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Section of Site: Races D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: Player Character RacesEra: ImperialCanon: No

Also known as the Elfindrow, the Nistanni are a strange race. They hail from a planet that borders on the unknown regions and the Galactic boundary known for spatial anomalies. They are tall, slender humanoids of Jet black skin, averaging 6ft and 180lbs. While their lifespan can go up to 300 years (their time), they age at roughly double the human norm (so a 27-year-old Nistanni will be 12 human). The most notable features of any Nistanni, are their pointed ears.
When the Empire came to power, several of their scouts came across this race in their home system. When news of their strange energy deflection abilities, reach the ears of Senator Palpaltine, he marked the planet for 'Cleansing', and just after he declared himself emperor, called for their eradication. He was nearly successful, for only 10,000 or so remain. Prior to his death at endor, this race was considered Interdicted, meaning ARREST ON SIGHT.
All members of this race are possessed of a strange electromagnetic field that surrounds their body. This field is actually tied into the individual, and grows with them. It ranges from1 to 5 inches in field strength, and can disrupt many energy based weapons attacks, but hinders their usage of "electrical items, including medical sensors, com-links, and data pads, and any blaster they use, will be underpowered compared to a human using the same weapon. The more compact the field, the stronger it gets. When a Nistanni is attacked with energy weapons, and they are hit, Roll their EDF (energy disruption field) rating, which is determined by adding their EF and STR together. Compare it to the damage rolled for the attack, IGNORING ANY SCALE DIFFERENCE IF SPEEDER OR STAR FIGHTER. If the EDF roll is greater, the attack does not penetrate the EF. If it is greater, re-roll the damage, versus the Nistanni's normal strength minus 1D.
When using items of an 'Energy" type, such as blasters, vehicle blasters, comlinks, data pads, handheld sensors etc, Roll percentile dice. If the nistanni's field is 3 to 5 inches, a roll of 40% or less, indicates the item works, but at 1 category difficulty higher (weapons are at half range and -1D from damage). If 2Inches, a roll of 20% or less indicate it works, but with 2 Categories added to the difficulty of using it. Weapons are ? the range and -2D from their damage. If the field is 1inch, the item is fried. Starting EF for a nistanni is 2D and this is earned once they reach 25 years of age (11 human years). It costs 7CP per pip to increase up to 6D, and from 6D to 10D, it costs 12 CP per pip. From 10D on, it costs 16 CP per pip.
They do get a major disadvantage, though, which is tied into them having the EF. Although they can be force sensitive, they can never learn or gain force skills or powers. Also if a player wishes, they can get with the GM, and write up a special power that is tied into their EF. To actually get this power, once the GM has approved it, costs 80 CP's and requires 6 months out of game, in meditation. Sample "EF" powers, are Energy containment/redirection (similar to Bishop of the X-men), Static discharge, dimension portals.

Starting attributes and templates.
Nistanni Scout.
DEX 3D, Skills: Brawl parry, Dodge, Firearms, Melee, Melee parry, Running
KNOW 2D+1, Skills: Alien species, Cultures, Languages, Planetary systems, Survival, Willpower
MECH 2D+1, Skills: Beast riding, Communications, Starship gunnery, Starship shields, Repulsorlift ops
PER 3D, Skills: Bargain, Con, Hide, Investigations, Search, Sneak
STR 3D, Skills: Brawl, Climb/jump, Lift, Stamina, Swim
TECH 2D+1, Skills: Beast training, Firearm repair, First aid, Repulsorlift repair, Security.
Starting equipment: 1 Slug-thrower pistol (Dam 3D+2, Range 15/30/45 ROF 4, clip 8), with 50 bullets, 2 knives, 3 sets clothing, 800 credits standard, Back pack and 3 med packs.

Nistanni Mercenary.
DEX 3D+2, skills: Bow, Brawl parry, Dodge, Firearms, Melee, Melee parry, Thrown weapons
KNOW 2D+1, skills: Alien species, Law enforcement, Languages, Streetwise, Survival
MECH 2D, skills: Astrogation, Communications, Starship gunnery, Starship shields, Sensors
PER 2D+1, skills: Bargain, Con, Command OR investigations, Hide, Search, Sneak
STR 3D+1, skills: Brawl, Climb/jump, Lift, Stamina
TECH 2D+1, skills: Demolitions, First aid, Firearm repair
Starting equipment: Compound longbow (Str+2D, Range 3-40/80/120), 1 Quiver with 20 arrows, 1 SMG (damage 4D, range 25/50/80 ROF special), 6 clips and 300 bullets, Back pack, 2 med-packs, 2 weeks emergency rations, 1500 credits standard.

Nistanni Hunter.
DEX 4D, skills: Bow, brawl parry, Dodge, Firearms, Grenade, Melee, Melee parry, Thrown weapons
KNOW 2D, skills: Alien species, Cultures, Languages, Law enforcement, Survival, Streetwise
MECH 2D, skills: Beast riding, Communications, Starship gunnery, Repulsorlift ops, Starship shields
PER 2D+1, skills: Bargain, Con, Hide, investigations, Search, Sneak
STR 3D+2, skills: Brawl, Climb/jump, Lift, Stamina, Swim
TECH 2D, skills: Armor repair, Bow repair, Demolitions, First aid, Security
Starting equipment: Composite longbow (STR+1D+1, range 5-50/100/150), 2 quivers with 60 arrows, 1 Spear (Str+2D+1, throwing range of 12/24/36), 1 firearm of choice (2000 cost for gun and bullets), 2 Med packs, Flack vest and helm, 800 credits std.

They all have a 10/12 move. For choosing non-racial templates, use the following min/max values: Dex2D+2/4D+2, Know 2D/3D, Mech 2D/3D, Per 2D/4D, Str 2D/4D, Tech 2D/3D. Don't forget about their EF attribute of 2D.

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