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Imperial Department of Military Research World Devastator

Imperial Department of Military Research World Devastator


Attendant Felzonis (Human ISB Datavault Operator)

Attendant Felzonis (Human ISB Datavault Operator)

Section of Site: Planets D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: PlanetsEra: ImperialCanon: EU

Name: Fondor
Region: Colonies
Sector: Tapani sector; Freeworlds Territory
System: Fondor system
Suns: Fondor
Orbital position: 4
Moons: 6 (inc. Nallastia)
Grid coordinates: L-13
XYZ coordinates: (450,-500,0)
Rotation period: 31 standard hours
Orbital period: 412 local days
Class: Terrestrial
Diameter: 9,100 km
Atmosphere: Oxygen Mix, Type I (breathable)
Climate: Temperate
Gravity: Standard
Primary terrain: Desert, Wasteland, Urban sprawl
Points of interest: Fondor Shipyards, Orbital Shipyard 1321, Fondor Academy of Engineering and Design, Fondor's underground steam tubes
Fauna: Mud puppy
Native species: Fondorian
Immigrated species: Humans, Herglic, Mrlssi, Sullustans, Devaronians, Twi'leks, Selkath
Primary language(s): Galactic Basic Standard
Government: Guild
Population: 5 billion; 75% Humans, 11% Herglic, 7% Mrlssi, 3% Sullustans, 2% Devaronians, 2% Others
Demonym: Fondorian
Major cities: Fondor City (capital), Oridin City
Major imports: Foodstuffs, Consumer goods, Machine parts
Major exports: Starships, Technology

Description: Fondor was a planet in the Freeworlds Territory of the Tapani sector, famous throughout the galaxy for its extensive orbital shipyards, outclassed only by those at Corellia and Kuat. The Fondor Shipyards were associated with the Techno Union prior to the Clone Wars, and were vast enough to construct major flagships, such as the Executor, Darth Vader's Executor-class Star Dreadnought. The capital city was Fondor City and later Oridin City.

Almost entirely industrialized, Fondor was an ecumenopolis world surrounded by orbital shipyards and drydocks. Its surface was almost totally covered with factories, cooling towers, and workers barracks, as well as mine shafts leading deep into the planet's core and office complexes for the planet's ruling Guild of Starshipwrights.

Owing to extensive automation, Fondor had a relatively small population of 5 billion around the time of the Galactic Civil War. Most of the surface factories were autonomous, controlled by droid brains which oversaw billions of labor droids.


Fondor was located in the Freeworlds Territory of the Tapani sector, a sector technically part of the Colonies, but so old and well-regarded that many considered it a part of the Core Worlds. The Fondorians were baseline Human, but with no hair and purple blood. Fondor itself was completely industrialized eons ago, and its surface scabbed with excavations, factories, cooling towers, steam tunnels, and offices, all related to the planet's central role in starship construction. The planet also housed hectares of laborers' barracks for the dockworkers whose jobs were overhead. Fondor was a main market for the Besadii Hutts. The Jedi mission to Fondor during the Separatist Crisis foiled a scheme by Groodo the Hutt to destroy the Fondor Shipyards using a counterfeit Sun Runner transport. During the Clone Wars, Fondor sided with the Confederacy of Independent Systems, but the populace was generally unsupportive of the Separatist cause, and the planet contributed relatively little to the war effort.

The contract to build the Executor came somewhat unexpectedly, as Kuat Drive Yards was the manufacturer of the Imperial Star Destroyer and later instances of the Executor-class. The Empire required complete secrecy in the project, closing off all nonmilitary traffic in the system. Though the dockyard bosses were angered by the fact that they could no longer serve their commercial clients, the fact that the project took up the majority of the yard's resources—and the legendary wrath of Vader—kept them in check. Shortly before the Battle of Yavin an uprising was quickly suppressed by imperial forces.

In order to efficiently move ships, the Empire created a classified route linking Fondor with the Mid Rim world of Gandeal. The Gandeal-Fondor Hyperlane remained a well kept secret decades after its forging. As an essential manufacturer of Star Destroyers, albeit unique variants, for the Galactic Empire, the shipyards became a target of the Rebel Alliance. In one instance, a prototype Star Dreadnought fitted with a cloaking device underwent construction there. Rogue Squadron penetrated the shipyards in stolen Imperial starfighters and terminated the project, preventing its completion.

In spite of its security, Fondor was seized by the Alliance of Free Planets very soon after the Battle of Endor, giving the Alliance a key coreward shipyard and base. However, the supply of the raw materials that the shipyards demanded was briefly interrupted when Imperial Admiral Mordur persuaded Guildmaster Orrk to redirect Vandelhelm's strategic metal supplies from Fondor to himself—although Han Solo soon restored the situation and defeated the Admiral. For decades, Fondor continued to supply the New Republic with Star Destroyers and other capital ships.
In 26 ABY, the planet also became a target during the Yuuzhan Vong War, though a blast from Centerpoint Station destroyed a portion of the enemy fleet, saving Fondor at the cost of the Hapan war fleet, which was also caught in the blast. Fondor continued to supply the Galactic Alliance with starships in the war. The planet was eventually taken by the Yuuzhan Vong, but retaken near the end of the war.


The Near-Human Fondorians made up 75% of Fondor's population, and were distinguished by their purple blood and lack of body hair. Fondorian society was caste-organized, with low-caste Fondorians traditionally having only one name. However, they might rise through society by gaining apprenticeships awarded by the Fondor Guild of Starshipwrights for generations of family service.

Fondor Shipyards

The Fondor Shipyards, also known as the Starshipyards of Fondor, were huge starship construction facilities orbiting the planet Fondor, in the Fondor system. Numerous capital ships and freighters were in construction here almost all the time. Presumably because of the shipyard's strategic importance, the shipyards were also guarded by a complement of Imperial Storm commandos as well as several Imperial escort carriers.

The shipyards had a varying layout. There were various space stations and construction devices in the area. In addition, for the more secretive projects at the shipyards, a giant shield was enveloped requiring at least 18 shield stations to maintain, and the destruction or otherwise disabling of one would result in the shield collapsing.

Fondor Academy of Engineering and Design

The Fondor Academy of Engineering and Design was a prime source of employee recruits for Kuat Drive Yards and the Techno Union prior to the Clone Wars. When the General Ministry Institute budget was cut, those two organizations began largely funding the Academy.

The academy was among the institutes associated with the General Ministry of the New Republic government.

Fondor's underground steam tubes

Fondor's underground steam tubes were a huge pipeline network under the surface of the planet Fondor. They supplied the entire planet with gas.

In 0 ABY, Fondor's underground steam tubes were the site of a meeting between Luke Skywalker and six traitorous Imperial admirals. One of them, Admiral Amise Griff, was a spy for Darth Vader. The traitorous admirals were arrested, but the young Jedi managed to escape.

Fondor City

Fondor City was the capital city of the planet Fondor. Creed Mitsun lived there. Renowned for its vices, Fondor City was a common recreational destination for off-duty Fondorian workers.

Oridin City

Oridin City was a major city on Fondor that was bombarded with concussion missiles from the Anakin Solo during the Second Battle of Fondor. Darth Caedus used a large-scale Jedi Mind trick on the operators of the Oridin shield generator to deactivate the planetary shield, allowing him to bombard Oridin from orbit, much the same way he had with Kashyyyk, months prior. After the bombardment, electrical power in six nearby cities was lost, and the shattered underground tunnels that could be found all over the planet were ravaged by fire.

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Stats by FreddyB, Descriptive Text from WookieePedia
Image copyright LucasArts.
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