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Section of Site: The Force D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: Jedi PowersEra: Tales of the JediCanon: EU

         Control Difficulty: Depends on enhancement
         Alter Difficulty:  Depends on enhancement

         This power can be kept Up.
         Effect: This power enhances the users body, and depending on the success achieved when activating it can take the user far beyond normal maximum performance as defined on the table below. The multiple action penalty for using this power may seem to counteract the advantage of using it, however the extra damage resistance is not reduced by this penalty.

Target Easy: +1D to Dex & +1D to Str
            Moderate: +1D to Dex & +2D to Str
            Difficult: +2D to Dex & +2D to Str
            Very Difficult: +2D to Dex & +3D to Str
            Heroic: +3D to Dex & +4D to Str

        Description: Battlemind was a Force power wherein one's morale and fighting spirit was augmented through sheer focus, giving a user the drive to fight through even the hardest of conflicts. One could overcome the disabilities of old age and even fading stamina. Users of Battlemind could find themselves fighting with a great deal more fiery and controlled passion, thus it was not common among the more orthodox fighting styles of the Jedi.

Those who couldn't effectively resist the pull of the dark side would find this ability pushing them closer to it. Through pure fighting spirit, the Battlemind ability could push the users physical limits.

The most notable practitioner of Battlemind was Mace Windu, who relied on its use, and additional dark side powers, to help in the creation of the Vaapad fighting style.

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