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Section of Site: Races D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: Player Character RacesEra: ImperialCanon: No


Atribute dice: 12

Dex: 3d/6D
Know: 1D/3D
Mech: 0D+1/2D
Per: 2D/5D
Str: 1D/4D+2
Tech: 0D+1/1D+1

Special abilities:

enhanced vision: due to the darkness of the caverns they see normally
in complete darkness and get +2d bonus to all sight related perception checks
the rest of the time. Except in intense light. they suffer -2d to all sight
related perception checks in intense light.

Force sensitivity: all Therkowanians are inherantly force sensitive and will
usualy have control: 1D+2 sense: 2D alter: 1D , more advanced ones can have any skill
level below jedi knight level as they haven't learened enough to become that

Special skills:
Beast Riding: Tumpawanda Wurms : all warriors of these people know how to ride
the thumpawanda wurms (or Dragons who swim fire rivers)

Thrown Weapons: TumpaVerons : These are the ceremonial spears of there people.
the point is made from a hardened and sharpened Tumpawanda Wurm scale. if properly
trained gets a +2D bonus for use of this weapon.

Physical appearance:
They are short pale humans. Their eyes are completely black. their hair is always
an unruly mess. they often wear primitve jewlry.

height: 1.3 meters
move: 11/14 walking ; 23/32 riding

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