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Section of Site: Races D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: Player Character RacesEra: ImperialCanon: No


The Morpheux, named by an explorer who was reminded of the mythical
God of Dreams (Morpheus) upon viewing their culture, are a ponderous
people who value creativity and freedom above all else. Each Morpheux,
whether mechanic or painter, approaches their work and life in general
with a philosophical and artistic attitude. They were shocked into
such a lifestyle by a string of wars which cost millions of lives during
their Medieval period. They began to forsake violence, and focus their
energies upon something more beneficial. For several millenia, they
were in a golden age of culture, as they allowed their creativity to
flow, creating beautiful cities, paintings, and poetry throughout their
homeworld of Vastarnia.

While they as a people may have decided to live in peace, the galaxy
around them begged to differ. As they grew and expanded onto new planets,
they felt the effects of pacifism while in violent company. They were
continually raided by slavers and pirates, until their system was
conquered by the Empire shortly after its rise to power. They were forced
into servitude, with several of the most talented being sold to Imperial
nobles and officers, as well as crimelords, who used the peaceful aliens
as their personal artists (to own a Morpheux was thought to be a sign of
wealth as well as good taste). A band of several hundred Morpheux,
resenting the exploitation of their talents and the loss of their freedom,
were able to flee the system upon a massive ship known as the Vagrant,
designed and constructed by a few Morpheux scientists who realized the need
for precautions to save their people in times of need. The ship contains
perhaps the only free Morpheux in the galaxy, who, following the ship's
name, wander through the galaxy aimlessly, unsure of how to save their
people, and at the same time fleeing from the Empire.

The Morpheux are slender and tall, with light blue skin, and hair of a
variety of metallic tones, which is just as diverse in texture as it is
in color. Fashion among the Morpheux is just as various; each carefully
clothes themselves in a style which they feel represents themselves.

Attribute Dice: 12D
Dexterity: 2D/3D+2
Knowledge: 2D+1/5D
Mechanical: 2D/4D
Perception: 2D/4D
Strength: 1D+2/3D
Technical: 2D/4D

Move: 9/11(walking),12/14(swimming)
Height: 1.6-1.8 meters

Special Abilities:

Academic Aptitude: Morpheux are gifted with a broad creativity, as well
as an eagerness to learn and teach. As a result, they gain a 1D bonus to
Artist (a dexterity skill), and advance all Scholar specializations at
half the normal character point cost.

Swimming: Swimming comes naturally to the Morpheux, who gain +1D to Swimming.

Non-combatant: Morpheux, being a normally non-violent people, train little
in combat. Morpheux characters may put no skill dice in any combat skills
at character creation(dodge and parry do not count in this restriction).

Story Factors:

Enslaved: Their species was enslaved by the Empire, and few remain free
(most of these travel aboard the Vagrant). Crime lords and nobles view them
as excellent centerpieces due to their artistic talents, and will often go
to great lengths to procure at least one.

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