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Section of Site: Races D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: Player Character RacesEra: ImperialCanon: No

The Utkentenya are a tall slender race, very similar in appearance to the Nistanni. Many scholars believe they are related, but who can say for certain. Unlike the Nistanni, their skin tone ranges the same as a humans, but they average 5ft 8 to 6 ft 5". They all have highlights of lavender and indigo around the spine and lower neck. Many centuries before the great Sith war, their home system suffered a great cataclysm, in which both of their suns went nova simultaneously. Many hundreds of thousands fled in archaic ships, but many millions still died in the resultant firestorm. They settled where they could, and in many places became native scavengers, eilking out a living. They do have long life spans, around 300 years (human), but many seldom get beyond 100.
The biggest thing of note with them, is a special ability they possess, called "Wind walking". On Nal-Shaddar, several witnesses have seen Utkentenya fall from tall buildings, but suffer little or no damage. An Utkentenya gets 30 floors of falling capacity at the full mature age of 25 years, prior to that they only can fall 15. They can jump straight up Half of that distance, and across two thirds of it. It requires 1 round of concentration for falling, 3 rounds for long jump and 5 for high jump. They do have a Die value associated with it, and this is used to see if they can increase their jump or fall capacity for that one jump. For every 5 floors beyond 20, they get one die (1D at 25, 2D at 30, 3D at 35 etc). The Utkentenya chooses how much of an addition he wishes, and makes the roll. For a 10% increase, the roll is easy. For 15%, it is moderate. For 20% it is Difficult. For 25% it is Very difficult, and for anything 30% or over it is heroic. If they succeed in the roll, their jump gets increased for that one time. If they fail, they fall for FULL damage. If they are carrying another person, their fall capacity is Halved.
When Falling, use the following formula. Treat each floor of fall capacity as 12 feet. They can fall this distance with out any injury. Beyond that DOUBLE the damage they take. Example, Jun has 34 floors of falling. He is on the top of a burning building, with none near that he could jump to. He has 28 floors till he gets to the bottom. He falls, and takes no damage. But later on, he is on a building with 36 floors, 2 more than he can safely fall. He chooses to do so anyway, but suffers double damage for those remaining 2 floors (24 feet) The wind walking floor value increases 1 floor for every 2 years beyond 25 the character ages.
Their last unique thing, is their weapon, The Zakarah. It is a light saber (single bladed), with an extendable hilt to make it a staff. Every Utkentenya is taught how to make one, and the 6 months before their 25th birthday, they spend making and attuning themselves to it. Once made, they are considered full adults. Unlike a Jedi 9or anyone else), once a Zakarah is attuned, it's user need not fear cutting himself with the blade, but if another gets his or her hand on it, he still has to worry. If the Zakarah is ever lost or broken beyond repair, a new one can be made in 2-3 months, but re-attunement costs 20 CP's and takes 6 months.
Unlike a normal person with a light saber, an Utkentenya does not need force powers to use his Zakarah to block blaster shots, but due to the reaction time needed, cannot do this if at short range. To make the block, take the target's to hit, and add 10 if at medium range, or 5 if at long. This cannot be used in anyway to reflect a bold at anyone else, let alone the shooter.
To offset this power, they suffer a number of penalties. The first is, they only get to roll D4 (or roll 1D6 and ignore 5 or 6), for turning to the dark side. Secondly, if they have Jedi powers, it costs DOUBLE the number of CP's to learn a power, or increase a force skill, and gains no benefit from having dark side points. Lastly, they cannot get a specialty in any "modern skills" (like blaster, starship gunnery, piloting etc), until they have been around it for a minimum of 3 years (in game terms their skill must be 6D or greater before they can get a specialty).

Starting attributes and templates.
Clan hunter
DEX 3D+2, skills: Blaster, Brawl parry, Bow, Dodge, Firearms, Melee, Melee parry, Zakarah
KNOW 3D, skills: Alien species, Intimidation, Language, Streetwise, Value
MECH 2D+1, skills: Ground vehicle op, Hover vehicle op, Repulsorlift op
PER 3D+1, skills: Bargain, Command, Hide, Search, Sneak
STR 3D+1, skills: Brawl, Lift, Stamina
TECH 2D+1, skills: Bow repair, Firearm repair, Demolitions, Zakarah repair

Starting equipment: Zakarah, Short bow (Str+1D, range 3-20/50/100), Quiver with 24 arrows, belt with holster, blaster pistol, cloak, tribal signet ring, 750 credits std.

Clan warrior
DEX 4D, skills: Bow, Brawl parry, Dodge, Firearms, Melee, Melee parry, Thrown weapons, Zakarah
KNOW 2D+2, skills: Alien species, Intimidation, Language, Streetwise, Survival, Willpower
MECH 2D, skills: Communications, Repulsorlift ops, Swoop ops, Sensors
PER 3D, Bargain, Command, Search, Sneak
STR 4D, skills: Brawl, Climb/jump, Lift, Stamina
TECH 2D+1, skills: Bow repair, Demolitions, First aid, Zakarah repair

Starting equipment: TT-868 speeder bike (5.2 meters long, speed 150, Body 2D+2, Maneuverability 2D, cargo 25kg, Crew 1 passengers 1), Spear (Str+1D+1, MOD melee diff, thrown range 12/24/36), hand axe (easy diff, STR+2), Short bow (Str+1D, range 3-20/50/100), 2 quivers with 40 arrows, cloak, 5 sets clothes, tribal standard/symbol, 500 credits std.

Clan Mestria (teacher)
DEX 3D, skills: Blaster, brawl parry, Dodge, Firearms, Melee, Melee parry, Thrown weapons, Zakarah
KNOW 4D, skills: Alien species, Instruction, Languages, Streetwise, Survival
MECH 2D+1, skills: Communications, Starship gunnery
PER 3D+1, skills: Bargain, Hide, Investigations, search, Sneak
STR 3D, skills: Brawl, Climb/jump, Lift, Stamina, Swim
TECH 2D+1, skills: First aid, Firearm repair, Security, Zakarah repair

Starting equipment: 4 sets clothing, Back pack, 2 Throwing daggers (Str+2, range 8/16/25), Silenced slug thrower pistol (Dam 3D+2, range 20/40/60, ROF 3, Clip 7), 50 bullets, 2 med packs, hooded cloak/robe, Zakarah, tools for repair of Zakarah, 600 credits std.

They all have a 10/13 move. The min/max for picking other templates are: Dex 3D/5D, Know 2D/4D, Mech 1D/3D, Per2D/4D, Str 3D/5D, Tech 2D/3D.

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