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Section of Site: Characters D6Belongs to Faction: Galactic EmpireSubtype: Non-Player CharacterEra: Post EmpireCanon: EU

Name: Feena D'Asta
Homeworld: Nez Peron
Died: 13 ABY
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Hair color: White
Eye color: Black
Move: 10

        Blaster: 5D+1
        Dodge: 5D
        Melee Weapons: 4D+2
        Melee Parry: 4D+1
        Running: 5D
        Bargain: 5D+2
        Command: 5D+2
        Con: 6D+1
        Hide: 4D+2
        Persuasion: 6D+2
        Sneak: 5D+1
        Alien Species: 4D+2
        Bureaucracy: 6D+1
        Business: 4D
        Cultures: 4D+2
        Languages: 5D+1
        Planetary Systems: 4D+2
        Brawling: 3D+2
        Stamina: 5D
        Beast Riding: 3D+2
        Communications: 4D
        Repulsorlift Operation: 4D+2
        Computer Programming/Repair: 4D
        First Aid: 3D+2
        Security: 4D+2

        Credits: Vast Personal Wealth
                Expensive Wardrobe, Concealed Blaster Pistol (4D), Comlink


Description: Feena D'Asta was a politician in the Imperial Remnant and the daughter of Baron Ragez D'Asta. Noted for her ambition, she was friends with Mirith Sinn, the wife of her father's business partner. In 7 ABY, she was kidnapped by the combined agents of Black Sun and Grappa the Hutt, and replaced with a clone. Kir Kanos later rescued her.

On the Interim Ruling Council
In the years following the Battle of Endor, Feena's father, Baron Ragez D'Asta, was a member of the Imperial Ruling Council. Eventually, the Baron grew ill and Feena took his seat on the council. In her time on the Council, D'Asta was noted for her fervor in representing her father's interests.

In 6 ABY, Y'ull Acib took control of Black Sun and attempted to infiltrate the Imperial Ruling Council. To this end, he had members of Black Sun kidnap Feena D'Asta in 7 ABY. A clone of D'Asta was planted on the Council by Black Sun. The clone's appearance went unnoticed by the Ruling Council because Black Sun kept the real D'Asta drugged as a source of information. Baron D'Asta had had no contact with his daughter since before the kidnapping and remained unaware of the switch.

Grappa the Hutt
Four years after her kidnapping, in a deal with Black Sun member Macus Kayniph, Grappa the Hutt traded a shipment of gree spice for the real Feena D'Asta. D'Asta was taken to Genon where she remained a prisoner. During a party celebrating the trade, Mirith Sinn, her old childhood friend, attempted to rescue D'Asta, but was interrupted when Massimo betrayed her to Grappa.

Grappa the Hutt slowly lost control of events going on around him, and Mirith Sinn returned to Genon with Tav Kennede and several New Republic fighters. She forced Grappa to turn over D'Asta and Kir Kanos, who had recently been captured.

Reunion with Baron D'Asta
While the rescue was taking place, Baron D'Asta attacked the new Emperor Xandel Carivus for the imprisonment of his daughter. The baron was unaware that the Feena imprisoned was actually a clone of his daughter.

Later years
In 13 ABY, she represented her father in a meeting with Gilad Pellaeon, urging him to consider a truce with the New Republic as the price of returning their sector into the Empire. She contacted Mirith Sinn on Coruscant to get her help in suggesting the truce to the New Republic. She eventually met Mirith Sinn and Kir Kanos but the negotiations were interrupted when they were attacked by stormtroopers of a dissident Imperial faction, the Restored Empire. Feena D'Asta was killed during the ambush.

Sinn and Kanos later returned Feena's body to her father on Nez Peron.

Clone of Feena D'Asta
When her father, Ragez D'Asta, retired from the Imperial Ruling Council sometime after her kidnapping, he appointed Feena to take his place, not knowing the daughter he was appointing was a clone.

The clone was inserted into the Council, where she participated in the plotting of Carnor Jax and later advocated an end to the war against the New Republic. She was falsely suspected of having assassinated Burr Nolyds, and called for a Vote of No Confidence against Xandel Carivus—who had her arrested for treason.

New Republic Intelligence agent Mirith Sinn attempted to rescue her, but was captured herself. It fell upon Kir Kanos to rescue both women. He then returned the clone to her father, who opted to isolate his sector from both the New Republic and the Imperial Remnant.

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Stats by FreddyB, descriptive text from WookieePedia.
Image copyright LucasArts.
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