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Section of Site: Races D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: Player Character RacesEra: ImperialCanon: No

Homeworld: Noron VIII
Attrubute Dice: 12D

Special Skills:
Brawling:Restrained Brawling:
This skill was a developed fighting technique made fer dealing with targets without
hurting them. it is used in practice exercises for the Noronians alot.
The attack is made in an open palmed strike. if the opeosed roll succedes the results are
listed below:

difference      damage  result
   3-8             stuuned
   9-10        temporarily wounded
   11 and up     incapacitated

Special Abilities:
survival: because of their extended time in the jungles and forests they have
gotten bonuses of +1 in sneak and to survival in jungles or forests.

Story Factors:
Destroyed civilization: because of the attack from the neigboring Korlon Empire
Noronians have lost most of their mechanical aptitude and very rarely will you find
one who can pilot andy kind of vehicle or even use a blaster.

Code of Honor: Noronians are strictly honor bound like wookies , they don't have life debts
they will repay someone who helps them, never forget a friend, never betray anyone,never cheat
or kill a defensless person in cold blood.

Jedi Respect: just like barbels  Noronians have great respect for jedi , who
saved them from total annihlation ,and will always submit to their will.
they will always listen to what a jedi has to say and will always help them.

Rare: their number has been drasticly cut down because of the attack on them
during the days of the Old Republic, and out of the few thousand who survived olny
about 70 of them left their planet.

Physical Appearance: When off planet the always wear a ninja like outfit of a skin tight
black body suit. they wear this into combat and during the day and everyday life they will
wear long flowing robes. without these they are blue-green skinned elven like people
they have sharp angular features and slightly pointed ears. their eayes are green
and their hair color is light brown for males or red for females.(occasionaly a blond will
be found but they are rare even for Noronians)

Background: The Noronians are the elven inhabitants of
Noron VII. They were an advanced race of skilled hunters
and fighters. They lived in harmony with their planet and all the
planets of Noron. Their neighboring system of Korlon was inhabited
by a race of war obseesed creatures. they conquered 4 of the planets of
Noron and Devastated Noron VII before the Jedi Knightsput an end to it. the
scattered Noronians lived in the jungles and forests learning to survive the
harsh enviroments.Evetually they got back up to some degree of advancement
and about 70 of them scattered across the galaxy to finbd out what had
happened. about 25 came back. others were killed dissapered or just didn't
want to return.

Move: 12/15

Size: 1.8-2.3 meters tall

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