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Section of Site: Planets D6Belongs to Faction: IndependentSubtype: PlanetsEra: Post EmpireCanon: Yes

Name: Sorgan
Suns: 1
Moons: At least 2
Class: Terrestrial
Atmosphere: Breathable
Primary terrain: Forests
Surface water: Lakes
Points of interest: Common house, Klatooinian outpost, Village
Fauna: Grinjer, Krill, Sorgan frog
Immigrated species: Human, Klatooinian

Description: Sorgan was a forested planet in the galaxy. During the time of the New Republic, a group of krill farmers lived in a village on Sorgan, and were often attacked by Klatooinian raiders. The bounty hunter known as the Mandalorian visited Sorgan to hide out from the Bounty Hunters' Guild, but discovered that the ex-shock trooper Cara Dune already resided on the planet. Despite initially fighting, the Mandalorian and Dune teamed up to protect the farmers from the raiders. The Mandalorian stayed on Sorgan for several weeks with the child he had rescued, but was forced to leave once other bounty hunters discovered their location.


Klatooinian Outpost

A Klatooinian outpost was used by a Klatooinian tribe on Sorgan, in 9 ABY. Located near a village, the Klatooinians would attack a human tribe of krill farmers there, steal their krill, and take it back to the outpost to brew into spotchka. When The Mandalorian and Cara Dune were hired to protect the human tribe, they attacked and destroyed the Klatooinian outpost.


A small farming village was located on the planet Sorgan, home to a human tribe. It was repeatedly attacked by Klatooinian raiders until they were driven off by the villagers led by the bounty hunter known as the Mandalorian and ex-shock trooper Cara Dune.

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Stats by FreddyB, descriptive text from WookieePedia
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