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Section of Site: Races D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: Player Character RacesEra: ImperialCanon: No


The Raszul are a humanoid race form outside the galaxy propper. They
have skin that is darkg rey in colour and shock white hair, and all
black eyes like those of an animal. Aside from these charachetristics
they look basicly human. what are now considered the Raszul are actually
otucasts from the rest of the race. They had secretly iniated a breeding
plan within their society, of the ehalthiest memebrs and the most long
lived. This went on for several centuries until it was discovered. By
then inbreeding had bene acheived with weeding out of defective strains,
closing off this sect. They were totaly independant of the rest of the
race, because they were hardier, lived longer, and did not have to nor
would they rbeed with the rest of their race. This resulted in mob
violence and persecution of them. an elaborate plan was formed and the
hundred thousand Raszul stole a giagntic spaceship in orbit of their
planet, that ahd jsut finished construction. the ship was meant to find
new planets and colonize them, and easily fit all hudnred thousand Raszul.
They managed a daring escape in the craft with the use of it's top of the
line drive systems. In the height of irony, the homeworld of Jeka XI was
attacked by the Ssi-Ruuk three days later leaving the Raszul onboard the
Frontier Horizons as the only survivors of the race. They wander asorund
the galaxy on the giant spaceship, looking for a world identical to their
homeworld, so they might start over.

Homeworld: Jeka XI
Attrubute Dice: 12D

Special Abilities:
Mathematical Aptitude: Raszul receive a bonus +2D when using skills
involving mathematics, including astrogation. They can automatically
solve most "simple" equations (gamemaster option).

Immune Systems: Raszul have strong and highly developed immune systems.
They are immune to virtualy all disease and viral posions.

Story Factors:
Longevity: Raszul live much longer than most humanoid species in the
galaxy. Thy live, on average, to be about 600 years old, thoguh there
are some cases of elders as old as 1200.

Nomads: All the surviving Raszul are onboard the giant ship Frontier
Horizons, and have no permanant hoemworld. They are constantly searching
for somewhere like their old world, that they can start over on.

Move: 10/12
Size: 1.7-2 meters tall

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