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Section of Site: Races D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: Player Character RacesEra: ImperialCanon: No


Zapoots are small and relatively annoying creatures that inhabit nearly
every inhabitable planet in the Palvar Sector and surrounding areas. They
can be found in most lower class areas of almost every major city,
frequenting bars and common scum hangouts.

No one knows for sure what planet they originated from and most speculate
that their homeworld was destroyed by the Old Republic for the common good
of the galaxy.

Zapoots are implanted with an internal bomb at birth that monitors their
heartbeat and usually detonates once the heart has stopped beating. For this
reason alone, those who know something about Zapoots, will go to great
lengths to either avoid them or to simply control themselves and not give
into their annoying nature and beat the living tar out of them.

The PDF has been known to hire small groups of Zapoots for minor raids on
everything from criminals to Republic to Imperail outposts as even in death
the Zapoots cause massive amounts of damage.

Attribute Dice: 12D
DEXTERITY:        2D/4D+1
KNOWLEDGE:        1D/2D
MECHANICAL:        1D/3D
PERCEPTION:        2D/5D+1
STRENGTH:        1D/1D+2
TECHNICAL:        2D/3D+2

Special Skills:
Dexterity: Quick punch: To compensate for their lack of muscle, Zapoots use
this technique to punch opponents quickly. Their Sting Gloves, boxing gloves
with barbed wire wrapped around them, are the driving force behind this, and
cause moderate damage.

Special Abilities:
Internal Bomb: Zapoots have an explosive implanted in them at birth. When a
Zapoot is killed, the explosive (which monitors their heartbeat) explodes,
inflicting 6D+2 damage in an 8 meter radius.

Story Factors:
Annoying: Zapoots are incredibly annoying, and this is unfortunate, because
many adventurers want to rip these little SOBs' heads off (and are normally
blown up as a result).

Move: 10/11
Size: 2'8" - 3'11"

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