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Section of Site: Characters D6Belongs to Faction: Galactic EmpireSubtype: Non-Player CharacterEra: New RepublicCanon: EU

Name: Xecr Nist
Died: c. 11 ABY
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Eye color: Yellow
Skin color: Light
Move: 10

         Blaster: 4D
         Brawling Parry: 3D+2
         Dodge: 5D+2
         Lightsaber: 6D+1
         Melee Combat: 4D
         Melee Parry: 4D+1
         Bargain: 5D+1
         Command: 4D+2
         Con: 6D+2
         Persuasion: 5D+1
         Search: 4D
         Sneak: 5D+2
         Bureaucracy: 7D+1
         Intimidation: 5D
         Scholar (Sith Lore): 5D+1
         Streetwise: 4D+1
         Survival: 4D+2
         Tactics: 6D
         Willpower: 5D
         Brawling: 4D+2
         Climbing/Jumping: 4D+1
         Space Transports: 4D+2
         Astrogation: 4D
         Repulsorlift Operation: 3D+2
         First Aid: 3D
         Lightsaber Repair: 5D+1
         Security: 4D

         Control: 5D+2
         Sense: 5D+2
         Alter: 5D
Force Powers:- Absorb/Dissipate Energy, Accelerate Healing, Control Pain, Detoxify Poison, Reduce Injury, Remain Conscious, Resist Stun, Life Detection, Life Sense, Magnify Senses, Telekinesis, Lightsaber Combat, Affect Mind, Enhance Attribute, Rage, Combat Sense, Danger Sense, Injure/Kill, Telekinetic kill, Inflict pain

         Dark Robes, Heavy Boots and Gauntlets, Hood. Lightsaber. (5D)

        * Dark Side Energy

Description: Xecr Nist was a Human male Dark Side Adept and an advisor serving Galactic Emperor Palpatine, who had been reborn in clone bodies after his death at the hands of Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker and his sister Leia Organa Solo. Soon after Palpatine's rebirth, Nist, along with another adept, Tedryn-Sha, accompanied him on an inspection tour of his new superweapon, the Galaxy Gun. During the tour, Palpatine was informed that two Dark Jedi members of his Dark Side Elite, Executor Sedriss, and Vill Goir, had been killed by Skywalker on the planet Ossus. To replace his fallen Dark Jedi, the Emperor empowered Xecr Nist and Tedryn-Sha with the dark side of the Force and named Nist his new Executor. Soon after that, Nist, along with the rest of the Dark Side Elite, was dispatched to the planet New Alderaan to kidnap the children of Leia Organa Solo, Jaina and Jacen, whom the Emperor wanted to turn to the dark side.

The Dark Jedi failed their mission because of the interference from Luke Skywalker's Jedi. Four members of the Dark Side Elite were killed during the operation, and the New Republic troops stationed on the planet managed to escape with the Solo children. Returning from New Alderaan, Nist took possession of Bast Castle on the planet Vjun, while Palpatine used his Galaxy Gun to bring a number of planets under his rule. As a result of its genetic instability, the Emperor's clone body soon began to decay. In need for a gene sample taken from a Force-sensitive to make new clones, Palpatine sent Nist to capture several members of the Jedi-descended Ysanna tribe on Ossus. Nist completed the task and took three Ysanna shamans to Vjun but was followed there by Skywalker and his Jedi. After a brief battle between the Dark Jedi and their light side rivals, all members of the Dark Side Elite were killed, except for the Executor himself. Nist was captured by Skywalker and later died in a New Republic prison.

The Human male Xecr Nist was a Dark Side Adept loyal to Galactic Emperor Palpatine and his Dark Empire regime. After Palpatine was killed in 10 ABY by the Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker and his sister Leia Organa Solo, he was reborn in one of his clone bodies stored in the Emperor's Citadel on the planet Byss. During this time, Nist served Palpatine as one of his personal advisors. Soon after the Emperor's return, Nist, along with his fellow darksider Tedryn-Sha and the Imperial engineer Umak Leth, accompanied Palpatine aboard a shuttle on an inspection tour of the newest Imperial superweapon, the Galaxy Gun, which was nearing completing in orbit of Byss. As their shuttle circled around the Galaxy Gun, Palpatine received word that Executor Sedriss and Vill Goir—two members of the Dark Side Elite, a select cadre of the Emperor's Dark Jedi—had been killed by Luke Skywalker on the planet Ossus. Fearing that, without his Dark Side warriors, Skywalker could triumph over him, Palpatine quickly turned his attention to Nist and Tedryn-Sha. Stating that they had made progress in submitting to his will, Palpatine imbued Nist and Tedryn-Sha with the dark side, granting them powers of the Dark Jedi and naming Xecr Nist the new Executor to replace the fallen Sedriss. In turn, Tedryn-Sha was made Palpatine's second-in-command.

As the Emperor continued his inspection of the Galaxy Gun with Nist, Tedryn-Sha, and Leth, a cargo of new X-1 Viper droids arrived on Byss, bought from governor Beltane of the planet Balmorra. Unbeknownst to the Imperials, Beltane had made a deal with the New Republic and allowed them to load the droids with New Republic soldiers. Once the droids were delivered to Byss, the soldiers activated them and assaulted the Emperor's Citadel. The Emperor then commanded his adepts in the Citadel to unleash his chrysalide rancors, which decimated the Vipers, although the New Republic troops themselves managed to escape with the help of some local smugglers. Certain that his Galaxy Gun would crush the New Republic despite the enemies' escape, Palpatine told his forces not to waste firepower on the fleeing smuggler ships, much to the surprise of his newly-appointed Dark Jedi. Instead, Palpatine gave an order to fire his new weapon at the New Republic Pinnacle Base on the moon Da Soocha V.

New Alderaan
With Pinnacle Base successfully obliterated by the Galaxy Gun and the remnants of the New Republic scattered throughout the galaxy, Palpatine was certain that Luke Skywalker and all Jedi he had managed to assemble would flee straight to the secret hiding place of Leia Organa Solo and her children—the twins Jaina and Jacen, whom the Emperor hoped to turn over to the dark side. Soon, a New Republic pilot named Ntthan was captured by the Empire in an uncharted region of space and delivered to Bast Castle on the planet Vjun, where Dark Jedi Kvag Gthull started torturing him on Organa Solo's location. To oversee the results of Ntthan's interrogation, Nist accompanied Palpatine to Bast Castle aboard the Lambda-class shuttle Tridius, where he was awed by the statue of the Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Vader that had been erected by the late Sedriss. Noticing Nist's admiration of the statue, Palpatine ordered the Executor to remove it. The Emperor then proceeded to question Gthull on the progress of the interrogation, and the Dark Jedi informed Palpatine that Ntthan had revealed the coordinates and the name of the planet—New Alderaan.

Having received this information, Palpatine ordered Nist to mobilize the members of the Dark Side Elite and depart for New Alderaan, where they were to capture Skywalker and all his Jedi, along with Organa Solo's children. After that, the Dark Side Elite was to utilize AT-AT walkers to destroy the New Republic settlement on the planet. Boarding I-7 Howlrunner starships, the Dark Jedi squadron, known as of Dark Side Squadron, departed for New Alderaan. After landing on the planet, Nist dispatched Tedryn-Sha and Krdys Mordi to poison Skywalker with scarab droids and capture him, while he and the rest of the Dark Jedi went to kidnap the Solo twins. Sha and Mordi, however, failed to complete their mission and were killed by Organa Solo and one of Skywalker's Jedi, Jem Ysanna, although Jem herself was mortally wounded by Sha and soon died as well. Meanwhile, Nist and the other Dark Jedi reached the building where the Solo children were located. After being informed of Sha and Mordi's failure, Nist ordered Kvag Gthull to infiltrate the building and capture the twins.

While Gthull departed to perform the kidnapping, the Executor and the three remaining Dark Jedi were confronted by three of Skywalker's Jedi—Empatojayos Brand, Rayf Ysanna, and the Dark Side Elite defector Kam Solusar. After a brief lightsaber duel, one darksider was killed and Nist himself was bested by Solusar. Although defeated, the Executor was quick to order Gthull, who had managed to capture the twins, to order the AT-ATs to attack. Gthull followed Nist's command and alerted the AT-ATs, but he was spotted by the Jedi and was killed by Organa Solo's blaster shot immediately thereafter. With both attempts at capturing the Solo twins and Skywalker having failed, Nist and the two remaining members of the Dark Side Elite took advantage of their enemies' preoccupation with the AT-AT attack and retreated to their Howlrunners.

As the New Republic troopers on New Alderaan found themselves fighting against the overwhelming forces of AT-ATs, the same smugglers who had escaped from Byss arrived, backed by an X-Wing flight group. The smugglers engaged the AT-ATs and evacuated all surviving New Republic personnel, including Skywalker, Skywalker's Jedi, Organa Solo, and the twins. Xecr Nist and his Dark Jedi chased the fleeing smuggler ships in their Howlrunners, but the smugglers were able to escape by making a jump to hyperspace.

Abduction of the Ysanna
After the failed mission on New Alderaan, Palpatine restored the number of the Dark Side Elite back to seven by 11 ABY and promised Nist an entire star system should the Executor bring Skywalker's dead body to him. All the while, the Emperor continued to use his Galaxy Gun, destroying such targets as the New Republic troopship Pelagia, inspiring fear and forcing many planets to swear loyalty to the Empire. During this time, Nist took possession of Bast Castle, which had once belonged to Sedriss, and prior to him, to Darth Vader himself. Disobeying Palpatine, Nist did not remove the statue of Vader, hoping that the Emperor would forget his order. Soon, Palpatine himself began to suffer from the decaying effects of his clone's genetic instability, a result of a treachery of the Emperor's physician, who had been bribed by Royal Guard Carnor Jax to secretly tamper with the genetic material of the clones.

Since all other clones had been previously destroyed by Skywalker and the two turncoat Imperial Ruling Council members Nefta and Sa-Di, and new clones could not be bred from the faulty genetic material, Palpatine needed a gene sample taken from a Force-sensitive to restore his line of clones. To this end, Palpatine dispatched Nist to Ossus, ordering the Executor to bring several members of the native Ysanna tribe, who were descended from Jedi, to Vjun. Landing on Ossus, Nist and his stormtroopers quickly secured three Ysanna shamans and proceeded to herd them into Imperial hunter starships. During the loading process, one of the shamans, Okko, tried to mind trick a stormtrooper into letting him go. Sensing Okko's usage of the Force, Nist punched the shaman, freeing the stormtrooper from the effects of the mind trick. Having captured the shamans, Nist's forces departed Ossus, but their departure was witnessed by Skywalker and his allies, who had just arrived there. After tracing that the Imperials were headed to Vjun, Skywalker pursued them, though Nist was aware that he was being followed.

Final confrontation
Landing on Vjun, Nist ordered his stormtroopers to freeze the shamans in carbonite, so they could be kept in suspended animation until the Emperor constructed a new clone laboratory. After being informed of two approaching ships and sensing that Skywalker was aboard one of them, Nist ordered Bast Castle's blast doors to be closed, but also that the ships be allowed to land. He then assembled all six Dark Jedi and prepared to confront the Jedi at the landing pad. Skywalker, however, used Solusar's robotic-controlled Howlrunner to ram the blast doors and engaged the Dark Jedi inside the castle, quickly killing two of them. As Nist and Skywalker engaged in a duel, Solusar battled three darksiders at once, while Rayf Ysanna engaged the remaining one.

After several blows, Nist and Skywalker locked their lightsabers until the Jedi suddenly deactivated his weapon. Caught off guard by that maneuver, Nist lost his balance and fell to the floor. Skywalker then used the Force to topple the statue of Darth Vader, causing it to fall and crushing the three Dark Jedi who attacked Solusar. After killing the remaining darksider, the Jedi quickly subdued Nist and took him prisoner, demanding him to reveal the procedure for unfreezing the captive Ysanna shamans. Maintaining that the Emperor could not be defeated, Nist refused to tell anything to his captors. Despite Nist's beliefs, however, the Emperor was soon killed on the planet Onderon, his spirit dragged into Chaos by Empatojayos Brand. Nist himself soon died in a New Republic prison, leaving the defected Kam Solusar the only surviving member of the Dark Side Elite.

Personality and traits
Xecr Nist was very loyal to Palpatine and advanced in submission to his will, to the point that he was considered one of the reborn Palpatine's close advisors. Nist firmly believed that his Emperor was virtually invincible and could not be killed. Fearful of his Master's authority and power, Nist usually fulfilled Palpatine's commands to the letter. The Emperor himself acknowledged Nist's loyalty before empowering him with the dark side. Such unquestionable submission eventually led Nist to the possession of Bast Castle, which he had wanted to own for a long time.

Despite his loyalty, however, Nist dared to disobey Palpatine's order to remove the statue of Darth Vader because of the great awe he felt toward the Emperor's former apprentice. Nist was a very self-confident person, considering that in his position as the Emperor's right hand, nothing could stop him. Contrary to his beliefs, Nist was defeated in a lightsaber duel twice, first by Solusar on New Alderaan and then by Skywalker on Vjun. Nist had sadistic inclinations, considering scarab droids, who burrowed into the flesh of their victims, to be "lovely creatures." The Dark Jedi had light skin, and eyes that glowed yellow.

Powers and abilities
After enduring a traumatic and painful initiation to the Dark Side Elite, Xecr Nist became immersed in the dark side of the Force, acquiring a more sinister attitude and manner of speech. He could wield a lightsaber in battle. The Executor trusted the dark side to guide him to Skywalker on New Alderaan and reprimanded Tedryn-Sha for failing to mask his presence from Skywalker. Nist was able to sense Okko using a mind trick on a stormtrooper and felt that Luke Skywalker was aboard one of the ships headed for Bast Castle. Although initially wary of Skywalker during the mission to New Alderaan, as his self-confidence grew, Nist came to consider himself to be exceptionally powerful and ultimately concluded that Skywalker was no match for him. Despite what he believed, all Nist's powers and lightsaber skills were not enough to defeat the Jedi. He was able to pilot an I-7 Howlrunner, leading Dark Side Squadron during the mission to New Alderaan under the callsign Dark Side One.

Like all members of the Dark Side Elite, Nist wore long dark robes, heavy boots and gauntlets and covered his head with a hood. As one of Palpatine's Dark Jedi, Nist was armed with a lightsaber.

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Stats by FreddyB, descriptive text from WookieePedia.
Image copyright LucasArts.
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