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Section of Site: Races D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: Player Character RacesEra: ImperialCanon: No


The inhabitants of Xyton IV in the Chronax sector are a cruious
people. When colonists found Xyton, the kangaroo-like aliens who
lived there were still in a fairly primative state living in
treetop dwellings. The colonists tried to set up a 'proper'
settlement and this brought the anger of the nature loving Xytonos.

The 'proper' settlement cut down a large swath of forest and began
releasing toxins into the air, that, though not immediately hamrful,
could seriously hurt the enviroment. This prompted the colony war
on Xyton IV.

In the end a peace agreement was reached. The Xytonos  and the
colonists put their differences aside and agreed to settle the planet
witohut hurting the rich enviroment of the planet. In the end, large
scale use of repulsors was implemented, creating floating cities over
the landscape of the planet.

All the strucutres on Xyton IV were either in the air or naturaly
worked into the treetops. That was, until the Star Runner Republic

They built factories in the mountian sides as well as military bases,
and a large prison complex made of five giant pillar-like buildings
that reached up into the clouds. the planet ebcame the secret headquarters
of SATAL Arms. SATAL put the technolgoical expertise of the Xytonos
to good use, and thoguht there was still some discontent the people
remained largely happy. However, a group of Xytonos rebelled and failed
and were exiled from their homeworld.

Numbering a few thousand these Xytonos spread out in the galaxy seeking
new homes. Some stuck together in groups wandering, but many went their
seperate ways.

Homeworld: Xyton IV
Attribute Dice: 12D

Special Skills:
Dexterity:Whirlwind Fighting
This is a closely guarded Martial Art of the Xytonos. it stresses
primarily sue of their powerful legs and evading atatcks rather than
blocking them. The skill may be used to ddoge melee or rbawling attacks
at +1D or parry them at -1D. charachters trained in this art, also
learn various ways to flip their opponent. a flip is roleld like a
normal brawling atatck but does stun damage instead of regular damage
and if successful the victim must take an action next round to get back
up. Also sutdents of this amrtial art learn how to maximize damage
inflcited on their enemies and how best to hit them, because of this,
against an opponent who ahs no form of martial arts training the
charachter gets +1D to hit and damage. This skill can only be sued
for leg base

Special Abilities:
Enhanced Smell; Xytonos have an icnredibly enhaced sense of smell.
They get +2D to all perception checks involving their sense of smell.
They can smell things many toher species would never pick up.

Legs: Xytonos have incredibly pwoerful haunch-like legs. They gain
+2D to all jumping rolls and +1D+2 to all brawling damage with their
legs. Their feet are also almost as dexterous as their hands. They
may sue a foot like a hand at a -1d dexterity penalty.

Story Factors:
Technology Loving: Xytonos are intrigued by new technology and discovering
new things. It's not the technology itslef, but the thrill of making
advances that is appealing to them. Most Xytonos do technology related
jobs, and cna foten be bribed with 'toys'.

Enviromentalists: Xytonos love technolgoy so long as it is 'clean' they
dislike anything that ahrms the enviroment and take great pains to keep
from contributing to any damage done to a planet's enviroment.

Move: 9/11
Size: 1.5-1.8 meters tall

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