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GTM-11 EM Pulse

GTM-11 EM Pulse


The Ninka

The Ninka

Section of Site: Characters D20Belongs to Faction: Subtype: Player Character RacesEra: ImperialCanon: No


    On Teraii, a paradise world in the Palvar Sector lays a lush forest areas, vast plains and oceans. On this world evolved Teraiin, a species gifted in knowledge and craft-man-ship. Somewhere during their long history, an event happened that brought the species close to extinction, thus giving them the need for close nit families. No Teraiin will speak of the event that happened, but Old Republic scientist suspect that a plague or outbreak of a deadly virus spread among the people. This is open speculation of course, and will probably never be confirmed. The tall, lean built and varied color Teraiin were discovered somewhere near the end of the Old Republic, by a survey team visiting Teraii. After their discovery, and the discovery of the paradise on Teraii, the Old Republic set up plans for the cities that now dot the world. The Teraiin were excited about the Old Republic and sent several to explore the galaxy and to come back with stories and knowledge. It wasn't long before the Emperor came to power, and the Empire was born, that the Teraiin had gotten a good foot hold in the Palvar Sector's businesses. The Empire took control of the Palvar Sector and nationalized nearly all Non-Human business that seemed important. This took many jobs away from Teraiin who were forced to move back to Teraii to seek out a living. The Teraiin themselves tried at best to stay neutral through the Rebellion era, and only those brave enough, or felt they had no choice, left to fight for the Rebel Alliance. It was during the war that Velanner stepped off Teraii and joined the fight. Velanner is a respected Teraiin in their history, for he single handily, as the story goes, stopped a squad of Stormtroopers from destroying a Non-Human school. It was a matter of days after the Emperor's death at Endor that the Teraiin managed to drive off or kill the Imperial's on their world, and quickly signed on with the New Republic.

    Teraiin are a native species of the planet Teraii in the Palvar Sector. The Teraiin are common in the Palvar Sector due to their curiosity and love of new technology. The Teraiin tend to stay close to the Palvar Sector and in contact with their family as Teraiin believe in a close nit family life style. Often young are kept home until it is deemed okay for them to go and explore on their own. Teraiin are also known for the ancient technique of making swords. The swords made by a Teraiin are unique in they use sea shells and other natural items to create the weapons, thus giving them a natural look and feel, while keeping it a weapon.

    Personality: Teraiin are calm and cool headed. They often work through problems one at a time and don't rush, especially if time is not important. Teraiin when angered are fierce combatants, using mostly ceremonial swords created by craftsman on Teraii.

    Physical Description: The Teraiin are roughly a bit taller then a Human, at their tallest they are 2.4 meters tall. At their shortest the Teraiin stand at 1.3 meters tall, still taller then the shortest Human. The Teraiin are covered in a short almost unseen fur that is only known to many when they touch an arm or face of a Teraiin. This fur can be a multitude of colors from black to white, giving many people the impression that it is the Teraiin's skin the color and not fur. Teraiin eyes are also a variety of colors from deep purple to a dark red. Teraiin when on their home planet of Teraii dress in clothing that provides a simple look, and moderate comfort. Family groups often dress in a single color, such as beige, orange or green. Teraiin live longer then the average Human does, childhood lasts from birth to 50 years old, 'teenage' years are 51-100, adulthood lasts from 101-500, old age is 501-900. The average weight of an adult Teraiin is normally 50-60kilograms.

    Homeworld: Teraii, Palvar Sector

    Languages: Teraiin, Basic

    Example Names: Yelsulac, Velanner, Iseler. Teraiin names are like Wookiee names, broken into two or three parts, each having a meaning. For example Yelsulac translates into: 'Wise Leader', while Velanner translates to: 'Traveled Explorer'. Teraiin base their names on what they may choose for a future profession or if they have done great deeds during their lives they may have their name changed to show the honor in the deed.

    Adventurers: Teraiin adventurers are often of the scout or fringer class, Jedi Teraiin are possible, but Force Adepts are more common. Teraiin can also be of any other class so long as they can stay in contact with their family and visit when the need arises.

+2 Int., +2 Wis., -2 Str. Teraiin are wise leaders and learn quickly. They however, lack in physical prowess.

Medium-sized. As Medium-sized creatures, Teraiin suffer no size penalties.

Teraiin base speed is 10 meters.

+2 species bonus to knowledge (any) skill and Craft (any) checks. Teraiin display a great ability to remember things and to create items of value.

Exotic Weapon Group Proficiency (swords) at 1st level. Teraiin are taught from a young age how to wield a sword in self defense.

Low-Light Vision: Teraiin can see twice as far as Humans in dim light (such as moonlight or underwater). They retain the ability to distinguish color and detail under these conditions.

Automatic Languages: Speak and Read/Write Teraiin, Speak Basic

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