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Section of Site: Races D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: Player Character RacesEra: ImperialCanon: EU

Name: Esoomian
Average height: 3 meters
Skin color: Blue-gray
Eye color: Black
Homeworld: Esooma
Attribute Dice: 12D

Dex: 2D/4D
Know: 1D/3D
Perc: 2D/4D
Mech: 1D/3D
Str: 4D/6D
Tech: 1D/3D

Special Abilities:
       Garbled Speech: Esoomians speaking in a garbled manner, this leads to them having a 1D penalty to all attempts at Bargain, Con, Persuasion and Command.

Story Factors:
        Simple Minded: Esoomians are seen due to their inability to speak clearly as somewhat simple minded, and are therefore underestimated and treated poorly.

Move: 10/11

Description: Esoomians were hulking humanoids indigenous to Esooma who bore a strong resemblance to the Zexx. They reached 3 meters in height and were immensely strong, but tended to be simpleminded and to speak in a garbled manner. They were regarded as among the best hired muscle in the galaxy.

During the Galactic Civil War, their homeworld was quarantined by the Galactic Empire; after the Battle of Endor, however, the quarantine was lifted, and Esoomians began seeking work throughout the galaxy.

The bounty hunter Tantor was an Esoomian, as well as the shockboxer Tontruk.

Comments made about this Article!

29/Apr/2023 21:59:46 Posted by 13

This feals like a its writen by someone that heats aliens

29/Apr/2023 22:16:11 Posted by Freddy

In what way?

02/May/2023 14:40:24 Posted by 13

It have any basis in the Star Wars univers the picuter is taken from a book where it states Essomians have STR (to be atleast) 7D, so is u can't be bothered to do any research done with IT!

02/May/2023 22:50:52 Posted by Freddy

Do you need help? You seem to be typing badly, are you having a stroke? Do you need us to call an ambulance?

Anyway, I have long began rationalising stats, to make them all more balanced (so everyone has the same number of Attribute points just moved around).

This isn't from the book, (hence it saying stats by me at the bottom of the page), if you want the one from the book then go have a look at the book! Doesn't seem that complex.

7D strength is RIDICULOUS. That gives makes an Essomian the same toughness as a Scout Walker (3D hull + 4D scale) but he can dodge better as he has the scale advantage. While also capable of handing out the same damage as an AT-AT (grab a Force Pike for Str+2D damage uncapped, equal to the AT-AT's 5D + 4D Scale), but again with Scale advantage on his side.

6D is bad enough, but at least it's only equal to a Wookiee.

03/May/2023 08:00:09 Posted by 13

Wow the spellining card wow, get of internet dude...
Home brewing...
So this this got nothing to do whit SW only ur opinion...
Edit the post to say its a home brew kit!
By now u can play whit ur (yes i used "ur" just for u) self!

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Stats by FreddyB, descriptive text from WookiePedia
Image copyright LucasArts.
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