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Section of Site: Races D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: Player Character RacesEra: ImperialCanon: EU

Name: Cantrosian
Homeworld: Cantros 7
Height: 73 to 80 cm

Attribute Dice: 12D


Move: 10/12
Special Abilities:
        Claws: Cantrosians have claws (add +2 to damage in brawling combat). Scratches from their claws would result in Cantrosian-scratch fever (upon failing a Stamina (Difficult) test, this leads to a sweating fever and causes a penalty of 1D to all skills until a Stamina (Difficult roll is made, but this difficulty drops by one level each day after the first that they have the fever.

Story Factors:
        Story Tellers: Cantrosians are great tellers of stories, and are likely to remember any story told to them, this adds 2D to any knowledge test to remember anything of note which may have been told to them in a story (so tales of the conquests of Xim the Despot for example), this knowledge won't contain detailed knowledge (so they won't know details of Xim's battledroids, just that he used them).

Description: The Cantrosians were sapient felinoids indigenous to Cantros 7. Scratches from their paws would result in Cantrosian-scratch fever. They were small in stature, often ranging from 73 to 80 cm in height.

The Cantrosians were a serene species of feline humanoids dwelling in Cantros 7. One Cantrosian, named Durne was hired by Knife to separate every single one of them into two groups, and trick each group that the other was working for the Emperor. Durne completed the task, which led to each side fleeing Cantros 7, and finding bases in other regions. Durne joined the side that escaped to Saijo, and pretended to befriend two of the Cantrosians there, named Minka and Sami. Before anyone on that side could get used to their new home, they sent Minka and a few other spies to the Asteroid base in the Cantros system, where the other side had fled.

After collecting information, the spies flew back to Saijo to tell the others what they learned, but three Cantrosians from the other side in X-wings spotted them, and tried to kill them. They pursued them three quarters of the way, taking all of Minka's team out, one by one. However, Minka was an ace pilot, and she managed to evade their shots. When she was almost there, her X-wing's engine was hit, and she plummeted down to a nearby planet, still being pursued by the Y-wings. Luke, Leia, and Han happened to be on that planet, and used the Millennium Falcon to take out the Y-wings. Once Minka recovered, they took her to Saijo, where she introduced them to the other Cantrosians. Minka and her friend, Sami decided to fight back so they could return to Cantros 7, but Durne lied that he would keep an eye on things at Saijo, so he could sneak past them to his ship, and fly to the Cantros asteroid base, where the other group was hiding. He had also been tricking them that he was part of their group when truly, he wasn't part of either.

Luke, Leia, Han, Minka, and Sami all rode the Millennium Falcon to the asteroid base, but were shot by more Y-wings, contacted by the three Y-wings that nearly killed Minka. The Millennium Falcon landed in a gulley on the asteroid base, and Luke, Han, and Sami were taken captive by the Cantrosians in the Y-wings, while Leia and Minka managed to escape. The Cantrosians tied Luke, Sami, and Han's hands to their backs, while they started to torture them, but the leader, Niru stopped them, saying that torturing was the way of the empire, which revealed to Luke, Han, and Sami that they been tricked. Then, Durne showed up, and assured Niru to torture them. Sami and Han yelled at her that they were tricked by Durne and members of the rebellion.

Minka and Leia showed up and untied their friends, which made the other side anxious that there were more, so they opened fire, as did Han, Leia, Minka, and Sami. Niru refused to shoot, and tried to stop them all, so they could hear the whole story. Durne assumed if Niru died from an 'unidentified source', he would be back in control, so he attempted to shoot her when she wasn't looking, but Luke activated his lightsaber and deflected the bolt back at him just in time. All of the Cantrosians saw, and were finally convinced that neither side was evil. While Han explained the whole story, Durne attempted to escape, but Niru tripped him on the way out, and tied him up. When Luke, Leia, and Han departed, the Cantrosians decided to go back to Cantros 7, and live in harmony there. They took Durne with them, and interrogated him to see if they could find out who hired him to get them to feud each other.

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Stats by FreddyB, Descriptive Text from WookieePedia
Image copyright LucasArts.
Any complaints, writs for copyright abuse, etc should be addressed to the Webmaster FreddyB.