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Section of Site: Races D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: Player Character RacesEra: Post EmpireCanon: Yes

Name: Elomin
Designation: Sentient
Classification: Humanoid
Skin color: Orange
Distinctions: Crown of horns, tusks on cheekbones
Attribute Dice: 12D

Dex: 2D/4D
Know: 2D/4D
Mech: 2D/4D
Perc: 2D/4D
Str: 2D/4D
Tech: 2D/4D

Special Abilities:
         Well Ordered: Elomin strive to find order in things and worked to create order where none existed. When given time (usually a few days to a week) to organise an environment, they gain +1D to all skill rolls in that environment (eg an Elomin Medic will organise a sickbay to gain this bonus, an Elomin Engineer will organise his ship to gain this bonus). However this is lost if anyone else works in the environment leading to the organisation being lost, and the Elomin loses 1D against any particularly chaotic environment or situation (eg a battlefield medic doing triage, or the unstructured attack of a perfectly executed Marg Sabl maneuver.

Story Factors:
         Personal Hygiene: The Elomin were obsessed with personal hygiene, combing their long ear hair and polishing their horns.

Move: 10/12
Size: 1.6 meters tall

Description: Elomin are humanoids with tapered ears, a crown of horns around their head, and tusks on their cheekbones.

Biology and appearance
Elomin skin featured a variety of colors from bright pink to dark purple. Features of their anatomy which distinguished them from baseline humans included neck wattles, spanchons, four stomachs, generative nodes, six-chambered hearts, nose tusks, long hairs which grew behind their ears, and horns. They were capable of living up to 110 years old; children were between 1-5 whilst they went through adolescence between 6-12 and were considered full adults by 13-40. Middle-age followed between the ages of 41-60, and those aged 61-72 were considered old.

Elomin strove to find order in things and worked to create order where none existed. Therefore, they were unable to cope with the unstructured attack of a perfectly executed Marg Sabl maneuver. The Elomin were obsessed with personal hygiene, combing their long ear hair and polishing their horns.

The Elomin were thought by some xenoarchaeologists to be descended from a lost colony of Zabrak who settled Elom in the distant past. The Elomin inhabited the surface of their planet, initially unaware that another intelligent species inhabited the crust below. The Elom had once lived on the surface, but were forced to move underground when water became scarce. They remained isolated, continuing to retreat further underground.

When the Elomin re-discovered the Eloms, their government tried to convince the Galactic Republic that they were only unintelligent animals, and pressed them in to service as servants and laborers. The truth was eventually discovered, and Eloms were granted the same rights as other sentient species. Despite their newly bestowed suffrage, Eloms did not seem to be interested in politics, and continued to live in their burrows. The Elomin continued to govern the world of Elom and represented the planet offworld. When the Galactic Empire came to power, they enslaved the Elomin to work in their own lommite mines. The Eloms staged raids and rescued numerous Elomin from slavery. After their planet was liberated by the Republic, the two species began integrating their societies together.

In the year 9 ABY, an Elomin task force was engaged and destroyed by Grand Admiral Thrawn. They chased an Imperial scan raiding party from the Obroa-skai Region and back to Thrawn's flagship, the Chimaera. Thrawn then annihilated the superior task force by exploiting the species' inability to cope with a well-executed Marg Sabl.

Notable Elomin
Notable Elomin included Verrinnefra B'thog Indriummsegh, a signatory to the Declaration of a New Republic and a member of the New Republic Provisional Council; Monjai served as governor of Kal'Shebbol following its liberation from the Empire; Te Corso was a Jedi Master during the Second Imperial Civil War.

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Stats by FreddyB, Descriptive Text from WookieePedia
Image copyright LucasArts.
Any complaints, writs for copyright abuse, etc should be addressed to the Webmaster FreddyB.