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Republic Fleet Systems Aurek-class Tactical Strikefighter



Section of Site: Characters D6Belongs to Faction: Old RepublicSubtype: Non-Player CharacterEra: Tales of the JediCanon: EU

Name: Tott Doneeta
Homeworld: Ryloth
Species: Twi'lek
Gender: Male
Eye color: Orange
Skin color: Gray, later yellow
Move: 10

         Blaster: 5D
         Dodge: 7D+1
         Firearms: 4D+2
         Lightsaber: 8D+2
         Melee Combat: 6D
         Melee Parry: 6D+1
         Throwing Weapons: 5D+2
         Vehicle Blasters: 4D+1
         Bargain: 5D+2
         Command: 6D+1
         Hide: 6D+2
         Persuasion: 5D+2
         Sneak: 6D+2
         Value: 4D+2
         Alien Species: 5D
         Bureaucracy: 4D
         Intimidation: 4D+2
         Languages: 6D+1
         Planetary Systems: 5D+1
         Tactics: 6D+2
         Brawling: 6D+2
         Climbing/Jumping: 5D+1
         Stamina: 6D
         Astrogation: 5D+1
         Beast Riding: 6D+2
         Communications: 3D+2
         Repulsorlift Operation: 4D+1
         Space Transports: 5D
         Starfighter Piloting: 6D+1
         Starship Shields: 5D
         Starship Weapons: 6D
         Sensors: 4D+1
         First Aid: 4D+2
         Starfighter Repair: 4D
         Lightsaber Repair: 6D

         Head-tails: Twi'leks can use their head tails to communicate in secret with each other, even in a room full of individuals. The complex movement of the tentacles is, in a sense, a "secret" language that all Twi'leks are fluent in.

Force Skills:
         Control: 8D+1
         Sense: 9D
         Alter: 8D
Force Powers: Accelerate Healing, Absorb/Dissipate Energy, Concentration, Enhance Attribute, Combat Sense, Danger Sense, Life Detection, Life Sense, Magnify Senses, Receptive Telepathy, Sense Force, Telekinesis, Lightsaber Combat, Affect Mind, Projected Fighting, Lesser Force Shield

         CREDITS - 150
                 Lightsaber, Jedi Robes, Comlink, Star Saber Starfighter, Tott Doneeta's Courier


Description: Tott Doneeta, né Tottdon'eeta, was a male Twi'lek from the planet Ryloth. Subjected to slavery in his youth, he was found by Jedi Master Arca Jeth and trained as a Knight of the Galactic Republic. A devout follower of the Force, Doneeta studied alongside fellow apprentices Ulic and Cay Qel-Droma at Master Jeth's praxeum on Jeth's homeworld of Arkania. As he progressed in the ways of the Jedi, Doneeta developed a unique, innate ability to understand and communicate with beasts.

In 4000 BBY, Doneeta and the Qel-Droma brothers were sent by Jeth to mediate negotiations between the warring peoples on the world of Onderon—the Beast Riders of Onderon's wilderness, and the dark side–worshiping citizens of Onderon's only city, Iziz. The mission went awry, and Doneeta found himself siding with the Beast Riders against the Naddists, followers of the ancient Dark Lord of the Sith Freedon Nadd that were led by Queen Amanoa of Iziz. The battle ended with the arrival of Master Jeth, who defeated Amanoa and banished Nadd's influence from Iziz. Doneeta and his companions remained on the planet to oversee Amanoa's funeral, and he was present when the forces of Amanoa's husband, King Ommin, arrived to steal both her remains and those of Nadd, Ommin's Sith forefather. After the ensuing battle, Doneeta stayed behind while Jeth attempted to retrieve the sarcophagi, but when Jeth was captured by King Ommin, Doneeta and his companions called for assistance from the Galactic Senate on Coruscant. The Republic responded by sending the full force of its navy and a team consisting of five additional Jedi. Doneeta and his team were successful in defeating the Naddists, freeing Jeth, and permanently driving Nadd's spirit from Onderon.

When a new Sith cult called the Krath was formed in the wake of the unrest in the Onderon system, Doneeta responded to the call for action by attending the Jedi Conclave on the planet Deneba. The Krath ambushed the convocation, and Master Jeth was killed in the attack, causing Doneeta's fellow Jedi, Ulic Qel-Droma, to subsequently infiltrate their ranks in an attempt to destroy the Krath from within. Many of Qel-Droma's colleagues were against his plan, and Doneeta was among those who were sent to collect him from the Krath, only to find that Qel-Droma had embraced the dark side and had become a Sith Lord. Qel-Droma and the Krath began a holy crusade and joined forces with Dark Lord of the Sith Exar Kun to wage the Great Sith War upon the Republic. When the Sith Brotherhood invaded Coruscant, Doneeta was among the Jedi that helped capture Qel-Droma so that he could be tried for his various war crimes. However, Qel-Droma was freed by Exar Kun, and together they resumed their war of galactic conquest. Doneeta was later present on the library world of Ossus when the Sith Brotherhood caused a supernova that threatened to devastate the planet. He assisted in the evacuation proceedings by gathering many priceless Jedi artifacts before the conflagration hit. The Sith were ultimately overthrown by the Jedi when Qel-Droma—who had renounced his allegiance to the Dark Lord—led Doneeta and his companions to Kun's stronghold on Yavin 4. There, the Twi'lek participated in the collective Jedi effort to defeat Exar Kun, which resulted in Yavin 4's surface destruction.

Ten years later, Doneeta returned to Ryloth, where he unsuccessfully attempted to stall a planetary weather phenomenon known as a heat storm in defense of his clansmen. He later left his homeworld for the Exis space station to attend another Jedi gathering called by then–Head of the Order, Nomi Sunrider. Arriving late, Doneeta was just in time to save Sunrider's daughter from a stellar calamity. At the conclave's end, Doneeta traveled with the Cathar Jedi Sylvar in various attempts to help her release her anger, but to no avail. The quest led them to her homeworld, where he finally recognized that Sylvar's hate was leading her into the dark side. In the deserts of Cathar, Tott Doneeta left his old friend to contemplate whether or not she would give in to it.

Jedi training
Born "Tottdon'eeta", Tott Doneeta was a male of the Twi'lek species, native to the Doneeta clan of the planet Ryloth. As a youth, Doneeta differed from others of the Twi'lek species in that he was less devious than most, but more valiant. When slavers came to Ryloth and abducted Doneeta and his family, the young Twi'lek fought in the defense of his family until he was beaten unconscious. The captors brought Tott and his family on board their starship and headed for the slave markets in the space city of Ereesus, but were intercepted by a team of Jedi Knights led by the Arkanian Master Arca Jeth, who defeated the slavers and freed Tott and his family. Awed by the battle prowess of Master Jeth, Tott hoped to become like him one day. Jeth also recognized young Doneeta's Force sensitivity, and offered to take him to his praxeum on Arkania for Jedi training. Though one of the few aliens at Jeth's school, Doneeta took to his studies diligently while undergoing instruction alongside Jeth's most gifted student, Ulic Qel-Droma, and Ulic's younger brother, Cay. The three trained together for many years, and Doneeta developed a close friendship with the brothers. In 4000 BBY, Jeth deemed their training nearly complete and sent Doneeta with the Qel-Dromas on their final test and first mission: to mediate a peaceful resolution to a centuries-long civil war fought between the citizens of the planet Onderon's only city, Iziz, and the Beast Riders of Onderon's wilderness. As Doneeta and Cay Qel-Droma boarded their ship, the Nebulon Ranger, Master Jeth gave Ulic specific instructions as his representative to find a nonviolent resolution and to raise arms only if necessary, before Ulic himself joined his brother and the Twi'lek. With Doneeta at the helm and Cay acting as navigator, the Ranger left Arkania for the Onderon system.

Mission to Iziz
According to Doneeta, Twi'leks practiced a philosophy of non-violence over brutality, and he hoped to impart this belief to the Onderonians. However, their arrival in Onderonian space was met with hostility as they were attacked by a squad of Beast Riders determined to prevent the Ranger from landing in Iziz. Doneeta performed evasive maneuvers while preparing to retaliate, but was stayed by Ulic as the city's wall defenses covered their descent by unleashing turbolaser fire against the outlawed Beast Riders. Once they had safely landed inside the city walls, Doneeta and his companions were greeted by the queen's emissary, Novar, who immediately refused the Twi'lek entry, claiming that aliens were forbidden to enter the royal palace. Ulic and Cay demanded Doneeta's passage, going so far as to draw their lightsabers in his defense. The queen was expecting all three Jedi, however, and Novar received instructions by comlink ordering them all to be brought before her at once. Doneeta was released, and the trio was escorted through Iziz, with the Twi'lek feeling increasingly unsettled by the city-dwellers, sensing something that he could not quite pinpoint was amiss. They soon arrived at the palace and were introduced to Queen Amanoa of Onderon, and her daughter, Princess Galia.

Before the Jedi could begin their peace mission, invaders—whom Doneeta recognized as the same Beast Rider attackers from their earlier encounter—crashed through the window and assailed the throne room. At the queen's behest, Doneeta and the Qel-Dromas joined her Royal Protectors in combating the Beast Riders, while she and her daughter fled to safety. Doneeta had slain several Riders before realizing that several of the invaders, specialized Beast Warrior Commandos, had gone in pursuit of Amanoa and Galia. He and Cay followed the Commandos but arrived too late; Amanoa had been incapacitated and Galia kidnapped. Doneeta suggested to his companions that they report the situation to Master Jeth, as the Twi'lek believed that events had spiraled out of control. However, Ulic Qel-Droma refused, and coaxed his brother and Tott to join him on a rescue mission to save the princess.

Doneeta flew the Ranger over the Onderonian jungle in search of Galia's abductors. The Ranger was spotted by Beast Rider sentries below, who fired a seeker-torpedo at them, which Doneeta's piloting skills could not avoid. Taking on a direct hit, he crash-landed in the jungles not far from a massive stronghold. While Cay began to make repairs, Doneeta exited the ship to take a quick survey of the area and was surprised to find the Ranger surrounded by wild and savage boma beasts. Rather than attack the creatures, Doneeta soothed and conversed with the bomas through the Force. From them, he learned that Galia was marrying Beast Rider Lord Oron Kira in the fortress of his father, Modon. The bomas allowed the Twi'lek Jedi and his companions to mount them as steeds and carried them to the Beast Rider citadel. Doneeta led the charge into Fortress Kira, distracting the congregation as the elder Qel-Droma attempted to collect Galia. She fought him off, stating that she chose to marry Kira of her own will. Modon Kira then invited the Jedi to stay in peace, an offer they accepted.

Modon toasted to the Jedi and told them of the oppression perpetrated by the city-dwellers. Doneeta sat quietly as Galia confirmed what the Twi'lek had suspected earlier—Iziz was in fact tainted with the dark side of the Force due to Queen Amanoa's worship of the ancient Dark Lord of the Sith Freedon Nadd, whose spirit afforded her sorceress powers. Wishing to be bound to Kira and freed from Nadd's influence, Galia feigned her abduction to secretly escape the city and join her Beast Lord consort. At the Jedi's suggestion, it was agreed upon that the couple would present their marriage before Amanoa as a peace offering. However, under the banner of Oron's father, Modon, the Beast Riders still gathered their full host in the event the Jedi's negotiations failed.

Amanoa's defeat
Doneeta flew the repaired Ranger back to Iziz with the princess on board, while Kira and a small force of Beast Riders followed the Twi'lek's lead. As they approached Iziz, his evasion piloting was again tested, this time to avoid turbolaser fire from the wall defenses, which considered his flying under Beast Rider escort to be hostile action. Ulic Qel-Droma convinced the city-dwellers to cease their attack because Galia was with them; he also talked them into allowing the idea of peace to be presented to the queen.

The Ranger landed, with Doneeta bringing up the rear as the group was escorted to Amanoa's throne room. The Twi'lek remained silent as Ulic pleaded with Amanoa to cease her dark side worship and to recognize the union between her daughter and the young Beast Lord. Amanoa refused, and called on the power of Freedon Nadd's spirit, which shrouded the expanse of the palace in complete darkness. She then ordered her forces to attack Doneeta's group, who fought them off while being led to safety by Galia. Tott ferried the princess and her husband from the palace to the Ranger while the Qel-Dromas battled Amanoa's forces within the palace. Momentarily shaken by the queen's stifling power, Doneeta carried out his mission to transport the princess and remained with her on the Ranger while Kira left them to command his forces in battle against the city-dwellers.

Under Amanoa's darkness spell, the Beast Rider army was rapidly being defeated. The Twi'lek observed that the Beast Riders were stricken with a dark side–induced madness and that the tide of battle had turned in favor of the city-dwellers. The fighting ended with the arrival of Master Jeth, who employed ancient Jedi battle meditation to counter Amanoa's Sith magic, giving victory over to the Beast Riders. When the fighting ended, Jeth admonished Doneeta and his companions for their failure to resolve the conflict peacefully . Jeth then led them into the palace in search of the queen, who they found in the tomb of Freedon Nadd, drawing on his power. In the presence of the Jedi Master's superior strength, Amanoa perished, and Freedon Nadd's spirit vacated Iziz.

The Naddist Uprising
In the weeks that followed Iziz's liberation, the Jedi remained on the planet to assist in the round up of the remaining darksiders and in the reconstruction effort. Tott Doneeta lent aid in the royal palace, where he prepared the citadel for habitation by the new king and queen, Oron Kira and Galia. The relief efforts were occasionally plagued by guerrilla attacks perpetrated by survivors of Amanoa's dark side army. One such attack was carried out in the royal palace, where an explosion was triggered that caused the structure to fall in on itself. Doneeta was inside when the detonation occurred, and was trapped by felled debris and surrounded by fires. Too weak to lift a pillar from his chest, the Twi'lek used his remaining Force strength to keep the pillar from crushing him, and feared that he his death was at hand. However, Cay and Ulic remembered their friend and arrived to save him before another explosion brought the rest of the citadel down.

The Jedi remained on Onderon for the next two years, overseeing the restoration of peace. A tomb for the remains of Amanoa and Freedon Nadd was also being constructed on Onderon's jungle moon Dxun. While Master Jeth prepared Iziz for its ruler's final interment, he sent Tott Doneeta to the Stenness system to entreat additional Jedi assistance from the Tchuukthai Jedi Master Thon, with which to combat the continued Naddist threat. The Twi'lek arrived on Thon's world of Ambria and was presented with the Vultan Jedi Oss Wilum, who would be joining the war effort on Thon's behalf. Doneeta spent a brief time in Stenness before returning with Wilum to Onderon.

War on Onderon
As Doneeta and Wilum arrived in Iziz for Amanoa's funeral, the Naddists ambushed the procession and stole the sarcophagi of both the deceased queen and Dark Lord. Doneeta slew several Naddists before he fell back to protect Master Jeth, who had been smitten through the Force by an unknown and unseen assailant. When he recovered, Jeth recognized the Naddists' ambush as a feint and was determined to retrieve the sarcophagi. Galia believed that her father, King Ommin, could assist them and departed with Jeth and Ulic into the tunnel left in the Naddist war machine's wake. Doneeta meanwhile ferried teams of Beast Riders back to Fortress Kira in preparation for another stand against the worshipers of Freedon Nadd.

Doneeta maintained his position with the Beast Riders in their citadel for several days before Ulic and Galia returned, though without Jeth, who had been captured by Ommin and held prisoner deep within the king's underground sanctuary. The Jedi realized that the power of the dark side plaguing Onderon was beyond their capabilities of fighting in their current weakened state, and they sent requests to both the Galactic Senate and the Jedi Order for reinforcements. Doneeta's friends joined him in Fortress Kira, hoping that assistance would come soon. Despite being exhausted and outnumbered, Doneeta led the Beast Rider resistance while enduring Naddist retaliation efforts for weeks, before the entire Republic Navy arrived, complemented by the addition of five Jedi Knights: Miraluka female Shoaneb Culu, Humans Dace Diath and Nomi Sunrider, Gotal Kith Kark, and the Nazzar Crown Prince Qrrrl Toq.

The Naddists were no match for the overwhelming military strength of the Republic, which was further augmented by the battle prowess of Doneeta and his Jedi companions. One of the Knights, Nomi Sunrider, employed the same battle meditation technique as Master Jeth in order to sway the battle in favor of the Beast Riders and the Republic. Doneeta felt his Force strength being renewed as the dark power that suffused Onderon's atmosphere was pushed back by Sunrider's ability. Their combined efforts saw to the Naddist army's defeat, leaving the rescue of Master Jeth as the next priority. Doneeta and the other Knights stormed Ommin's lair, caught the king and his minions by surprise, and managed to dispatch all of Ommin's Sith warbots and Dark Jedi before they could mount a successful defense.

Despite the king's repeated attempts to repel the Jedi with his mastery of Sith magic, Ommin was subsequently defeated when Ulic Qel-Droma destroyed his durasteel exoskeleton and left him a writhing invalid on the ground. Master Jeth was then released from Ommin's imprisonment and proceeded to banish the spirit of Freedon Nadd from Onderon once and for all. In the midst of all the commotion, Tott Doneeta caught sight of two civilians as they fled the king's lair before they could be detained by the Jedi and held for questioning.

Rise of the Krath
The Jedi's guidance helped bring about the peace for which the Onderonians fought, and was also instrumental in breaking the influence of Freedon Nadd's spirit over the planet. Tott Doneeta was one of several Jedi who enjoyed a brief sabbatical in the interim following the Battle of Iziz. Though he spent a short period with his comrades learning to fly the Beast Riders' war mounts, more of Doneeta's time revolved around cataloging items from the storehouse of Sith artifacts found in King Ommin's possession and preparing them for transport to Ossus for safekeeping. During his excavation of the caves inhabited by Ommin, Doneeta discovered that two civilians—Satal and Aleema Keto—had been in the king's presence as recently as the Naddist Uprising. Believing that they had received basic initiation to the dark side by the deceased king—and possibly even Freedon Nadd himself—Doneeta revealed his findings just as Master Jeth announced that the monarchy of the distant Empress Teta system had fallen in political upheaval to the Ketos—who had renamed themselves the Krath and begun practicing Sith magic.

Master Jeth further explained that he had accepted Jedi Watchman duties for the Tetan worlds, and only some of the present Knights would be going to the front lines of the impending battle against the Krath; Doneeta was not among those chosen. Instead, he was assigned to begin the creation of a Jedi base on Onderon along with Cay and Ulic Qel-Droma, while the remainder prepared themselves to leave Onderon. Master Jeth also warned Doneeta and the Qel-Droma brothers to take no heed of the guest who would be arriving on Onderon some time soon. When Exar Kun, a Jedi Knight claiming affiliation with the "School of Jedi Archaeology," arrived, Doneeta and the Qel-Dromas initially welcomed him, but grew immediately suspicious when Kun demanded to inspect Nadd's trove of artifacts before they were taken offworld. Refusing his demands, Doneeta and Cay directed Kun's queries to Master Jeth, who also denied him access. Jeth denounced Kun as a liar and an impostor, and he made it quite clear that Kun was unwelcome on Onderon. Kun departed for Iziz, leaving Doneeta and his companions to complete their work while also contemplating Kun's defiance.

Trouble on Deneba
The Republic's initial military offensive against the Krath was unsuccessful, and the Jedi were also caught off-guard by the extent of the Krath's newly-mastered Sith powers. The Republic fleet suffered heavy casualties, and Doneeta's fellow Jedi, Ulic Qel-Droma, was seriously wounded during an attack. In response to their defeat, the Jedi held a convocation on the planet Deneba to discuss how they intended to handle the resurgent Sith threat. Doneeta answered the call to gather en masse on Deneba's Mount Meru, alongside nearly every other living Jedi in the galaxy.

Marveling at the sight of all the present Jedi, Doneeta joined with several of his companions, namely Shoaneb Culu. Briefly conversing with her, Doneeta discounted Culu's belief that an ancient Jedi prophecy, one that foretold the rise of a great conflict with the dark side, was on the horizon. The Twi'lek was familiar with the prophecy, but was instead of the mind that the conflict it spoke of was a millennia away. The convocation began shortly thereafter, with the present Jedi discussing possible solutions to the growing Krath threat.

During the gathering, Ulic Qel-Droma unveiled his controversial plan to infiltrate the Krath and destroy them from within rather than fighting them through conventional means. His idea was immediately rejected by nearly all Jedi present, and several, including Master Jeth, argued about the dangers of embracing the dark side in order to defeat it. The meeting was then called to recess. Before the Jedi could reconvene, the Krath ambushed the gathering. Escape pods rained down to Deneba's surface, unleashing Krath-designed war droids that proceeded to fire upon the congregation. Meanwhile, the servant droids that were planetside and assisting with the convocation received a change in programming that ordered them to attack the most powerful Jedi present. Though overwhelmed and surprised by the sudden onslaught, Doneeta and his companions managed to destroy all the droids during the battle, but not without suffering a great loss—in defense of Ulic Qel-Droma, Master Jeth was struck and killed by one of the droids.

The fall of Ulic Qel-Droma
The death of Arca Jeth further solidified Ulic Qel-Droma's determination and belief that the Krath could only be defeated from within. After studying them and their resident star system, he departed for Empress Teta on his mission. Many months passed without any report from him on his progress, and the Jedi became concerned with the fate of one of their own. Tott Doneeta, Ulic's brother Cay, and Nomi Sunrider, were dispatched to the Tetan worlds on a rescue mission, with hopes that Qel-Droma was still alive. Doneeta and Cay stayed on board the Nebulon Ranger while Sunrider infiltrated Cinnagar, where she was eventually able to locate Ulic. However, the elder Qel-Droma brother refused to return with her to Ossus and had her imprisoned instead, planning to execute her personally at the behest of Lord Satal Keto. When Sunrider escaped her captors, she contacted Doneeta and Cay, who then entered Cinnagar in an attempt to collect her. They were set upon by Krath soldiers shortly thereafter, and the Twi'lek led the charge while his partner held off their enemies with blasterfire as they further entered the city in search of their colleagues. Doneeta and Cay came upon the Iron Citadel where they rejoined Sunrider, just as Lord Keto appeared above them on a balcony of the palace.

Doneeta demanded that the Krath leader release Ulic, but to all their surprise, Qel-Droma arrived on his own, naming Keto as the instigator of the assault on Deneba. He then engaged the Tetan Emperor in a duel, giving into his rage and striking him down in anger. It was at that moment that Doneeta and the other present Jedi realized that Qel-Droma had succumbed to the power of the Sith and needed to be removed from Cinnagar. However, Qel-Droma refused, going so far as to lash out at his former friends with the dark side of the Force. Though Sunrider was hesitant to leave him, Doneeta felt otherwise, believing that there were no other options. As Krath soldiers prepared to converge upon their location, the Twi'lek Jedi and his strike team left Tetan space to regroup and formulate a new plan to rescue their comrade.

Efforts redoubled
The Jedi met back on Ossus and planned to return to Empress Teta and rescue Ulic Qel-Droma with a bolstered attack force, one that included a complement of Beast Riders from Onderon. The Jedi also planned to fly experimental starfighters into battle, and Tott Doneeta joined his colleagues Dace Diath and Cay Qel-Droma when they tested the new Star Saber craft. However, when Diath crashed his fighter and was forced to make an emergency escape, the Twi'lek grew skeptical about the new fighters' performance capabilities. The suggestion then arose amongst the Jedi that they should instead fly their S-100 Stinger-class fighters into battle, which had been proven to be reliable before, but Doneeta reminded them all that there were not enough Stingers to escort the great flying drexl mounts of the Beast Riders. Nonetheless, a compromise was reached, and the Jedi strike team set out for the Tetan worlds in both prototype Star Saber fighters and traditional Stingers, with Doneeta flying his own personal version of the latter.

Doneeta and his team arrived in Cinnagar and caught the Krath forces by surprise, quickly dispatching the palace defenses while providing cover for the drexl mounts flown by the Beast Riders. While Nomi Sunrider, Qrrrl Toq, and Cay Qel-Droma assaulted the Krath citadel to collect Ulic, Doneeta led the remainder of the team in the air assault to fend off the Krath forces until the extraction was complete. The attempt to rescue Ulic—who was now completely given over to the dark side—was unsuccessful, however, as he still refused the pleas of both his brother Cay and lover Sunrider to return with them to Ossus. Dejected, they departed and left Qel-Droma in the thrall of Aleema Keto and the Krath. Unbeknownst to Doneeta and the rest of the Jedi, fallen Jedi Exar Kun, whom they had previously encountered on Onderon, was also present in Cinnagar. His intention was to destroy the Krath, whom he saw as an obstacle to his own progression in dark side power. After a brief duel that ended in a stalemate, Kun and Qel-Droma were visited by ancient Sith spirits who anointed both men as Lords of the Sith. An alliance between Kun and Qel-Droma's Krath was formed, and the new Sith Brotherhood went on to begin their own campaign of galactic conquest in what would be known as the Great Sith War.

The Great Sith War
The partnership solidified between Ulic Qel-Droma and Exar Kun translated into the fulfillment of the ancient Jedi prophecy that the Dark Lords of the Sith would rise again. As warlord and supreme commander of the Krath forces, Qel-Droma staved off an attack by the warrior clans of Mandalore the Indomitable against the Empress Teta system and forced the Mandalorians to swear fealty to him. With their combined strength, Qel-Droma led them in an attack and seizure of the critical Republic shipyards at Foerost before leading his bolstered numbers in an assault on Coruscant itself. Prior to the invasion, Tott Doneeta was one of the team of young Jedi who accompanied Master Vodo-Siosk Baas to the galactic capital with hopes of convincing the Republic politicians to deal forcefully with the defector Qel-Droma. Shoddy intelligence led them all to believe that the Krath's next target was the jump station Kemplex IX in the Auril sector; however, Qel-Droma's forces arrived suddenly out of hyperspace over the skies of Coruscant, catching the planetary defenses off-guard.

As Mandalorian Basilisk war droids descended upon the planet, Doneeta worked with Cay Qel-Droma to reactivate the antiquated planetside laser cannons in defense of the capital. When the Mandalorians landed and poured their ground troops into the streets of Coruscant, Doneeta cut swaths of them down while using the Force to shield his companions from incoming droid fire. He then joined his fellow Jedi in driving the bulk of the Mandalorians back as the Republic forces pushed towards the Republic command center, where Master Vodo believed the outcome of the battle would be decided. They all sensed Ulic's presence in the command center, and as they confronted the Krath leader, Doneeta joined his fellows in the creation of a wall of light side energy to temporarily incapacitate and arrest Qel-Droma. The Sith Lord was then scheduled to stand trial, where he would most assuredly be condemned to death.

Evacuation of Ossus
Tott Doneeta was not among those who attended Qel-Droma's inquisition, but instead returned to Ossus, where he assisted with the plans to reclaim all that had been lost during the fallen Jedi's crusade of terror. Meanwhile, Qel-Droma's Sith Master, Exar Kun, had gone to Coruscant, killed Master Vodo, and freed Qel-Droma. The Sith next planned to actually assault Kemplex, as it had been left unprotected after the Republic forces previously stationed there had departed to engage Qel-Droma's forces during the Battle of Coruscant. Tott Doneeta received report of an ancient Sith warship in the process of bombarding the jump station, and quickly alerted his comrades of the station's peril. While Knights Shoaneb Culu, Dace Diath, and Qrrrl Toq volunteered to lead the Ossus fleet against the Sith forces, Doneeta remained planetside to prepare the planetary defenses, for Jedi Master Thon believed that the Sith planned to fake an attack the jump station once again.

However, the assault on Kemplex IX was no feint. Krath sorceress Aleema Keto hid her antiquated Sith vessel within the Cron star cluster, lying in wait for the Jedi fleet, and when they arrived, activated a Sith superweapon that induced supernovas in all ten stars of the Cron Cluster. The explosion consumed Culu, Diath, Toq, and their fleet and also threatened to devastate Ossus, which was in close proximity of the cluster, forcing the Jedi to evacuate their epicenter of learning and activity. Doneeta hastily gathered as many artifacts as possible, hoping to prevent Exar Kun, whom the Masters believed sought the knowledge kept on Ossus, from pilfering or destroying Jedi lore of untold millennia.

Final offensive
As the Twi'lek assisted with the preservation efforts, both Ulic Qel-Droma and Exar Kun arrived on Ossus to do battle with the Jedi. He joined Cay as he rushed to meet his brother, who had touched down nearby. Doneeta witnessed the younger Qel-Droma once again plead with his older brother to rejoin the Jedi, albeit in futility. A confrontation between siblings quickly escalated into a duel, and ultimately ended in Ulic slaying his brother in a fit of rage. Horrified by the death of Cay, Doneeta could only watch helplessly as Nomi Sunrider, who had also witnessed the fratricide, used her power to render Ulic unable to touch the Force. Doneeta seized Sunrider and brought her back to her senses, though moments too late—Ulic had permanently suffered a Force blockage that was only supposed to be temporary. Utterly defeated, Qel-Droma renounced his Sith allegiance and chose to assist the Jedi in a final assault on Exar Kun.

Traveling aboard the same vessel as Sunrider, Doneeta joined the thousands of Jedi as they rallied against the Dark Lord of the Sith. As they arrived in the Yavin system, the Jedi descended upon the jungle moon that served as his stronghold, in an attempt to overwhelm Kun and eliminate any possibility of his escape. As had been done when Ulic Qel-Droma was subdued during the Battle of Coruscant, Tott Doneeta assisted his fellow Knights in the creation of a massive wall of light to defeat the Dark Lord entrenched below. On the surface of the moon, Exar Kun tapped into Sith lore more arcane than even he understood, and gathered all the Massassi, members of the Sith race who had relocated to Yavin 4 at the end of the Great Hyperspace War in his temple. There, in an attempt to live forever in spirit form, he drained all of their life energies to release his spirit from his body. However, the combined Force power of nearly all the Jedi was too much for Kun to combat. Though successful in releasing his spirit, the talents of the Jedi trapped it forever on Yavin 4 within the walls of Kun's temple. The attack was not without consequence, however, as the entire surface of the jungle moon was annihilated in an all-consuming firestorm.

Ten years after the end of the Great Sith War, the galaxy was still recovering from the devastation wrought by Kun's Sith Brotherhood. During that same time, Tott Doneeta had returned to his own homeworld to help his Twi'lek clansmen in finding a new home, as theirs had been ravaged by civil war. During their exodus, they were threatened by incineration from a heat storm, a natural weather occurrence on Ryloth. As they took refuge in the caves of the barren world, they were overtaken by the storm, and many perished in its merciless heat. Rather than allow any more people to be consumed by the perilous phenomenon, Doneeta—bound by what he felt was his obligation as a Jedi—decided to face the storm head-on. As the searing winds destroyed all in their path, Doneeta stood firm and used the Force to temporarily halt the disaster's advance before it ultimately overcame him. It passed as quickly as it had manifested, and though Tott survived, his face was considerably burned. After the storm, the Jedi's clansmen returned to where he had fallen and were surprised to find him alive yet injured. Doneeta was urged by them to stay on Ryloth and recover, but he refused. He had received word of a great convocation being organized by now Jedi Master Nomi Sunrider, and he left his homeworld in response to her summons of all Knights of the Republic to convene on the Exis mining station for the first time in nearly a decade.

Though he hastily made his departure from Ryloth, the conclave began without Tott Doneeta. However, he arrived in the Teedio system, in which Exis was situated, just in time to rescue Sunrider's daughter Vima, who had stolen a mining vessel and sneaked out while her mother was speaking. Flying too close to the system's namesake star, Vima had to abandon the craft, only to have her escape pod hauled in and saved by the Twi'lek Jedi before she was engulfed by solar flares. Doneeta then delivered the teen to her mother, and Sunrider expressed much gratitude for his benevolent act. The conclave continued, and Doneeta stayed for its remainder.

Journey to Ryloth
Toward the convocation's end, Tott Doneeta encountered another of his old friends, the Cathar Jedi Knight Sylvar. She harbored much hatred for Ulic Qel-Droma, whom she considered a criminal that had escaped prosecution for the crimes he committed during the Sith War. Doneeta sensed the bitterness within her, and though she reveled in it, the Twi'lek recognized in her the same dangerous passion he had once seen in Qel-Droma. Thus, he offered to help her become free of her anger. He invited her to return to Ryloth with him and assist him and his people with rebuilding their society in the wake of the devastating heat storm. Sylvar agreed, and the pair set out for the homeworld of the Twi'lek race.

They arrived to find that in the midst of the reconstruction efforts, civil unrest had once again erupted between Clan Doneeta and their generations-long rivals, the R'lyeks, resulting in many of Tott's brethren being slain. Determined to end the fighting once and for all, Tott vowed to settle the dispute in a peaceful manner. He left Sylvar with his kinsmen and instructed her to help them in building their new city, while he approached the two clan leaders in an attempt to end the civil discord. Upon his return, however, Tott was displeased to learn that Sylvar was attempting to rally the Doneeta clansmen against the R'lyeks and turn them into soldiers. He instantly dismissed Sylvar's plan to take up arms and explained that through his mediation, the clan leaders decided to unify themselves into one tribe and effect a cease of aggressions. Ashamed at his fellow Jedi for so readily choosing violence over diplomacy, Doneeta admonished Sylvar for choosing unnecessary combat as a means to an end. Sylvar did not agree and believed that Tott's plan was folly; she requested then that he take her home to her native world of Cathar.

Lost cause
Upon their arrival on Cathar, Doneeta and Sylvar were greeted by a throng of the latter's admirers, who held her in high esteem as a hero for her exploits during the Sith War and as a prime representative of the Cathar race in the galaxy. Doneeta was taken aback by the zeal with which Sylvar's people cherished her, and he even accompanied her as she was honored during a parade held in her name. The Twi'lek felt that Sylvar, who sulked throughout the entire event, should have shown more gratitude for the pride the Cathar had taken in her. However, all she wanted was isolation, and in her opinion, pageants were a far cry from her desired solitude. Sylvar recognized her own rage, and after consulting one of her people's elders, asked that Doneeta accompany her in a ritual Cathar blood hunt, which she believed would help her in releasing some of her smoldering anger. The Twi'lek was honored by her request and obliged, and the pair set out for the Cathar desert.

Undaunted by the Cathar Jedi's speed, Tott Doneeta raced and kept up with her as she led him through the desert. Nearing their mark, he was awed by the carnage caused by their quarry—the giant omnivorous Kiltik insects of Cathar, which preyed upon any beast or being unfortunate enough to cross their path. The creatures were nocturnal, and because he and Sylvar were attacking by day, Doneeta was concerned that they would have to go deep within the Kiltik nest before any of the insects appeared. His theory was short-lived as a Kiltik guard soon confronted them, which Sylvar cut down easily with her lightsaber. Brandishing his own blue-bladed weapon, he was led by Sylvar deeper into caves until they happened upon the queen's lair. Instead of participating, Doneeta watched as she gave into her rage and slew every Kiltik in sight. It was then that he realized how unprepared he was to deal with the depth of Sylvar's rage, unable to help her cast it aside. He recognized the path on which she was traveling by allowing her negative emotions guide her actions, the same path by which Ulic Qel-Droma descended into darkness. Rather than attempt to convince Sylvar of her wrongs any further, Tott Doneeta left her in the Cathar desert to both remember Qel-Droma's fall and contemplate the fact that her own actions were taking her in the same direction. Unbeknownst to Doneeta, Ulic would later be the very individual to free Sylvar from her anger, after refusing to fight her on the planet Rhen Var.

Personality and traits
Tott Doneeta was a learned Twi'lek male, one who, besides being able to speak his native Ryl, was also fluent in Basic and Huttese. As a Jedi apprentice, he was a timid, though devout pupil who fervently studied the ways of the light and strictly adhered to its tenets. He idolized Master Jeth, and sought to follow his teacher's example as closely as possible. He only spoke when he was spoken to and was never a slave to emotions or heedless action; in fact, he would only ignite his lightsaber when all other options had been exhausted. In the way of his Twi'lek kinsmen, Doneeta was a keeper of the peace, who preferred to exercise intelligence and cunning rather than blatant violence. He would rather solve a conflict without aggression, and, even when action seemed like the only viable option, he still hesitated, opting instead to consult his Jedi Master before raising arms.

Though confident in his own strength in the light side of the Force, Tott Doneeta was familiar with the power of the dark side and never underestimated its ability to corrupt those willing to explore its nature. He never shirked his duty as a Knight of the Republic and readily went to protect those who had no defense against the dark side. As a Jedi Guardian, Tott Doneeta could always be seen fighting on the front lines of whatever battles he participated in. When fighting erupted on the library world of Ossus, Doneeta refrained; he instead assisted in the collection and preservation of whatever Jedi artifacts he could gather and was saddened by the fact that generations of Jedi lore would be lost in the planet's devastation. In the wake of the Sith War, Doneeta returned to his homeworld to settle a clan dispute that threatened to erupt into civil war. A new clan was ultimately formed from the two warring ones, a testament to the passive nature and diplomatic skill of Tott Doneeta.

Tott Doneeta was emotionally wounded when Master Jeth was killed during the surprise Krath assault on Deneba, but was not given over to anger or revenge because of it. The Twi'lek initially believed that after his friend Ulic had fallen to the dark side following his failed attempt to destroy the Krath from within, he could be rescued and redeemed. He eventually accepted the fact that Qel-Droma had willingly succumbed to the wiles of the Krath, and Doneeta's duty as a Jedi superseded his devotion to his friend, for whom he still cared deeply. Though at first hesitant, he decided leave Qel-Droma in Cinnagar to experience the consequences of his actions. During the Jedi's second attempt to claim Qel-Droma, Doneeta joined Ulic's brother Cay and former lover Nomi Sunrider, in spite of his prior reluctance to save the elder Qel-Droma, by providing aerial support for his team while they attempted to forcefully extract Ulic from the Krath Iron Citadel.

Later, during the battle of Ossus, Doneeta was mortified when he witnessed the murder of Cay at the hands of his own brother, and he was further numbed when Sunrider used her newly-learned Sever Force ability to render Ulic insensitive to the Force. However, in the face of compounded tragedy, Tott Doneeta remembered his commitment to the light side of the Force and never gave into the dark. A decade after the end of the Sith War, Tott Doneeta attempted to assist his fellow Jedi Knight and friend, the Cathar Sylvar, to lay aside her anger and hatred for Ulic Qel-Droma, who had never been convicted for his accused war crimes during his time as a Sith Lord. Though he tried several different approaches, Doneeta ultimately realized that Sylvar had issues that only she could resolve, and left her—with the memory of what Ulic had become—to do so on her own.

Powers and abilities
Piloting skills
Tott Doneeta was as experienced a pilot as he was a warrior. When riding in the Nebulon Ranger, Doneeta was most often at the helm, performing sudden evasive maneuvers when necessary or simply piloting the craft through hyperspace. After the liberation of Onderon, Doneeta was among the Jedi who received instruction in taming and flying the drexl war mounts of the Beast Riders. When the prototype Star Saber starfighters were made available to the Jedi, Tott Doneeta tested one under the call sign of "Jedi Four". When fellow Jedi Dace Diath crashed his test model during that same test run, the Twi'lek declined using one in the upcoming battle, choosing instead to fly his trustworthy S-100 Stinger-class fighter against the Krath in Cinnagar.

Force mastery
Tott Doneeta was especially sensitive to the Force, and was most comfortable when communing with nature. In combat, he chose to apply it in a variety of ways, though most often in defense of himself and his allies. Doneeta was proficient in the creation of shields of Force energy, having done so to absorb much of the brunt of an explosion caused suddenly by the Naddists in the palace of Iziz. The detonation overwhelmed him, however, and he was unable to maintain the shield for much longer afterward. When the Krath forces later invaded Coruscant during the Sith War, Doneeta formed a barrier that shielded himself and his comrades from the incoming firepower of the Mandalorian's Basilisk war droids.

Doneeta was capable of redirecting or deflecting blaster fire with both his lightsaber and his palms, having done so when fighting the Naddists on Onderon. Tott possessed the ability to block an individual's connection to the Force, and was also able to trap or purge dark side taints with the light side of the Force. On two occasions, Doneeta joined his fellow Jedi in creating walls of light; first subduing Ulic Qel-Droma during the Krath/Mandalorian raid on Coruscant and again over Yavin 4 to trap Exar Kun for thousands of years within the walls of his temple. In 3986 BBY Tott Doneeta came to the defense of his clansmen and attempted to protect them by using the Force to briefly stall a Ryloth heat storm. Through intense concentration, he briefly succeeded in holding the storm back before it overcame him. He survived with nothing more than a facial scar. Tott Doneeta was also trained in the use of Jedi battle meditation.

Aside from defensive applications, Tott Doneeta was attuned to the Force in other ways. Early in his Jedi career, he developed an unusual yet natural ability to telepathically communicate with beasts, a talent that proved useful when he tamed wild bomas as steeds to be ridden through the jungles of Onderon. Doneeta also understood the bomas when they told him of Princess Galia's whereabouts in the Beast Riders' citadel. When Queen Amanoa later revealed her Sith sorcery to the Jedi, Doneeta immediately recognized it to be that of the dark side and continued to feel as though his Force connection was being smothered by her spell of darkness. After Nomi Sunrider and her team of Knights arrived on Onderon to assist Doneeta and the other beleaguered Jedi during the Naddist Uprising, the Twi'lek felt his own Force strength renewed as Sunrider's battle meditation drove the power of King Ommin from the atmosphere of the planet. Tott was able to enter a hibernation trance when the need arose, and could restore another to consciousness should they be rendered comatose.

Weapons prowess
Tott Doneeta was a flat-footed master of the fourth form of lightsaber combat, Ataru. He built and wielded several different lightsabers during his time as a Jedi and, when dueling, switched between single and two-handed grips. His original weapon had a unique hilt design, one with a curved guard and pommel. This lightsaber originally produced a golden blade, one that Doneeta wielded during the Beast Wars of Onderon. He also occasionally used a straight-handled, purple-bladed lightsaber during that time, bound to his wrist by a fine cord when not affixed to his side. When the Naddist Revolt broke out, Doneeta continued to alternate between his curved-handle weapon, which now produced a green blade, and the straight purple one. The curved, green-bladed lightsaber remained with Doneeta throughout the Krath conflict, using it in battles that took place on Deneba and Coruscant. Later in life, after he returned to his homeworld of Ryloth, Doneeta chose to carry a rarely-seen Jedi katana; not a blade of energy, but rather one of curved metal. He also wielded a blue-bladed lightsaber with a straight and smooth cylindrical hilt in a reverse grip, doing so alongside Sylvar during her ritual blood hunt. Tott was also skilled with archaic pistols, pulse-wave and throwing weapons, and vehicle blasters.

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