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Section of Site: StarGate SG1Belongs to Faction: Subtype: SG-Delta (Exploration)Era: Canon: No

Name: TSgt. Chris Sanchez
Enlisted Army Ranger Soldier 6 Scout 1 Ranger 3 (E-6)
Init: +11 (+8 Class, +3 Dex)
Defense: 17 (+4 Armor, +3 Dex) (+4 Class)
Speed: 30 ft
WP: 14
VP: 85
Attack: +10 melee, +12 ranged
SQ: Accurate, Armor Use +1, Bushmaster x2, Damage Reduction 1/-, Macro-Specialty (+3 to Move Silently and Survival, +3 to damage rolls using ready action), Portable Cover (1/4 Cover), Stalker, Trail Boss +5, Trailblazer, Weapon Specialization (SMGs)
SV: Fort +10, Ref +7, Will +10

Abilities: Str: 12, Dex: 17, Con: 14, Int: 14, Wis: 14, Chr: 10

Skills: Balance +8, Climb +6, Concentration +7, Demolitions +7, Driver +5, First Aid +3, Hide +13 (19-20), Intimidate +3/+2, Jump +6, Listen +7, Move Silently +13 (19-20), Search +7, Spot +7, Surveillance +7, Survival +15 (19-20), Swim +6, Tumble +8

Feats: Armor Proficiency (light, medium, heavy), Combat Instincts, Desert Training, Far Shot, Forest Training, Martial Arts, Outdoorsman, Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Stealthy, Track, Urban Training, Weapon Group Proficiency (handgun, hurled, melee, rifle, tactical)Attacks
FN P90 +11 1d10+3
Remington M24 +12 4d4+2
Unarmed +10 1d6+1

Gear: SG Team Bundle, Kevlar Vest with Ballistic Helmet (DM +3, DR 4, ACP -2), other bundles as needed (by mission).

U.S. Army Ranger Technical Sergeant Chris Sanchez was born in Texas, USA.
She enlisted in the Army Rangers, where she performed special terrain scouting and surveillance.
She has undergone the Mounted Urban Combat Training at Fort Knox.
She is the newest member of her Stargate Exploration Unit.
She has a minor attitude problem trying to be the equal of the men in her squad and not looking for any excuses.
She is a highly trained marksman and a professional with all weapons.

Comments made about this Article!

30/Jul/2010 05:22:07 Posted by Anonymous {}

HellStormer1: "and last but by no means least, I googled 'Technical Sergeant', and guess what came up?

If you will kindly check this link, you will see that Technical Sergeant (abbreviated as shown in the above stat block) is a current rank in the USAF and was a rank in the past for the United States Army and USMC. At different times, the two military branches changed their structures and renamed some ranks. TSgt. Was once the equivalent to the Army's current Sergeant First Class.

And as for a woman being in the Army Rangers or any kind of combat unit, sure their are obvious reasons why this is not done. But Hollywood doesn't always realize this, and there are more movies, television series, and especially cartoons where this is portrayed as equality with no barriers and such. You may have watched several of these when you were younger.

Anyways, I've now done my homework. Perhaps you could have done your own. All it would have taken was a few keystrokes on Google, and a point/click or two. How much effort would it have taken, compared to the comments left above?

01/Aug/2010 11:26:33 Posted by Jedi Master Lennier {}

Okay the stargate core rules uses the air force ranking system for evrything so often I look up and change it to the appropriate one for the service they are in. Also I do have a habit of working on something leaving it and coming back to finish it later, so nothing is ever finished really. It is a fantasy game based on a television show so you can expect to have some differences and since SG-1 would be classed as a front line combat unit you can say bye bye to Carter and so when her scientific expertise was needed they fail everybody dies and the Goa'uld rule the universe.

It is just a game and these are just ideas for people to take or leave as they choose.

01/Aug/2010 11:47:18 Posted by FreddyB {}

Personally was wondering about the Strength 12 complaint!
Surely lifting the standard ruck with full gear is well within the capabilities of someone with "Above Average" strength (since 10 is average), then running around with it for 12 weeks would be constitution wouldn't it?

20/Aug/2010 21:14:12 Posted by Anonymous {}

Just for clarity . . . a Technical Sergeant (Tech Sergeant, TSgt), is Air Force terminology for an E-6. The Stargate program (fictionally, of course) is run by the Air Force, so Air Force rank is appropriate for most characters.

However, Chris Sanchez was a Police Officer Third Grade in the movie S.W.A.T., played by Michelle Rodriguez. That's where the picture comes from - not SG-1, SG Atlantis, SGU, or the movie Stargate.

As far as there are "no women in any combat positions within the Army" - well, that's legally true, but it's also totally false. Women in multiple "non-combat" MOS's have been in combat (Intelligence, Signals, Transportation, Administration, etc) and received the Combat Action Badge (CAB). The CAB requires the soldier to have engaged or been engaged the enemy.

And to whoever submitted the write-up - thanks. I really appreciate the time you folks put into this site.

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