Alderaan. At that moment, one of the Rolk-mangir attacked, grabbing the trooper by the leg, and lifting him into the air. Unable to get to his blaster, the soldier was at the mercy of the predators. Organa decided to save the trooper, firing a blaster into the attacking Rolk-mangir's face, causing the beast to release him. However, the tough hide of the Rolk-mangir resisted the blaster shot, and it pursued Organa and the trooper across the desert. The Rolk-mangir slowly herded the two to the edge of a cliff, trapping them. Organa noticed a small ledge some distance below, and he ordered the trooper to jump down. The soldier obeyed, but when Organa followed him, she slipped from the ledge, nearly falling the rest of the way down the cliff.

The trooper grabbed her by the hand, pulling her back onto the ledge, saving her life. Tired over their ordeal, the trooper lamented the fact that the two had to be enemies. Organa agreed with the trooper and asked for him to turn away from the Empire and join the Rebellion. Bringing up the small piece of Alderaan that the trooper owned, Organa pointed out that the necklace was a symbol for the murder of millions of innocent people. Confronted with the evil that he had done and helped perpetuate, the trooper's resolve began to waver. However, he was still unable to give up all that he had gained under the Empire. Disgusted with the trooper, Organa insulted the man for having no integrity. Offended by her statements, the trooper took the Rebel leader captive, intent on bringing her back to Wessel for interrogation.

At the same time, Wessel had been searching the desert with his men, wanting to make sure that Organa had died in the shuttle crash. Spotting Wessel's vehicle, the trooper led Organa to the governor, turning her over to his commander. With the Rebel leader in his possession, Wessel ordered his men to execute the Yinchorri Elder Council, as there was no use keeping them any longer. Organa tried to protest, but Wessel claimed that Organa would be the next to die. The trooper, shocked at Wessel's brutality, protested, but Wessel assured him that every second Organa was alive was a danger to the Empire. Before Wessel could execute the Rebel leader, the Millennium Falcon arrived on the planet, intent on rescuing Organa. The ship destroyed Wessel's vehicle and landed on the planet's surface, opening the boarding ramp for Organa to make a quick escape. As Organa made a run for the Millennium Falcon, Wessel ordered his men to kill the escaping princess. The trooper, remembering his training, instinctively reached for his blaster, but in his haste, he inadvertently tore the small piece of Alderaan from his neck.

Remembering Organa's words, the trooper decided to turn against the Empire. Before Wessel could shoot at Organa, the trooper fired at the governor, knocking Wessel's blaster out of his hand. The trooper told Organa that she was right, and asked if he could join her in escaping Yinchorr. Before the two departed, the trooper decided to kill Wessel for the atrocities he had committed, but Organa stopped him, claiming that there had already been too much killing. Leaving Wessel behind, the two ran to the Millennium Falcon, but before the stormtrooper could board the ship, he was hit by blaster fire from some of Wessel's other men. With the remaining Imperials still firing on them, the ship lifted off. The trooper, badly injured, was unable to get onto the ship, and he was barely able to hold onto Organa's hand as the Millennium Falcon fled from Wessel's men. Hanging off the end of the boarding ramp, Organa tried to hold onto the stormtrooper, attempting to lift him into the ship. Unfortunately for the new Rebel, he proved too heavy for the princess, and he slipped from her grasp, leaving only his rock necklace in her hand. Falling away from the ship, the trooper plummeted to his death.

With the Millennium Falcon on a course away from Yinchorr, Luke Skywalker and Lando Calrissian, the two Rebels who had come to rescue the Princess, pulled Organa onto the ship, apologizing for the loss of the young man. The two attempted to ask Organa about the trooper, but she could only show them the rock necklace, the only link that she had with the man whose name she had never even learned.

Personality and traits

This stormtrooper was a loyal soldier dedicated to the Galactic Empire. Even after hearing that his home planet had been destroyed by Imperial forces, he continued to serve. The trooper justified the destruction by placing the blame on Alderaan's viceroy, Bail Organa, for standing up to the Empire. However, he still felt some guilt over the events, especially concerning his loyalty to the Empire. As a result, he bought a small chunk of Alderaan from a trader on Tatooine as a remembrance of his lost home planet. Although he viewed the token as a sentimental souvenir of Alderaan, his attitude toward it changed when he met Leia Organa. The princess used the small piece of Alderaan to convince the man of the gravity of Alderaan's destruction, claiming that the token was only a symbol of the murder of millions of innocents.

The trooper was originally very hesitant to act against the status quo. He was reluctant to turn his back on the Empire that had given him a sense of purpose and importance. Even after being convinced of the Empire's evil, he did not want to throw away his career for the Rebellion's dream of a future that might never come to pass. He eventually overcame his fears when faced with the possible execution of Organa at the hands of Marcellin Wessel. He turned against the Empire, betraying his commander and deciding to join the Rebel Alliance. However, this decision cost the man his life, as he was gunned down by his fellow Imperials.

The trooper was also a talented pilot. During his pursuit of Leia Organa's shuttle, he was able to shoot down the fleeing craft, despite his wingmate being shot down and the shuttle weaving through rocky outcroppings. When he was shot down, even after losing his left wing, he controlled his TIE Fighter enough to survive the landing.

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Stats by FreddyB, descriptive text from WookieePedia
Image copyright LucasArts.
Any complaints, writs for copyright abuse, etc should be addressed to the Webmaster FreddyB.