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Section of Site: Races D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: Player Character RacesEra: ImperialCanon: No

Vodonni are a humanoid race of wolf men, similar to the Shishaven, hailing from the planet Shrrik in the Dubialon system, near the galactic boundary. They average 6 ft 5" and 270lb, and their fur tone ranges from sandy blond all the way to dusty gray. When the imperials first came across them, they were treated harshly, but unlike the Wookies, were not automatically put into slavery. In the years since, many have found their way into gladiator arenas, as ship security personnel/chiefs and as bodyguards. Only in 2 systems, are they actively put to slavery, and those systems use them exclusively for gladiator fighting.
The Race has a tribal culture, not unlike the native Americans used to, and until only recently was very primitive. They worship many animals, and even the moons of their home world. The Moon, who they call Luanne, has special ties to those vodooni who become Jedi, as their Birth Phase grants them certain benefits and hindrance. They have a strange outlook on the force, and at times worship both it's light side, which they call Gnos, reflecting compassion and understanding. The Dark side, called Sspirl, reflects their internal rage and fury. While both are seen as necessary, and even those Jedi who turn to the dark side are not shunned, any Vodonni who keep to it exclusively are hunted and killed.
The Vodoni have a Honor system akin to the Wookie life debt, but unlike a wookie's Life debt, it does not extend to the family or offspring of the individual to whom it is owned. The race is called the Vodoni, while Vodonni is for them in a singular capacity.

RPG statistics:
Dexterity 3D+2, (3D to 5D If wishing to take a non racial template).
Knowledge 2D (1D+2 to 3D+1 for non-racial templates).
Mechanical 2D (2D to 3D+2)
Perception 3D+1 (2D+2 to 4D+1)
Strength 4D+1 (3D to 5D)
Technical 2D+2 (2D to 3D+1)

All templates (and indeed all Vodonni), get certain benefits. They get Claw damage of Str+2D, Bite damage of Str+1D, and due to a heightened sense of smell, +1D to perception checks involving smell. Regardless of template, they cannot take a specialty in blaster, ship skills, astrogation or any other 'futuristic skill' as determined by the GM. For Jedi use the following for birth moon.
No moon (new moon), known as Ragabash, and gains +1D to stealth based rolls, but suffer by having to pay 2CP extra above the normal cost when increasing skills (not learning).
Crescent moon, known as Theurge, gains +1D to sense rolls, while suffers -1D to alter rolls.
Half moon, known as Philodox, Gain +1D to determine if a lie or con is being done, or for investigating crimes, but Can never refuse to judge for anyone. If does, suffers -3D to ALL rolls until atones.
Gibbous moons, known as galliards, have no benefits or hindrances.
Full moons, are the Ahrouns, and they can berserk as a Wookie, but do not have to worry about making a roll to come out of. Once there are no enemies it ends.
If a Vodoni is NON FORCE SENSITIVE, they are considered Urragh. They never gain or spend force points, but get to roll 2D6 when resisting the call of the dark side. Also the learning of new skills is Halved for the CP expenditure, this does include advanced skills. They cannot choose to buy force sensitivity later on in game.

Dex skills: Bow, Brawl parry, Dodge, Melee, Melee parry, Running, Thrown weapons.
Know skills: Alien species, Intimidation, Languages, Survival, Willpower, Gladiator arena lore.
Mech skills: Beast riding and ground vehicle ops.
Per skills: Command, Search, Sneak.
Str skills: Brawl, Climb/jump, Stamina.
Tech skills: Armor repair, Bow repair, Melee weapon repair, Ground vehicle repair, First aid.
Starting equipment; Gladiator chest plate (+1D+2 physical +1D energy from the front, +2 physical +1 energy from the rear, No Dex penalty), Gladiator arm sheath (+1D phys +2 energy to that arm), 2 Melee weapons of choice (Only 1 can be a Vibro weapon, 1 Bow of choice +30 arrows, and a loin cloth. 250 credits standard.

Ships security officer
Dex skills: Blaster, Brawl parry, Dodge, Grenade, Melee, Melee parry, Thrown weapons.
Know skills: Alien species, Bureaucracy, Languages, Law enforcement, Streetwise.
Mech skills: Communications, Astrogation or repulsorlift ops, Starship gunnery, Starship shields.
Per skills: Bargain, Command, Hide, Search, Sneak.
Str skills: Brawl, Climb/jump, Lifting, Stamina.
Tech skills: Armor repair, blaster repair, Computer prog/repair, First aid, Demolitions, Security, starship weapon repair.

Starting equipment; 1 Blaster pistol (4D), 1 Melee weapons, ID, 500 credits std.

Dex Skills: Bow, Brawl parry, Dodge, Grenade, Melee, Melee parry.
Know skills: Languages, Planetary systems, Survival.
Mech skills: Communications, Repulsorlift ops, Starship shields, Starship Gunnery, Space transports.
Per skills: Bargain, Intimidation, Search, Sneak.
Str Skills: Brawl, Climb/jump, Lift, Stamina, Swimming
Tech skills: First aid, Space transport repair, Repulsorlift repair

Starting Equipment; Bow-compound (Str+2D, Rng 3-40/80/120), Back pack, 2 Med packs, 1 Melee weapon of choice (non powered), 500 Credits std

Vodonni can take other templates, just use the attribute min/max values above, but remember, regardless of the templates normal starting cash, they only get 500 cr.

They all have a 10/14 move.

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