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Section of Site: Planets D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: PlanetsEra: Rise of the EmpireCanon: Yes

Name: Dathomir
Region: Outer Rim Territories
Sector: Quelli sector
System: Dathomir system
Suns: 1
Moons: At least 2
Grid coordinates: O-6
Trade routes: None
Rotation period: 24 hours
Orbital period: 491 days
Diameter: 10,460 kilometers
Atmosphere: Breathable
Climate: Temperate
Primary terrain: Canyons, Caves, Cliffs, Forests, Hills, Jungles, Mountains, Rivers, Swamps, Waterfalls, Valleys
Points of interest: Brother's Bastion, Cliffside Fortress, Collapsed Settlement, Dreaming River, Great Canyon, Halls of the Nydak, Hidden Cave, Misty Falls, Nardithi Cluster, Nightbrother arena, Nightbrother Dungeon, Nightmare Ruins, Red Hills, Singing Mountain, Strangled Cliffs, Upper Strangled Cliffs Swamp of Sacrifice, Unidentified Nightbrother arena, The Haunted Lands, The Oteroan Sky crash site, Tomb of Kujet, Treacherous Approach, Witches Horn
Flora: Brula fruit, Bleeding Gut, Blue coral, Fire lichen, Fungus, Grave Thorn, Hydraatis, Mushling
Fauna: Bane back spider, Belonuk, Burra fish, Chirodactyl, Lizard, Nydak, Nydak Alpha, Rancor, The Sleeper, Snake, Sprantal, Veeka, Vursonk
Native species: Dathomirian, Fromprath (later exiled)
Immigrated species: Human, Zabrak, Zeffo, Toydarian
Primary language(s): Paecian, Dathomirian language, Galactic Basic
Government: Tribal
Population: Roughly 600; 90% human, 7% Zabrak, 3% other
Demonym: Dathomirian
Major cities: Nightsister lair, Nightbrother village, Oteroa Zero-Twenty, Unidentified Nightbrother village
Major exports: Ore

Description: Dathomir, nicknamed the "rancor planet," was a remote, neutral planet in the Quelli sector and the home of the Nightsisters, Nightbrothers, Blue Coral Divers Clan, Singing Mountain, and the Howling Crag. The planet, bathed in blood-red light by its central star, had numerous continents that were overrun with vegetation, forests, and swamplands. The dark side of the Force had an immensely strong presence on Dathomir, which allowed for the nurturing of many malevolent Force wielders native to the planet. The Nightsisters, also known as the Dathomir witches, made their home in the swamps, and wielded magicks fueled by Dathomir's own power. Dathomir was also home to the Nightbrothers, Zabraks who were ruled by the Nightsisters. It was also the homeworld of the semi-sentient rancor species.

During the Clone Wars, Dathomir would come under attack multiple times due to the machinations of Mother Talzin and her rival Darth Sidious, leading to the destruction of most of the Nightsisters and settlements on the planet by the Confederacy of Independent Systems after conquering it. Asajj Ventress, a Nightsister trained by Count Dooku, returned to Mother Talzin after her master betrayed her. This drew Dooku's attention to Dathomir, resulting in the slaughter of the Nightsisters. This left Talzin, Ventress, Merrin, Shelish, Jerserra, and Yenna as the only known survivors.

In 2 BBY, Maul returned to Dathomir with the Jedi rebel Ezra Bridger to conduct a ritual that involved summoning the spirits of fallen Nightsisters in order to reveal fragments of a holocron vision. As a result, Maul and Ezra learned that the Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi held the key to destroying the Sith and that he resided on a planet with twin suns.

Dathomir was a remote and uninviting world, although it was temperate and verdant, with a comfortable atmosphere despite its challenging ecosystem and dangerous predators. Perpetually bathed in a red mist, its terrain was one of contrasts, ranging from the murky swamps the Nightsisters lived in, to the harsh, barren rocks where the Nightbrothers found residence. Dathomir's natural inhabitants were well-adapted to the planet's harsh conditions and some, such as the rancor were famed for their combative skill.

Other native creatures included bane back spiders, large and aggressive arachnids that spat corrosive acid, and nydaks, bipedal predators with powerful arms that allowed them to easily traverse the landscape.

Among the most distinctive creatures native to Dathomir, however, was the chirodactyl, a gargantuan bat-like creature that used its massive wings to fly to dizzying heights and swoop down on unwary prey and the only real pre. One example of this species, Gorgara, was known by the native Nightbrothers as "the winged daemon of the canyon" and was particularly feared by them.

Dathomir also had aquatic life, Burra fish, was a type of fish native to the planet. Fishing families on the planet Batuu, cooked and cultivated the foreign Burra fish for consumption. Another aquatic creature, the Sleeper, was an ancient mollusk with two large lavender eyes, a carapace-covered body, antennae, and four appendages. The Sleeper was very important in Nightsister tradition as it had an ingredient vital in the Water of Life.

Hundreds of years before 3 BBY, the six-armed Fromprath species lived on Dathomir, but were exiled from the planet after being forced out by the Dathomirians, a reclusive people who hid dark secrets.

The Galactic Republic dropped off prisoners and criminals on the planet. The Jedi, Allya, was exiled to the planet Dathomir. She taught the women on the planet ways of the Force.

Before the Jedi-Sith War, Darth Caldoth stole a burial pod from the planet. The Nightsister Zeldin went to confront him.

Prior to the Battle of Naboo, the Sith Lord Darth Sidious went to Dathomir where he traded secrets of the dark side of the Force with the Nightsisters' leader, Mother Talzin. He took Talzin's son, the Nightbrother Maul as his apprentice. One of Talzin's fellow Nightsisters also had a child, Asajj Ventress, and was forced by Talzin to give her up to the criminal Hal'Sted in order to protect their coven.

Prior to the Clone Wars, OteroaCorp created their twentieth settlement on Dathomir. Oteroa Zero-Twenty was located in a jungle near the Nardithi Cluster. An OteroaCorp ship called the The Oteroan Sky, crashed after it was sabotaged by the Nardithi Nightsisters and it crashed into the city, destroying it.

Clone Wars
During the Clone Wars, Ventress returned to Dathomir and her coven's village following Count Dooku's assassination attempt at Sullust. Ventress was then healed and accepted the Nightsisters' help in assassinating Dooku. Despite Ventress's failure, Talzin was able to reach out to Dooku and offer him a new assassin to replace Ventress.

Dooku traveled to Dathomir to the Nightsisters' village where he proposed an alliance between his Confederacy of Independent Systems and Talzin's coven. Talzin refused his offer but agreed to supply him with a Nightbrother similar to Maul. Dooku accepted her offer and departed. Ventress traveled to the Nightbrother village, where she chose several to participate in tests in their arena. After killing and wounding several of the chosen Nightbrothers, Ventress chose Savage Opress to be her replacement. Ventress then took Opress to the Nightsister's village, where they used their magick to increase his strength and power. After Opress demonstrated his loyalty by killing his brother, he was given to Dooku.

Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi and Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker went to Dathomir to speak with the Nightbrothers about Opress's whereabouts. Brother Viscus told them one of Talzin's Nightsisters took Opress as a mate to their village. Kenobi and Skywalker went to the Nightsisters, where Talzin told them that Opress was on Toydaria. After Opress's role was discovered, he returned to Dathomir. There, Talzin told him that his last surviving brother, Maul, was in exile somewhere in the Outer Rim. Opress left to find him, promising to return.

Ventress returned to Dathomir, where she was fully accepted into the Nightsisters. However, Darth Sidious and Dooku decided to send Grievous and his Droid Army to Dathomir to wipe the Nightsisters out for their attempts on Dooku's life. At first, the Nightsister and their Army of the Dead were able to hold out against Grievous's forces. However, Dooku was able to subdue the Nightsisters when Grievous killed Old Daka. All the Nightsisters, except Ventress and Talzin, were eradicated. While Ventress became a bounty hunter, Talzin continued to guide Opress to his brother from the village.

Opress later returned to Dathomir with Maul. At the village, Talzin was able to restore Maul's sanity and gave him a new pair of cybernetic legs before she disappeared. Ventress returned to Dathomir with under cover Jedi Master Quinlan Vos to teach to use his emotions to to strengthen his bond with the Dark Side.

Maul returned to Dathomir with Dooku to the Nightbrothers village. There, Talzin attempted to use Dooku in a ritual that would restore her physical form. However, Grievous, Sidious and their forces then arrived to Dathomir and proceeded to decimate the Shadow Collective, with a newly restored Talzin perishing at Grievous' hands in the process of saving her son. Maul and what remained of his forces fled, and Dathomir was left to the conquerors.

After Ventress was killed, Vos and Kenobi returned her body to Dathomir for a funeral, where her body was claimed by the waters of Dathomir to rest with her fallen sisters.

Following the Purge, the Jedi Master Taron Malicos crash landed on the desolate planet. Though he survived the crash, the strong presence of the dark side of the Force drove him insane and he eventually usurped control of the surviving Nightbrothers by killing Brother Viscus.

Sometime prior to 14 BBY, the Jedi Master Eno Cordova explored the planet for relics of the Zeffo civilization and discovered the Tomb of Kujet. Supposedly overcoming a trial of some description, Eno made it inside the Tomb.

Imperial Era
In 14 BBY, instructed by a hologram left by Eno Cordova through his droid BD-1, the former Jedi Padawan Cal Kestis arrived on Dathomir with his companions, Cere Junda, Cordova's former Padawan, and Greez Dritus their pilot. Cal was confronted by an unknown Nightsister, later revealed to be Merrin, one of the last of her kind. Merrin blamed the Jedi for the massacre that decimated her people, and does everything in her power to impede Cal. On his way to the tomb, Cal encountered a mysterious wanderer who warned Cal about the dangers the tomb posed. Ignoring him, Cal proceeded onward, and after being forced to fight the undead Nightsisters brought back to life by Merrin, he eventually made it into the tomb. Within, he experienced a flashback where he remembered his master, Jaro Tapal sacrificing himself to protect him from the clone troopers during the Purge, Cal was attacked by a manifestation of Jaro's spirit, resulting in his lightsaber being destroyed. Cal soon learned that the mysterious wanderer he had encountered earlier was former Jedi Taron Malicos, who sought to learn the power of the Nightsisters and manipulated them against the Jedi. Malicos offered to teach Cal how to handle the dark power of Dathomir against Merrin's wishes. Cal refused and fled Dathomir when Merrin attacked.

In 14 BBY, Merrin, a Nightsister who survived Grievous' attack, left Dathomir along with Jedi survivor Cal Kestis and his ship's crew to explore the galaxy.

After constructing a new lightsaber, Cal returned to Dathomir to complete his trials. Cal faced Jaro's spirit again, defeating him by overcoming his feelings of guilt over his death. Malicos again attempted to sway Cal to the dark side, and he attacked when Cal refused him. Merrin helped Cal defeat Malicos by using her magick to bury him alive, and afterward she decided to join the Mantis crew.

Following the formation of the Galactic Empire, Maul would lead the criminal syndicate Crimson Dawn from Dathomir. In 10 BBY, after the death of his minion Dryden Vos, Maul summoned Qi'ra, another of his underlings, to his homeworld, warning her they would be working more closely. Sometime later in 2 BBY, Maul would again return to Dathomir, this time accompanied by Ezra Bridger. There, Maul showed Bridger the remnants of his homeworld and finally, brought the young Jedi to the Nightsister village to partake in a ritual that would give each other the knowledge they sought from holocrons. However, when Bridger's companions Kanan Jarrus and Sabine Wren were possessed, Bridger left Maul to help them, causing Maul to leave Dathomir and dismiss his attempt to take Bridger as his apprentice as a failure.

Cliffside Fortress
The Cliffside Fortress was a fortress on the planet Dathomir. It was used by the Nightbrothers.

Halls of the Nydak
The Halls of the Nydak was a location on the planet Dathomir. It was home to many nydaks.

Hidden Cave
The Hidden Cave was located in the Nightsister lair and was the home of Old Daka, who summoned the Army of the Dead to destroy the Separatist Droid Army which had attacked Dathomir. Normally accessible only by magick, the cave was breached during the battle when a commando droid blasted it with a rocket launcher. The destruction of the cave's entrance allowed General Grievous to murder Daka and disrupt Mother Talzin's voodoo torture of Count Dooku.

Nardithi Cluster
The Nardithi Cluster was a collection of hexagonal spikes located on the planet Dathomir. The Cluster allowed powerful Force-sensitives to amplify their powers, though it also pulled the Force from nearby life, which sometimes had deadly consequences. After its discovery, the cluster was occupied by a group of Nightsisters. This group removed the cluster from its original site and caused it to become steeped in the dark side of the Force.

Nightbrother arena
The Nightbrother arena was located nearby the Nightbrothers' village on Dathomir. The ground was inlaid with large stone pillars that could be raised by the Nightsisters to test the Nightbrothers' wits.

Nightbrother Dungeon
The Nightbrother Dungeon was a dungeon constructed and used by the Nightbrothers on the planet Dathomir.

Unidentified Nightbrother arena
An arena used by the Nightbrothers was located in the Swamp of Sacrifice on the planet Dathomir.

The Haunted Lands
The Haunted Lands were a region of the planet Dathomir that surrounded Oteroa Zero-Twenty. The region was extremely odd: mysterious lights were often seen, strange noises were common, and angry spirits were often spoken of. The region's animals were also unusually violent.

The Oteroan Sky crash site
The Oteroan Sky crash site was the location where the refinery ship The Oteroan Sky crashed into the planet Dathomir after being sabotaged by the Nardithi Nightsisters. The ship crashed directly into the city of Oteroa Zero-Twenty, destroying the majority of it. Soon, the planet's jungles reclaimed the region.

Tomb of Kujet
The Tomb of Kujet, also known as Kujet's Tomb, was a Zeffo palace on Dathomir that served as the burial site of the Zeffo Sage Kujet.
Built as a secluded seat of power for the Zeffo ruler Kujet, the great structure was a fortress designed for sacrifice and death. Kujet's rule was notable for their ruthless nature, and embrace of the dark side of the Force. While promising their followers great power, Kujet would cast their enemies into the great pits that lined the throne room of the Dathomir Palace.

Kujet massacred a great number of rebel forces in the halls of their palace, their bodies frozen in perpetual screams of agony, clawing at the walls in an effort to escape. After Kujet's death, their body was entombed inside a vertical sarcophagus and murals depicting the brutality of their reign lined the tomb. In their hands, Kujet held one of the few remaining astriums, a relic Kujet greatly coveted.

Centuries after the tomb was abandoned and lost to history, the Nightsisters of Dathomir continued to feel the darkness of the place, avoiding its haunted ruins. When Jedi Master Eno Cordova attempted to unlock the tomb's secrets, he was repelled by the evil pall that hung in the air, and abandoned his search. After the Clone Wars and the fall of the Jedi Order, former Jedi Taron Malicos infiltrated the palace and succumbed to the malignant energies of the tomb. Forming a legion of sycophants from the Nightbrothers that occupied the ruins, Malicos attempted to convert the Padawan Cal Kestis to darkness, but was ultimately struck down in the halls of the ancient palace by Kestis and the Nightsister Merrin. Before leaving, Kestis, who had been plagued by visions of his dead Master Jaro Tapal while in the ruin, retrieved the Astrium from Kujet's corpse in his quest to unlock the Zeffo vault on Bogano.

Witches Horn
The Witches Horn was a location on the planet Dathomir, found at the Treacherous Approach. A Nightsister there made potions and elixirs. Some were medicine, while others were poisons.

Nightsister lair
The Nightsister lair, also known as the Nightsister fortress, was a stone fortress located on the planet Dathomir which served as the lair for the Force-sensitive Nightsisters.

The lair was a stone building built into the side of a mountain. The village inside was a group of scattered stone structures. Pools inside were filled with water vital to Nightsister rituals.

Clone Wars
After Asajj Ventress survived Dooku's assassination attempt on her at Sullust, she returned to Dathomir and landed outside of the fortress. She was then taken to the village and received treatment from Mother Talzin and her Nightsisters and launched an assassination attempt against the Count.

Shortly after this, Dooku arrived at the village to accept Talzin's offer of a new assassin/apprentice. However, Talzin used the offer to actually plan to kill Dooku. Ventress then left to find a worthy Nightbrother to be her tool. Ventress then returned with Savage Opress, who was transformed into a monstrous warrior. The other Nightsisters then brought in his brother, Feral, and ordered Savage to kill him. Following his actions, Savage was then taken to Dooku.

Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi and Knight Anakin Skywalker then came to the fortress, where Talzin revealed the name and the location of the Nightbrother they sought. Following the Jedi's meeting, Savage returned to the village, where Talzin healed him and sent him on a quest to find his brother.

Ventress then returned and was baptized and inducted into the Nightsisters. However, Dooku and Sidious then sent General Grievous to wipe out the Nightsisters. At first, Ventress, the Nightsisters, and Old Daka's Army of the Dead, were able to hold out against Grievous's horde. Talzin, in a Hidden Cave, then used her magick to torture Dooku, threatening to kill him if he did not stop the attack. Grievous, following the green mist, then stopped Daka's and Talzin's magic. Though the Nightsisters were destroyed and their fortress was in ruins, Talzin and Ventress survived.

Talzin remained in the ruined village and monitored Savage Opress's progress in his quest using her magicks. He returned with Maul not long after and Talzin led the two brothers to the altar, where she used her magick and parts of Super Battle Droids to repair Maul's broken mind and body. Talzin vanished afterward

A few months before the end of the war Asajj Ventress brought Quinlan Vos to Dathomir to teach him the ways of the dark side, believing it would help him in their mission to assassinate Dooku. She led the Jedi Master into the decrepit village during a training duel, then tasked him with killing the Sleeper creature that resided in the waters of the village. Vos was able to do so with some difficulty. Their mission failed, and Ventress ultimately sacrificed herself to save Vos. Her body was returned to the waters of the village where she was baptized and was greeted by the voices of her dead sisters.

Age of the Empire
Following the establishment of the Galactic Empire, Maul had taken residence in the Nightsisters' former lair, where he amassed an entire collection of memorabilia from his time during the Clone Wars including the Darksaber and a portrait of the Duchess Satine Kryze. Maul ultimately sought to discover the location of his old nemesis Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi by recovering the last fragments of the holocron's visions from Ezra's mind. Maul brought Ezra into his lair after the latter agreed to travel with him to Dathomir to protect the location of Chopper Base.

When Ezra noticed the Darksaber, Maul reprimanded him for touching it and told him that his Mandalorian friend Sabine Wren could better explain the artifact's history. In a ritual to complete their shared vision, Maul and Ezra drank a magick potion that caused their eyes to turn bright green and shoot beams of light into a cloud. As a result, Maul learned that Kenobi was hiding on a planet with twin suns. Ezra learned that Kenobi held the key to destroying the Sith. Following the ritual, the spirits of fallen Nightsisters emerged to demand that the two pay the price of flesh and blood.

Maul and Ezra attempted to flee but Kanan Jarrus and Sabine then entered the cave, having tracked Ezra's wrist comm. Following a gunfight, the spirits possessed Kanan and Sabine's bodies. The possessed Kanan and Sabine then proceeded to attacked Maul and Ezra. However, they managed to reach the cave's entrance. Since the altar was the source of their power, the spirits were unable to leave the cave. Having accomplished his objective, Maul then made preparations to leave on his ship Nightbrother and offered to take Ezra as his Sith apprentice. However, Ezra refused to abandon his friends and the two parted company.

Ezra returned to the cave to exorcise his friends. He encountered Sabine and managed to exorcise her by pushing her outside, causing the spirit to leave her. Ezra then found Kanan sitting on top of the altar. He then offered to trade his body in return for the Nightsister spirits releasing Kanan's body. The spirits agreed on the condition that Ezra best Kanan in combat. After defeating Kanan, the spirits released him. Ezra then used the Darksaber and his green lightsaber to destroy the altar; vanishing the spirits. Later, Ezra told Kanan and Sabine that Kenobi held the key to destroying the Sith. After resolving to stop Maul from killing Kenobi, Sabine took the Darksaber, an ancient Mandalorian weapon.

Nightbrother village
The Nightbrother village was a village where a group of Force-sensitive Dathomirian Zabrak Nightbrothers lived and trained on their homeworld of Dathomir. In 20 BBY, Count Dooku traveled to Dathomir to find a new Sith apprentice, and was recommended by Mother Talzin to choose a Nightbrother. However, unknown to Dooku, Talzin assigned Dooku's former apprentice Asajj Ventress to travel to the village and select an apprentice that they could later use to sabotage Dooku. Ventress communed with Brother Viscus, the leader of the Nightbrothers, and then led the candidates through a series of tests to determine their new servant. Ventress selected Savage Opress, who left the village and was enhanced by magick and transformed into Dooku's new apprentice. Before 19 BBY, the nightbrothers Ruul and Mak Eak, attempted to steal from a warehouse in the village. In 19 BBY, the village was destroyed in the Second Battle of Dathomir.

Oteroa Zero-Twenty
Oteroa Zero-Twenty was the twentieth city produced by OteroaCorp to assist their orbiting refinery ship, The Oteroan Sky, from the ground. The city was located on Dathomir, and was also known to its residents as "Zero-Twenty" or "ZT." The city was located in the Dathomiri jungle near the Nardithi Cluster, and was heavily fortified. Oteroa Zero-Twenty was eventually destroyed when The Oteroan Sky crashed into it from orbit.

Unidentified Nightbrother village
A Nightbrother village was a village where a group of Dathomirian Zabrak Nightbrothers lived and trained on their homeworld of Dathomir.

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Stats by FreddyB, descriptive text from WookieePedia.
Image copyright LucasArts.
Any complaints, writs for copyright abuse, etc should be addressed to the Webmaster FreddyB.