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Section of Site: Planets D6Belongs to Faction: New RepublicSubtype: PlacesEra: ImperialCanon: Yes

Name: Nadiri Dockyards
Class: Dockyard
Shielding: Equipped
Armament: Missile launchers, Turbolasers
Complement: Nadiri fleet
Docking bays: Equipped
Region: Core Worlds
Sector: Bormea sector
Role(s): Starship manufacturing facility
Affiliation: New Republic

Description: The Nadiri Dockyards was a starship manufacturing facility for the New Republic located in the Bormea sector. Following the Battle of Endor, it constructed capital ships for the New Republic Defense Fleet, which were all built from disassembled captured Imperial spacecraft. One of these classes was the Starhawk-class battleship.

The Nadiri Dockyards was a starship manufacturing facility housed inside a large asteroid. It was hidden on the fringe of the Ringali Nebula deep inside the Bormea sector. It constructed multiple classes of capital ships for the New Republic, which were all built from disassembled captured Imperial spacecraft, including many Imperial II-class Star Destroyers.

The dockyards consisted of multiple platforms and support gantries that allowed the movement of materials from the salvage area. The dockyards' defensive systems included multiple turbolaser turrets and shield generators, as well as missile launchers mounted on asteroids for outer perimeter defense. Multiple hangar bays housed starfighters, such as T-65B X-wing starfighters, which were supplemented with a fleet of capital ships, that included a MC75 Star Cruiser, CR90 corvettes and GR-75 medium transports.

During the Galactic Civil War, the Nadiri Dockyards was the location of the New Republic's secret initiative codenamed Project Starhawk. It was the birthplace of the Starhawk-class battleship, with the construction of its prototype the Starhawk following the Battle of Endor. General Hera Syndulla played a major role in protecting the project, along with Commander Lindon Javes and his fleet that were reassigned to the project. Details on the project and its location were kept a secret, even from members of the New Republic outside the project, for fear of being attacked by the Empire.

Vanguard Squadron were one such unit to learn about the project, after they and Captain Wedge Antilles were sent on a mission to steal the Imperial II-class Star Destroyer Victorum. Following some complications enroute, Vanguard Squadron escorted the Star Destroyer to the dockyards, where it was to be disassembled and its parts used in the construction of the Starhawk. This was the first time Vanguard saw the dockyards, the Starhawk and finally introduced to General Syndulla.

When Imperial ships from Admiral Rae Sloane's fleet started disappearing, she tasked Captain Terisa Kerrill with hunting down Project Starhawk. An Imperial spy, Agent Thorn managed to obtain vital intelligence on Project Starhawk, so Kerrill sent Titan Squadron to extract her from a New Republic orbital outpost above Hosnian Prime. They learned that a convoy transporting engineers from Hosnian Prime was headed to the secret base. The plan was for Titan Squadron to follow the convoy and calculate their trajectory to the base, however a Star Destroyer from the local fleet interfered, so Kerrill sent a boarding party to extract data from the transports, where she learned the sector coordinates for Project Starhawk. The convoy was destroyed to send a message to Lindon Javes that they were coming.

In order to stall the Imperial hunt for Project Starhawk and the Nadiri Dockyards, Javes ordered a counterstrike on an Imperial listening post above Esseles, in order to bait the Kerrill's Imperial II-class Star Destroyer, the Overseer. An ambush was setup, where the Overseer was lured into the Zavian Abyss using droid-piloted GR-75 transports, with Vanguard Squadron as escort. The prototype Starhawk was revealed in the trap, where it used its powerful tractor beam to push the Overseer into the asteroids, causing massive amounts of damage and forced Kerrill to retreat, but Kerrill was able to learn the exact location of the Nadiri Dockyards.

Before an assault could commence, Sloane initiated an operation of hit-and-run attacks across the galaxy, including Mon Cala, Onderon and Gorse, to occupy the fleet protecting the dockyards. Once exposed, the Overseer moved in, and Titan Squadron led an assault on the dockyards. Titan Squadron started with the destroying the outer perimeter missile defenses, before moving in to destroy the shield generators and hangars of starfighters. Titan took out any transports that tried to evacuate the dockyards. Once the shields were down, Titan fired baradium missiles at the exposed Starhawk, that caused massive amounts of damage including its hyperdrive. The Overseer also opened fire too, however the Temperance appeared out of nowhere to block the Overseer's missile and turbolaser fire. The full force of which caused damage to Temperance's hyperdrive. With the return of the New Republic fleet to protect the dockyards, Kerrill ordered a retreat.

Now exposed and critically damaged, the dockyards was open to further attack. So, Syndulla ordered an evacuation, and for the fleet to relocate to the safety of Chandrila, however due to damaged hyperdrives on both the Starhawk and the Temperance, they limped their way through the debris field near Sissubo to avoid detection. However, Kerrill had already observed their departure from the dockyards. Titan Squadron set traps in the debris field that forced Syndulla's fleet into the Ringali Nebula that left them wounded and cut off from New Republic help. Later, a major battle occurred over the nearby moon Galitan, where the Starhawk was eventually destroyed. Fortunately for its crew and personnel, they were evacuated to Chandrila, which allowed them to continue development on Project Starhawk.

After the evacuation, Syndulla sent Meteor and Hail Squadrons to secure the Nadiri Dockyards. Later, Commander Javes would guide the Republic's best and brightest from Nadiri.

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Stats by FreddyB, Descriptive Text from WookieePedia.
Image copyright LucasArts.
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