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Section of Site: Characters D6Belongs to Faction: IndependentSubtype: Non-Player CharacterEra: New RepublicCanon: Yes

Name: Migs Mayfeld
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Hair color: Red (beard)
Eye color: Blue
Skin color: Light
Move: 10

                Blaster: 8D
                Brawling Parry 6D
                Dodge 7D+1
                Grenade 5D
                Missile Weapons 7D
                Vehicle Blasters 5D+2
                Bargain: 5D
                Command: 5D+2
                Con: 8D
                Gambling: 5D
                Hide: 6D
                Persuasion: 5D+2
                Search: 6D+2
                Sneak: 7D
                Alien Species: 4D+1
                Intimidation: 6D
                Planetary Systems: 5D
                Streetwise: 6D+2
                Survival: 6D+1
                Value: 5D
                Willpower: 5D+1
                Brawling: 5D
                Climbing/Jumping: 6D+1
                Stamina: 5D
                Astrogation: 4D+1
                Communications: 5D+1
                Ground Vehicle Operation: 6D
                Repulsorlift Operation: 5D+2
                Space Transports: 4D+1
                Starfighter Piloting: 5D
                Starship Gunnery: 5D+2
                Blaster Repair: 6D+1
                Computer Programming/Repair: 5D+1
                Demolitions: 5D+2
                First Aid: 4D
                Security: 6D+2

EQUIPMENT: (1500 Credits)
                3 x Heavy Blaster Pistol (5D), Blaster Rifle, Comlink, Droid Arm allowing 3rd Blaster to be used, Dark Shirt and Pants along with Brown Gloves and Boots,
                Later: Blaster Pistol (4D), Imperial Combat Armor Cuirass(Head, Body + Arms (+2D Physical, +1D Energy) Legs (+2 Physical, +1 Energy), -1 Move)


Description: Migs Mayfeld, known as Inmate 34667 while incarcerated, was a human male mercenary who was a former sharpshooter in the Imperial Military. During the time of the New Republic, Mayfeld was recruited by the criminal Ranzar Malk to lead a team to rescue the prisoner Qin from Bothan-Five, a New Republic Correctional Transport. Malk, Mayfeld, and the team intended to betray the Mandalorian Din Djarin, who had also been hired for use of his ship, the Razor Crest.

During the mission, Mayfeld led the team aboard the prison ship and entered the control room, encountering a New Republic soldier named Davan at the controls. After Davan was killed, the team reached Qin's cell, before they betrayed Djarin by trapping him in the cell. However, Mayfeld and his allies were defeated by Djarin after he escaped the cell, proceeding to deliver Qin to Malk alone. Mayfeld was later sentenced to 50 years of service at the Karthon Chop Fields for his involvement in the mission. Djarin later sought him out for assistance in tracking down Moff Gideon's ship, a mission which took them to an Imperial Remnant refinery on Morak. While there, Mayfeld killed his former superior Valin Hess and caused heavy damage to a substantial section of the refinery. He was subsequently set free by New Republic Marshal Carasynthia Dune.

Sharpshooter of the Empire
Migs Mayfeld served as a sharpshooter in the Imperial Military. During his career with the Empire, Mayfeld served under Imperial officer Valin Hess as a field operative. Mayfeld was present on Burnin Konn during Operation: Cinder. His entire division of five to ten thousand men were killed as part of the Operation. Despite the division being hailed as heroes, Mayfeld wondered if it was good for those who perished along with their families and comrades.

Working as a mercenary
Mayfeld left the Empire and became a mercenary in the employ of the criminal Ranzar Malk. During that time, he also became a wanted New Republic criminal. Around 9 ABY, Mayfeld was selected by Malk as the leader of a team tasked with rescuing the Twi'lek criminal Qin aboard the New Republic Correctional Transport Bothan-Five located near the Dilestri system alongside the Devaronian Burg, the droid Q9-0 "Zero" and Xi'an, Qin's sister. While aboard the Roost space station, Mayfeld was introduced to an additional member of the team by Malk, the Mandalorian Din Djarin, Mayfeld was also informed about Malk's prior work with the Mandalorian.

Walking around the station's hangar, Mayfeld took notice of Djarin's personal ship, the Razor Crest, which was to be used to transport the team to Qin's location. He remarked that the Crest looked like a "Canto Bight slot machine," before introducing Djarin to the rest of the team, briefing them on their mission, and boarding the Crest.

The job
While Zero piloted the Crest in hyperspace, Mayfeld and the others were seated in the ship's cargo hold. He attempted to break up an altercation between Burg and Djarin, and learned more of Djarin's past from Xi'an. Mayfeld then proceeded to mock Djarin for keeping his face concealed under a helmet. A fight soon broke out between Djarin and Burg after the Devaronian attempted to remove his helmet. Burg accidentally opened a compartment after being knocked back, revealing a child named Grogu inside.

Surprised at Grogu’s existence, Mayfeld proceeded to ask multiple questions about him and picked him up. Zero suddenly dropped the Crest out of hyperspace, causing Mayfeld to stumble and drop Grogu. After the Crest was docked to the New Republic prison ship, the team entered Bothan-Five and began their search for Qin. Mayfeld led the team around the ship's hallways, before encountering an MSE-6 series repair droid. Despite Mayfeld's objections, Burg shot the droid, alerting a group of security droids to their location.

The team was initially pinned down, but continued on their mission after Djarin destroyed the droids, with Mayfeld mocking the Mandalorian's efforts. The team entered the control room, only to discover a soldier named Davan at the controls. While a standoff ensued, Mayfeld inspected the ship's controls and learned of the location of Qin's prison cell, before Davan revealed a homing beacon. Tensions grew between Djarin and the team over deciding whether or not to kill Davan. The standoff ended when Xi'an ended the soldier's life, but not before he activated the beacon and signaled a New Republic attack team.

Betraying the Mandalorian
With the team under a strict time limit, they rushed towards Qin's cell. After Qin was freed, Mayfeld and the team proceeded to trap Djarin within the cell and leave him behind. Djarin later escaped the cell by hijacking a security droid. As the team proceeded to make their way back to the Razor Crest, Zero contacted Mayfeld and informed him that Djarin had escaped, before the Mandalorian began closing the doors around them via the control room. Mayfeld and Qin were separated from Burg and Xi'an when a door closed in between them. After Xi'an and Burg left to hunt for Djarin, Qin ordered Mayfeld to get him off the prison ship and leave Burg and his sister behind. The Twi'lek also offered the mercenary triple the amount offered by Malk for eliminating Djarin and completing the mission.

While searching for the Mandalorian, Mayfeld eliminated a number of security droids along the way. Standing at an intersection, Mayfeld was falsely alarmed by a mouse droid. Unbeknownst to the mercenary, Djarin, who had defeated Burg and Xi'an prior, approached him from behind and incapacitated him. Mayfeld was then imprisoned in one of the ship's cells alongside Xi'an and Burg. Djarin then proceeded to capture Qin himself and destroyed Zero in the process, earning an arrest warrant from the New Republic.

Unknown to Mayfeld and the entire team, their actions aboard Bothan-Five were recorded in the ship's security records. When New Republic pilot Carson Teva later confronted Djarin regarding his actions aboard the prison ship, the captain mentioned Mayfeld, Xi'an, and Burg's statuses as wanted criminals and allowed the Mandalorian to roam free for attempting to protect Davan from the three mercenaries and subsequently capturing them.

Following his apprehension, Mayfeld's profile was added to a New Republic prison registry, and he was sentenced to 50 years of service at the Karthon Chop Fields for his involvement in freeing Qin and murdering Davan. There, he was designated "Inmate 34667" and was made to help scrap old Imperial technology. Djarin later inquired about Mayfeld's whereabouts through the New Republic marshal Cara Dune. After briefly going through Mayfeld's arrest details on the registry, Dune asked the reason for his interest, to which Djarin revealed his intent to spring Mayfeld from prison in the hopes of tracking down Moff Gideon's light cruiser.

Djarin, Dune, and their allies traveled to the Karthon Chop Fields to retrieve Mayfeld. Dune had a security droid approach the mercenary, disturbing the him from his work on a TIE fighter wreckage and ordering him to descend and receive new instructions. The droid then ordered him to salute to Dune as she arrived to take the mercenary away, Mayfeld's ankle security brace deactivating simultaneously.

Confused as to where he was being taken, Mayfeld was made to follow the marshal to the Firespray-31-class patrol and attack craft Slave I while questioned what was happening. The Mandalorian Boba Fett and assassin Fennec Shand exited Slave I, and mercenary briefly thought that Fett had been Djarin. Djarin himself then came out of the attack craft, and the mercenary nervously greeted him. Dune revealed that they needed him as he had been affiliated with the Empire, Djarin specifying that Mayfeld's experience with Imperial clearances and protocols were of use to the group.

Mission to Morak
Mayfeld was brought onboard Slave I to help Dune, along with Djarin, Boba Fett, and Fennec Shand, locate Moff Gideon's cruiser. Needing an internal Imperial terminal to access its coordinates, he revealed that there was a terminal in a secret Imperial mining hub on the planet Morak, where an Imperial remnant operated. There, Mayfeld and Djarin commandeered a Imperial Combat Assault Transport designated Juggernaut Five that was carrying rhydonium and disguised themselves as Juggernaut Pilots. When the other juggernauts were destroyed by pirates, Djarin fended them off while Mayfeld was driving.

Upon arriving at the refinery, they were hailed as heroes, being the only transport to successfully deliver the rhydonium. Mayfeld went to the officers mess hall to access the terminal and promptly exited, telling Djarin he cannot complete the mission, as his former commanding officer Valin Hess was inside. After Djarin went to the terminal in his place and was questioned by Hess, Mayfeld stepped in to cover for him, at the risk of Hess recognizing him.

Hess invited them both for a drink to congratulate their success on the transport delivery. While talking, Mayfeld became increasingly agitated with how willing Hess was to throw away lives, referencing Operation: Cinder and the atrocities committed on Burnin Konn. When Hess made a toast to the Empire. Mayfeld shot him, against Djarin's judgement. Djarin and Mayfeld escaped to the roof, where Fett picked them up in Slave I. As they flew away, Mayfeld asked Djarin to hand him a cycler rifle. Mayfeld then used it to ignite the rhydonium on the juggernaut they had commandeered earlier, destroying the juggernaught and causing significant damage to the refinery, telling Djarin that it would help him sleep at night. Once they were in the clear, they rendezvoused with Dune and Shand. Mayfeld prepared to be taken back to the shipyards as a prisoner, but Dune commented on the unfortunate "death" of Mayfeld in the refinery explosion, telling him that he could walk free on Morak.

Personality and traits
A human male, Migs Mayfeld was bald and had a red hair beard, light skin, and blue eyes. As the smart-mouthed leader of Malk's crew, he was serious about his work but was also prone to being condescending towards Din Djarin and joking around him, at one point suggesting that Djarin was a Gungan after the Mandalorian did not remove his helmet. Mayfeld also admitted that he did not have the temperament or patience to take care of pets when observing the infant aboard the Razor Crest.

Skills and abilities
Ranzar Malk described Mayfeld as one of the "best triggermen" he'd ever seen; the mercenary eliminated three security droids in quick succession while aboard Bothan-Five. Mayfeld was capable with a variety of weapons. He was able to use Boba Fett's cycler rifle with great accuracy to destroy rhydonium shipments on Morak while standing aboard a boarding ramp of a moving Slave I. He was crafty and a quick thinker, cleverly helping Djarin retain his disguise when his companion was questioned by Hess, saying that Djarin had damaged hearing after an incident on Taanab.

Mayfeld wore a dark shirt and pants along with brown gloves and boots. For weaponry, he carried a trio of blaster pistols, two of which were holstered around his chest and a third in a droid arm attached to his backpack, allowing him to fire all three weapons at once.

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Stats by FreddyB, descriptive text from WookieePedia.
Image copyright LucasArts.
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