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Section of Site: Planets D6Belongs to Faction: Galactic EmpireSubtype: PlanetsEra: New RepublicCanon: EU

Name: Balmorra
Region: Colonies
System: Balmorra system
Suns: 1
Moons: 4
Grid coordinates: M-10
Distance from Core: about 10,000 light-years
Rotation period: 47 standard hours
Orbital period: 554 local days
Class: Terrestrial
Atmosphere: Type I (breathable)
Climate: Temperate
Gravity: Standard
Primary terrain: Canyons, Industrial, Plains, Mountains, Urban
Points of interest: Gorinth Canyon, Hazard Vault 305, Imperial Construction Yards, Markaran Plains, Sundari Flatlands
Fauna: Balmorran maweater, Balmorran metal parasite, Bormu, Stunfinn, Swoopstriker, Wingmaw, Zeldrate
Immigrated species: Colicoid, Human, Hutt, Twi'lek
Primary language(s): Galactic Basic Standard
Demonym: Balmorran
Major cities: Bin Prime (capital), Bugtown, Sobrik
Major imports: Foodstuffs, Technology
Major exports: Weapons

Description: Balmorra was a factory world that was located within the Balmorra system, situated in a strategic position between the Colonies and the border of the Core Worlds. Due to its intense industrial manufacturing it was known as one of the most important foundry worlds in the Republic's space, where some of the most advanced weaponry and battle droids were constantly produced throughout most of the planet's history.

Since Balmorra was very rich in iron and other minerals it gradually became one of the most recognizable factory worlds in the Galactic space. Large parts of Balmorra's surface was covered in industrial wastelands, which still contained most of the earliest assembly lines and refineries on the planet. Although manufacturing weaponry was the primary profit for the Balmorrian economy, the planet's atmosphere suffered greatly from the high pollution, which was emitted from the countless industrial plants.

Also a significant part of wide plains and urban areas were located on Balmorra's surface, like the planet's capital Bin Prime. Though it was known that Balmorran metal parasites feasted on metals in these urban areas, which made a longterm problem for the Balmorran government to solve this issue. Apart from the rest the Balmorra flu was also presumably from the world.

The world began as a colony of Humbarine. Due to slow interstellar travel and communications, it was one of several colony worlds that declared their independence.

During the settlement of Balmorra, while the Republic was still in its infancy, Balmorra quickly established itself as a haven for renowned weapon and battle droid manufacturers. While determined to remain independent of the Republic, they became strong allies supplying the Galactic Republic and the greater galaxy with advanced droids and weapons.

Republic era
Balmorra joined the Galactic Republic prior to the Indecta Era. During the Alsakan Conflicts, it supported Coruscant.

Balmorra was a battlesite during the Hundred-Year Darkness. In that conflict, Leviathans bred by the Dark Jedi splintered the Jedi barricades on the planet. During the Great Galactic War the reconstituted Sith Empire resolved to seize Balmorra due to their military manufacturing plants and strategic location close to the Core Worlds. The Republic immediately sent soldiers to prevent that from happening. As the Great Galactic War continued and the Sith Empire's control continued to spread, the strained Republic began removing forces from Balmorra for redeployment to more important conflicts. This continued until the Treaty of Coruscant was signed.

The Republic base designated 11A had been established on Balmorra and was still under Republic control until the Treaty was signed. The commander of the base, General Buryn was assigned to leave the base with his troops as per the terms of the Treaty. General Buryn wanted to fulfill his orders, however the Jedi Fortris Gall insisted that the Republic team that was held captive by the Sith, Demolitions Squad 419, had to be freed first. The Jedi traveled to the Troida Military Workshop, where the soldiers were held hostage, without the permission of Buryn. Buryn chose to remain on planet after the Treaty's enforced deadline and waited for Fortis. Master Orgus Din soon joined the General and Jedi Fortis, to convince them both to leave the planet in an attempt to prevent further battles with the Sith, and to begin following the terms of the Treaty.

Following the treaty and the beginning of the Cold War, the Republic was forced to officially end its support for Balmorra. However a small underground Republic force was left on the planet to aid in a resistance against the remaining Sith Empire. However, most Balmorrans shared the view that they had been abandoned by the Republic. Surprisingly, the remaining underground resistance prevented the Sith Empire from ever taking complete control of the planet. A number of years after the treaty was signed, with the fragile brokered peace between the Sith Empire remaining, the Republic began reintroducing Republic forces to the planet and while the Balmorrans were receptive to the assistance, their resentment of being abandoned in the past remained. At the same time, the Sith Empire attempted to escalate their presence on the planet in a further attempt to claim Balmorra's battle droids and weaponry.

Sometime during the Eternal Empire's invasion of the galaxy, Prince Arcann and Thexan of the Eternal Empire led an assault on Balmorra. The Eternal Flagship swiftly knocked out Balmorra's planetary defense system, allowing the twin princes to capture the world's weapon factories intact. The Eternal Empire then placed a Star Fortress around the planet in command of the Exarch Malforia, whom was then kidnapped by the spymaster known as the Shroud who later had the Star Fortress destroyed, leaving the planet free from Eternal Empire oppression temporarily.

Prior to the Clone Wars, Balmorran corporations were part of the Techno Union which produced B1 battle droids on the planet. The planet initially refused to secede when the conflict erupted. However, when the Republic tried to close the Techno Union droid factories, Balmorra eventually joined the Confederacy of Independent Systems. The planet seceded from the Galactic Republic in 22 BBY and was given a fleet of Lucrehulk-class battleships to defend it. Balmorra was also the headquarters of Balmorran Arms, which manufactured SD-6 Hulk infantry droids.

Imperial era
Under the New Order, Governor Hinch Beltane ran the planet and oversaw production. During the reign of Galactic Emperor Palpatine, the Balmorrans manufactured weapons for the Imperial Army with strong ties to Kuat Drive Yards, and were the primary builders of the AT-ST walker.

The Balmorrans longed for independence from the Galactic Empire, wishing for a free market on which to sell their vaunted weapons technology. Although there was mutual good feeling between the Rebel Alliance and the natives of Balmorra, liberation would have been impossible, as the planet was well defended, and isolated from the other planets held by the Rebels.

Instead, the Alliance launched a hit-and-run sabotage effort, using the cover of the night to go undetected by Imperial sensor arrays. It was not until Luke Skywalker and Rogue Squadron had demolished much of the weaponry under construction in the yards that any kind of serious retaliation force was launched.

By 4 ABY, the planet had become an Imperial fortress world. Balmorra remained under Imperial control until at least 6 ABY. Years later, the planet was liberated by the New Republic following the Battle of Endor, and it remained independent for years. Balmorra was brought back into Imperial service during the Emperor's reappearance, but following Palpatine's supposed death near Da Soocha, the rebellious Balmorrans began arming the New Republic.

In retaliation, the planet was attacked by a force under the command of Military Executor Sedriss QL, including Shadow Droids and SD-9-series battle droids. After suffering surprising losses at the hands of Balmorra's SD-10 battle droids and new Viper Automatons, Sedriss called off his attack in exchange for a shipment of the molecularly-shielded droids.

Later history
During the Yuuzhan Vong War, the Senator for Balmorra offered any planet ground-based turbolasers in exchange for protection by a fleet during a panicked session of the Senate.

During the Second Galactic Civil War elements of the Confederation Fleet attacked Balmorra in their push to reach the Core Worlds. This resulted in the Second Battle of Balmorra.

Places of Interest
Bin Prime
Bin Prime was the headquarters of planetary governor Beltane during his administration under the Imperial occupation of the planet. Despite their income from producing Imperial war machines, Beltane wanted Balmorra free from the Empire. After the Battle of Endor, the world broke away from Imperial influence. During Operation Shadow Hand, it was attacked by Executor Sedriss QL, who sent an invasion army towards the capital. Bin Prime was saved by the numerous technological achievements Balmorra had made in the intervening years, as new battle droid models held the force at bay, before they could reach the fortified city's borders.

Bugtown, formerly known as the Farnel Research Facility or Lab 352, was a genetic research facility located in the Broken Valley on the planet Balmorra, next to Lake Farnell. Prior to the Great Galactic War, the facility focused on experimenting with Colicoid DNA donated by the Colicoid Creation Nest, and they created mutated Colicoids that were to be weaponized. However, the Sith Empire bombarded much of Balmorra during the war, and the Colicoids were freed in the chaos.

The insectoid aliens quickly overran the facility, killing all of the staff and transforming most of the buildings into nests. The area became known as "Bugtown" due to the Colicoid infestation, which gradually spread to other areas of Balmorra. During the Galactic War, the Galactic Republic established a beachhead at Bugtown in the form of Farnel Outpost.

The original capital of Balmorra, Sobrik was a city and industrial region located on the planet Balmorra. Located in the city was Sunken Sarlacc cantina and many Imperial Bunkers, including the headquarters Camp Vigil, set up by the Sith Empire, and was their center of operations, thanks to its position near the Balmorran Arms factory, as well as Troida Military Workshop and Okara Droid Factory to the south and south-east respectively.

The city of Sobrik was built as the original capital of the planet Balmorra, though around the time of the Jedi Civil War, the city of Bin Prime was chosen to replace it. As such it was later shrunk, and during the Battle of Balmorra was repetitively bombarded and then rebuilt by Imperial engineers

During the invasion, Sobrik was generally seen with Imperial vehicles and troops patrolling the city, and it gave a strong impression to any on-looking Republic spies. The city housed a spaceport, a cantina, and many Imperial buildings, such as bases, control centers and barracks. It also featured a account building where civilians could store their belongings.

Gorinth Canyon
The Gorinth Canyon was a large system of ravines on the planet Balmorra, located near the city of Sobrik.

Hazard Vault 305
Hazard Vault 305 was a facility built on the planet Balmorra by the time of the Cold War. It was part of the Balmorran government's initiative to protect their thriving industrial world that led to the creation of a series of tightly sealed underground vaults. These were to be used for the storage of toxic waste that was produced by the world's many factories. Hazard Vault 305 itself was built in a pre-existing cave and intended to collect the waste from the Balmorran Arms Factory.

Unknown to anyone, the cave was in fact used by the Sith Lord Tulak Hord to hide one of his artifacts. During the Sith Empire's invasion of Balmorra, missile barrages damaged the hazard vault and led to its contents leaking. However, this also provided a means of entry into Hazard Vault 305 for anyone that was able to survive the deadly waste and Mutated Colicoids infesting it.

Markaran Plains
The Markaran Plains were a region on the planet Balmorra. The Jacent Valley was located in the plains, and both the Sith Empire and the Balmorran resistance maintained several outposts in the area at various points during the battle for control of the planet.

Sundari Flatlands
The Sundari Flatlands was a region on the planet Balmorra. During the Great Galactic War and the Cold War, it was a hotly contested area because of the Balmorran Arms Factory's location there.

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Stats by FreddyB, descriptive text from WookieePedia.
Image copyright LucasArts.
Any complaints, writs for copyright abuse, etc should be addressed to the Webmaster FreddyB.