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Section of Site: Vehicles D6Belongs to Faction: Galactic EmpireSubtype: WalkersEra: ImperialCanon: No

Name: Kuat Drive Yards All Terrain Rapid Deployment Armored Transport (ATR-DAT)
Type: Assault walker
Scale: Walker
Length: Over 20 meters
Height/depth: Over 22.5 meters
Skill: Walker operation: AT-AT
Crew: 4, skeleton: 2/+10
Crew Skill: Vehicle blasters 5D, walker operation 5D
Passengers: 20 (troops) & At least 1 614-AvA speeder bike
Cargo Capacity: 500kg
Cover: Full
Cost: Not available for sale
Move: 19; 55 kmh
Body Strength: 5D+2
        Heavy laser cannons (2)
                Fire Arc: Front
                Crew: 1 (co-pilot or commander)
                Skill: Vehicle blasters
                Fire Control: 2D
                Range: 50-500/1.5/3 km
                Damage: 5D
        Medium Blasters (2)
                Fire Arc: Front
                Crew: 1 (co-pilot or commander)
                Scale: Character
                Skill: Vehicle blasters
                Fire Control: 2D
                Range: 50-200/500/1 km
                Damage: 3D

Note: The AT-AT walker's head is mounted on a pivoting neck, which can turn to face the left, front and right fire arcs. An AT-AT may move its head one fire arc per turn (from left to front, right to front, front to right, or front to left).

Description: The Imperial AT-AT, a terrifying weapon of war, used as a frontline attack weapon. However Imperial commanders noticed that it failed in one particular area of it's description, the Transport part. AT-AT's could move in on enemy positions, resist most attacks, and carve their way through enemy armor. However, when they stopped to deploy troops, this made them easy targets, especially with their armored panels open while troopers rappelled down to the ground.
Enemy speeders would launch attacks into the inside of the Walkers while they remained still while their forces deployed, bypassing the awesome armor and often destroying the vehicles when they were most vulnerable. Therefore a way of improving the way that troops would exit the walkers was sought.
The Rapid Deployment AT-AT was one such attempt, where a rear hatch was added, through which Stormtroopers would be deployed, providing a much smaller target. This hatch had a repulsorlift system added so troopers would be softly lowered to the ground, however in practice this system would often fail leading to troopers simply being dumped to the ground, leaving a horrible deposit of wounded soldiers.
The habit of wounding soldiers, and the fact that it looked like a quadruped defecating led to the experimental design being abandoned.

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